BB/CC Cream Cushion Foundation


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Has anyone tried bb/cc cream "cushion" foundations? What are your thoughts?

Korean brands vs. American brands

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I want to try them out since it's now available in America from drugstore brands like Physicians Formula and L'oreal.

I just heard about this not too long ago although it has been popular in Korea for a while now. No wonder the Korean actresses always look so dewy and flawless.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yes! It is a must have especially for those who wants a full coverage minimum makeup look and it doesn't make you look shiny either. I love bb cream but I hate using my fingers to apply it so I use a foundation brush. It was such a waste because I end up putting on a lot that it looks like i have regular foundation on then I had to layer on some powder to get rid of the shine. I even tried applying it with a sponge but it end up more on the sponge and less on my face. The bb cushion applies it perfectly even. Sephora has a really good one called amorepacific.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I never use up the 1 fl oz bottles of foundation. The cushions foundations contains about half that. I think I'm going to try the drugstore ones first. Then invest in the high end stuff.


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Tell Me About It. I Own Like 6... However they are all the korean Brands such as Hera, Sulwahsoo, Iope, Laneige and Etude House And Missha. I wouldnt recomment the koreans ones however to you if you are tan cause, white face is a no no. I know that Amore Pacific and Laneige has a fairly wide range but Hera and the other brands only go to n23/27 which is like nc20. i havent tried any american brands....i live in NZ:(. let me know if their are any good ones but the IOPE xp matte is a must if you have oily skin


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I'm not tan but I have a yellow undertone. So not quite pale or tan. Beige is the closes color. I agree, Asian brands run pretty pale/light.
Good thing Laneige is now sold at Super Target. I'll try the drugstore ones first and come back to review.


sarNie Adult
Heard the L'Oreal one was good, just saw it the other day at CVS, there's a bunch of reviews on youtube. One thing that I didn't like was the limited color selection, can be confusing, my skin color is weir, it's not white white, but also not tan tan, it's in the middleish that's why I'm always scared to put on foundation. Asian brands only have colors that are lighter than my skin, which kind of turned me off from using any asian skin foundation/powder brands. 


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I can't wait for other American brands to come out with their version of the cushion foundation.