ban deang nang ey


sarNie Adult
Its ch3. And this story is actually a true story. It happen in the Isan province of Thailand. Its actually a Khmer story but Lao people say its thiers. But when I did a research on it this story is told by Khmer and was past on. This was before Lao or Thai people even migrated to south east asia. I guess after they settle there they pick up the story and think its thiers. Oh well. Its about a Khom princess which is Khmer people Thai people call them Khon back then. And the pra ake is a Cham tribe which are now in Vietnam and some in Cambodia. Thier still here but dont have thier land anymore. Anyway he love her and she love him but they both died at the end. It all started with her seeing a squel did I spell that right? lol She told one of her soilders to go shoot it. But what she didnt know is it was a Praya nak son who turn into it becuase he liked her to. The praya nak son died and his father got pissed off and destory the city the city is now Call Nong Han in Isan province. The city went under water and the city if u go there now u will see the big open water looks like a big giant lake. Thats where the city use to be. Nang ai got capture by the praya nak and pa deang couldnt save her she was taken under water. Padeang took his own life and his spirit and a punch of spirit army went down the water to get her back. After that I dont know forgot lol. But who knows this is a lakorn they might change it or might add stuff to it. Padeang Nang Ai true love thats why when isan people tell a young girls and guys to have true love they refer it to Nang ai and padeang. Her real name is Ai Kham and padeang real name is Padeang Khun Thai.