Asian Boy gets beaten up


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG!!! When I saw this video, I wanted to kick the guys who beat up this innocent boy!!!
I'm so grateful for this boy when he ran away from these FREAKING A**HOLEs.

Here's the website:


sarNie Oldmaid
It's dumb ass people like that that makes me hate the world we live in. Fucken stupid ass kids that just want to act like they "the shit". And the dumbass gonna make a youtube video of it?! I feel so bad for that poor guy, he doesn't even speak good english and he's not even trying to fight back. Ugh, I hope the cops take care of all of them. Poor guy...


sarNie Adult
I freakin hate this! You know whats so messed up ! They make American people look bad !
Whats the point about picking on a kid. They should know karma is a bitch and it hits real hard. Hope these people go to jail for good ! Stupid fuckin people !
Sorry for the bad language ! It was needed !


Siwon & Donghae =
What was even badder was that at least 4 of them was asian as well! How can you do this to a fellow asian?! thats so mess up! the violence gotta stop! :numchuck:

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
gosh that's so cruel...
amatuers probably just wanted to get famous over the internet or something...


Well I have heard the attackers took revenge because they had 20 people gain up on 2 of their people (which I doubt happen, because I can't find any news on that). Regardless of the reason behind it, they were still wrong. It was heartbreaking to watch that video. Why use violence against violence. That just make them as bad as the other. Why are kids so stupid these days?


sarNie Granny
omg it took me almost an hour to watch this video cuz i continue watching a lot of the response video to this. so sad, hope the Asian man recovers soon. glad those people were charged.