bee namthip fans , did this clip prove that she will comeback on 2015


sarNie Hatchling
hi, all fans of bee namthip just like me , by chance found official f,b on facebook 
then found this update clip on jan 2015 , there are questions from fans at the end , there is some fan ask about new lakorn for her she reply that it start very soon now we are on end of march , no sign of anything 
i keep check the clip again and again  , still the same , :scratchhead2:  :cry: i would say maybe see her on 2015


Bee Namthip Official Fanpage - Updated


sarNie Egg
i love bee and miss her on screen. i wish she would play nang'ek. i think she played a villian in her other lakorn. is she still ch.5? if she is or if she does freelance then i would love to see her work with certain actors. i hope she doesn't lose too much weight. she just keeps getting skinnier and skinnier. i liked the way she looked in luerd hong. i hope she does have a lakorn coming soon.