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B1A4 - Stands for Be the One, All for One
It also stands for one member is blood type B and the other four are type A

Credit: B1A4.com


Jinyoung - Leader, Lead Vocalist
Birth Name: Jung Jin Young
Birth: November 18, 1992
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 178cm/59kg

CNU - Vocalist, Rapper
Birth Name: Shin Dong Woo
Birth: June 16, 1992
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 182cm/64kg

Sandeul - Main Vocalist
Birth Name: Lee Jung Hwan
Birth: March 20, 1993
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 178cm/62kg

Baro - Main Rapper
Birth Name: Cha Sun Woo
Birth: September 5, 1993
Blood type: B
Height/Weight: 178cm/63kg

Gongchan - Maknae, Vocalist
Birth Name: Gong Chan Shik
Birth: August 14, 1994
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 181cm/60kg

I didn't think I'd like them because they're so young and thought...ergh, what can they bring to the table? but I'm liking their music.


Ky the Star
hmm for me, i always instantly like all male artists. xD
so i was waiting for them and what not.
and i didn't realize they were that young until i read their info at an int'l forum.
for being young, they do have talents and i find their name pretty creative as well.


sarNie Oldmaid
Their 1st formal album.Ignition

MV: Baby I'm Sorry

Oh, their fan club name is Bana '1'

Other mvs you can search for include O.K. -
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