Aum clarifies news about breakup

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There were news that you and Pinky broke up?
It's more like alone time for each of us to think things through.

Have you guys been away from each other for long?
Nearly a month already.

The reason for your distance from each other?
It's probably just two people who have to learn to be able to be together, understand each other. So we thought it was best to each step back one step so that we can have time to think.

People said that you broke up with Pinky?
I don't know but when I talk with her, I'll clarify everything later. Right now she is free to do whatever she wants, and so am I.

Does that mean it's just distance and not break up?
Let's not use that word as of right now. We're both stepping back one step and can do whatever we both please.

So that means you guys are ngorn each other?
It's normal for two people to be mad at each other. There's always ngorn in our relationship.

You ngorn Pinky first?
Me? Why would a guy ngorn someone? It's a normal thing for girls to ngorn. Anyways, Ky and I have tried tuning ourselves to the same page, so it's not really ngorn. If we couldn't turn to the same page, that would be a different story.

Does that mean this is a dead end between your relationship?
A dead end? Can it be like two paths diverging? If it's a dead end then where do I walk to next? As for now, I don't have a clear answer but when I talk with Ky about it I probably will since the distance made me think, but right now Ky has a lot of work. It's given me time to be alone.

Do you still talk to Pinky?
We talk to each other normally. She isn't mad, isn't fighting with me. It's just distance, we still have good feelings for one another.

We heard that you have someone else?
It's not about a 3rd hand. It's about 2 people, not about anyone else. We've been trying to turn to the same page numerous times, but if you force it go happen then there's no use.

There were news that Pinky's mom is not happy with you?
As for this I do not know.*

The reason that Pinky's mom is not happy with you because you're not the same from beginning to end?
It's time - we need time to understand each other.*

Is there any chance your relationship will be the same?
Right now we're friends, it's best if we both step back. When I can answer, I'll answer.

Has this love expired?
I'm not a phone seller. Ky tried her best to do the best she can. I have tried by best too. So if anything happens, it's not like we hate each other or anything. We didn't make the other person sad or hurt either.

Would you allow other women in your heart?
That's the future.*

Next one they keep repeating what's already been said, so yeah.

Pinky's birthday did you have anything for her?
I was going to because I knew it was Ky's birthday. So I sent her a message wishing her the best of luck.

It looks like you and Pinky are just commercializing yourselves with the relationship?
That's something that people can view as and it's not wrong for them to think that way.*

We intervewed Pinky the other day, she says everything's the same?
I already told you that this is between 2 people, understand between 2 people. What I say other people may never understand because we ourselves haven't cleared everything ourselves yet.

How about your fanclub? <-- I'm lazy, who cares about fanclubs?

How about Pinky's birthday present?
I probably will give it to her myself but we haven't met so-

Is this the last present?
Can I answer that later?

* = some irrelevant stuff I will just summarize, I'm lazy. As for the article, I translated it LOL.

I can't believe the last question Aum answered like that. I mean, friends still give friends birthday presents so the answer should definitely be yes.


sarNie Egg
Wow these reporter can be noisy and annyoing lol
aum at the last part was kinda harsh showes that he kinda upset and made dat they broke up


Staff member
grace ka.. on this part

"How about your fanclub? <-- I'm lazy, who cares about fanclubs?"

was this you or was i actually aum? just curious ^_^..


From my understanding it seems like he is happy about this break up. When a guy answers like that it's so clear he's just trying to be nice about everything. Doesn't sound like a guy who wants her back kuc if he did he would have made an effort to go to her bday.


sarNie Adult
I have a feeling they weren't going to last. He seemed way more into her than she to him. She is much too young to really be in a long and serious relationship. I think Pinky, though should have made it a little private in announcing their break-up. It's wrong for her to do it at her b-day party. I think if that was the case, a text message compare to the b-day even looked better. LOL.

With that being said, both are attractive and popular. It's not going to take long for them to find someone. I wish them the best. Breaking up in the spot light is never fun.


Hmm the last question didn't come off harsh to me. I just take it as he don't know if it's the last present or not. It could be pinky prolly don't want any present from him. He seems annoyed like he don't want to answer. It's okay honey, we can go on a date instead.


sarNie Juvenile
I hope both of them will get to realize that they really love each other and eventually will kiss and make up,and be back in each other's arms again.True love should not be wasted between two people who really have fallen in love reciprocally.The question is,"were they really in love with each other?"