Bee Namthip


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Real Name: Namthip Jongratchatawiboon
Nick Name: Bee
Birthday : 23 Nov. 1982
Status : With Kelly
Hight : 177 Cms
Weight : 50 Kg
Work : Singer , Model & Actress
Birthplace : Bangkok
Zodiac : Scorpio
Music Style : Pop-Rock
Skill : Play Guitar
Favourite Singer : Beau Sunita and Nicole Theriault
School : Benjamarachanusorn M.6


[2002] CH5 - Leud Hong : With Tew Sunthipar & Pong Nawat
[2003] CH3 - Wimarn Din : With Kade Tarntup
[2005] CH9 - Ruk Paed Pun Kao : With Captain Puthaneth & Pong Nawat
[2006] CH3 - Kra Torm Saeng Ngern : With Aon Sarawut
[2006] CH3 - Prai Pradtana : With Au Thanakorn
[2006] CHITV - Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping : With Kelly Thanapat
[2006] CH5 - Wimarn Sai : With Chakrit Yamnam
[2007] CH5 - Talae Rissaya : With Pong Nawat
[2007] CH5 - Seang Soon : With Chakrit Yamnam
[2008] CH5 - Song Kram Nang Fah : With Kong Saharat & Pong Nawat
[2008] CH5 - Kwarm Lub Kong Superstar : With Mos Patiparn & Captain Puthaneth
[2009] CH5 - Buang Ruk Kammathep : With Pong Nawat
[2010] CH5 - Jub Tay Wai Rai Sai Samorn : With Tang Saksit
[2011] CH5 - Mia Mai Chai Mia : With James Ruengsak
[2011] CH5 - Pitsawad : With Pong Nawat


OK! (With Aom Piyada, Chakrit Yamnam, Paula Taylor, Ruj The Star...)
Dichan 2
Koo Sang Koo Som 2 ( With Chakrit Yamnam)
Koo Sang Koo Som (With Captain Puthaneth)
Ploy Gam Petch (With Kelly Thanapat)
Lisa Weekly
Lisa Weekly 2
Tv Inside
All Magazine
Kwanruen (With Pancake Khemanit)
Kwanruen 2
Kwanruen 3 (With Peter Corp)
Kwanruen 4 (With Premsini Rathanasopa)
Chiwit Ruk
Volume (With Pong Nawat)
Lipsluxe 2
Star Fashion
Tv Pool
Tv Pool 2
Tv Pool 3
Tv Gossip (With Tangmo Patarathida)



sarNie Adult
thanks for sharing! i love bee namthip. shes soo gorgeous. love her music and her acting has improved tremendously!


sarNie Hatchling
Thank you for sharing. LOVE HER!!!! I agree that her acting has improved a lot. I saw a post here that she is being nominated for the Best Actress. I hope she wins so she can get better role. I don't like to see her as n'rai character.