Aum & Nat to wed in the near future


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did anyone read the article? aigoo it get me sad and heartbrokened because i loved ATEAM so much.. i will only get to see them in lakorns now T_T..

but if they really love each other.. then im all for it .. but just dont take aummie boy off the market just yet.. ahaha.. because everyone is getting taken >_< dohhh! lol..

you can read it here @DL

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:eyetwitch: i hope this doesn't happen. No offense but when she's standing near him she looks like his mother. I have so many negative things to say but i'll just shut up now :shutup:


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I respect their decisions if they were to get married but like someone also mentioned, I thought they weren't going to last. It doesn't seems that they've been seeing eachother that long enough to go further with their relationship although it has been 2 years. In the wait of 3 years a lot can happen but nonetheless I wish them the best.


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It just feel wrong, because isn't nat older.. but i guess..if Aum and Nat really loves each other.. it's all Good.. I'm happy for them.. Nat's just so lucky, i guess i'm just jealous of her, that she's the one that got Aum to look at her and love her.. Also, everyone is getting marry.. I just hate that.. Mos is, James is, and now Aum.. Gosh...Left is Chakrit.. is he even dating? Por N. has a girlfriend, Cee has a girlfriend..LOL i think that's all the older guys or guys i have know longer..Gosh they are all taken..LOL..


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nat is 36 & aum is 30. she is 6 years older than him..

^ and i believe por and cee them are going to get married soon too... everyone is getting married T_T.. but if it's for the best.. then i'm happy.. because they need to send some handsome and beautiful offsprings into the world lol..


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ACtually,i'm not the fan of both of them..

But I don't mind if they get married..
Even nat is older than Aum,at least she's better than Pinky..
I think Aum is like Ken..he's a loyal man and love his gf so much...And nat,she had more experience about marriage life..

For ATeam fans..Just cheer for them onscreen only..
For me,i love KA team soo much and i so depressed,pissed and dissapointed after i know Ken married to Noi.
But just thinking in positive way..
If Ken-Ann got married,than i guess there's no SB,no SSH and no 365..
Maybe the same thing will happen to ATeam.
So,its better if they just friends.
At least you gals (ATeam lover) got to see them more in lakorn..



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They don't really match but if they do get married, hopefully Nat doesn't end up heartbroken again like her first marriage.


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i luv aum my fav hot actor at the moment since ken is married. don't want my fav actor to be married nat is older looking not hot and has been married before he should stick to someone younger and poplular he's in my dreams every night


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wow. good news for Aum, anyone would want to be with the person they love.
just hope he don't stop doing lakorn. he's a great actor.


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i never knew that aum and nat were dating or plannning to get marry
how come there's no news on Nat's son and is view of his mother's new marriage?
I think aum should have waited until he's like james and mos' age
men don't even dry up until like in their 70s'


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Geez what's with the hate? Obviously there's something there for them to be together and even planning a future with each other. It's probably not something we can see as an observer from the outside, especially since they're a pretty private couple, but if they're not happy, I'm sure they wouldn't be together. Nat's beautiful, doesn't matter that she's older. Love is love.

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Wait a minute, I remember reading stuff abou Aum that says he was a cheater and player back in his younger days. Didn't he break Katreeya English's heart and other gals too????