Bee Namthip's New Lakorn


sarNie Hatchling
I just finished watching Song Kram Nang Fah. Bee was very good...I think she is getting better and better with her acting. Does anyone know if she will be in any new lakorn soon? I can't get enough of her. Please let me know.........


sarNie Hatchling
She's rumored to be in lakorn with Tik Jessdaporn, Donut and Puri but its not confirmed yet.
Thank you..... so that means she has nothing in the work right now. I really want to see her in the story like Wimarn sai. I didn't like the ending on her last two (Saeng Soon and Song Kram Nangh), although it really showcase her acting ability so I hope she will be in more lakorns in the future. PLEASE ME KEEP POSTED on this new lakor rumor. When will this one come out if it is true that she's in it????


sarNie Granny
i think her acting has grown a lot too....i enjoyed watching how many different roles she can play (weak, strong, crying, evil, innocent,...)...wish to see more from her^^


sarNie Adult
I would agree her acting has definitely improved over the years. She wasn't that good when she first started, but now she's got her facial expressions and roles down pretty darn good.