Applying to UC Davis?


Hello fellow Sarnies,

As I know many of guys are California residents so if any of you are applying to UC Davis as a freshmen or transfer student but wants more information, then I highly suggest to register here:
After registering, you will be given an opportunity to chat live with current UC Davis students and admission representatives, watch a campus video, and get admission materials as well as get a chance to register for a $10,000 scholarship from CollegeWeekLive!

If you still can't decide if you should apply to UCD or a different UC this is your opportunity to get an insight from students that actually attend this university or are employed under the undergraduate admissions department of this university.


This will be happening on Nov3-4th from 9am-7pm PDT!

Also remember, that UC Statewide Application submissions open up on November 1st so don't delay and start finishing up your application today!

P.S.: UC Davis is not the only college that participates in this program, other UC's or colleges across America also participate. You can check out this list to see if your prospective college is part of it:



sarNie Adult
i luv this! finally someone posts up in here too :) i want to apply to UCD. thnx nong nai.


sarNie Adult
She's definitely too weaksauce for UC Davis.

Nong Nai on the other hand has the right sauce for it ;)


are you talking about my affinity for cows? lol. like we told you the best cows come from CA!

D's too smart for UCD. She doesn't paparazzi people as a hobby during her free hrs like me although that hobby has to take a hold because I've been over-booked this quarter, or else all those daras would not be safe hhaahahhaa j/k.

But what do I know, I don't attend UCD lol.