Barry Nadech & Mai Davika


sarNie Oldmaid
They make a hot couple. If they won't on different chanel I would love to see these two make a lakorn together.


sarNie Oldmaid
They look really good together I wish they were in the same channel so they can play a lakorn together... But yaya is still the best couple with Barry naturally.


sarNie Adult
I have to admit.. Mai is very cute with nadech too.. Very nice photo shoot.. love nadech and liking mai too.


Expired Sarnie
When they put in English caption, do they have any idea what it means lmao "Someday my prince will come" what does that have to do with the photo. The prince is like right next to her lol


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Mai and Nadech are both so hot, they make a very aesthetic couple. Really wish we could see them act together. Especially since i don't feel any of the ch7 pra ek match Mai.