Badarn Jai(Act Art)


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This lakorn looks like it will be really fun to watch. I can't wait till this airs. I love Aum! :) Thanks for sharing the link to the teaser.


Expired Sarnie
^continue reading sarN's fiction to keep your energy up :p

yeah, 9 more days !!!! :clap:
hahahah. i waiting until she finish it. it is harder to wait on the fan fiction. and i am behind in most of them too. so many fan fiction lately. its booming like crazy.

by the way im starting to like margie. this will be the first lakorn i watch of hers.


anie's bb [c] D=
omg like 9 more days until this airs!!! yay i cant wait to see harit i meant the mean aum again :loool:


sarNie Fansubber's finally airing...i'm kinda looking forward to this one...can't believe donut plays the scheming matchmatcher...i love matchmakers...i thought she may look too young for that role...but you never know...glad to know the girl who shows up looking like aum's dead gf is her sister...otherwise it would definitely get complicated in explaining her existence...thanks for the teaser!


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behind scene caps

margies taller than aum

credit to jeed
lol.. its fine his height doesnt matter kekeke.. if im wearin my heals.. i'll be tall too kekkee.. i like aum the height he is kekekke... not to tall not to short.. kekeke.. just perfect for me lmao.. ahahahahaha..


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^yah. i agree too .with heel. i'll be close to him but hey, it save me from looking up at him or him looking down at me. this way we can just gaze at each other -- eyes to eyes :loool:


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My poor Atichart... he's gonna be broken in this Lakorn ...

I will take all of your pain away, Atichart!! I love you!!!!!!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
i cant wait anymore.. i want to c it so much.. seriously... he is so freaken
cute.. who can resist him?? he is tooo hot...