Before Kpop there was Canto/Mando Pop


Expired Sarnie
Remember the 80s and 90s where Chinese music was widely popular all over Asia. Literally. I really miss this era but my memories is a bit blurred. List some classical songs from this era for me please. 
Goodbye Kiss (Take Me To Your Heart- MLTR) by Jacky
Baby I'm So Sorry by Alex To
The Moon Represent My Heart by Teresa Teng
999 Roses by Samuel Tsai
Can't Let You Go by Andy Lau
A New Dream of an Affectionate Couple of Butterflies by Michael Huang
Please help me name a few more. Although I love Kpop, it will never beat the 80s and 90s in China/Taiwan/HK. Ah I miss my childhood. 


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Oh i miss C/MPOP.
Does "Can't Wait" by Yoo Seung Jun ft. Yuki count? LOL.
Errant Love OST - Kenny Bee


Expired Sarnie
How can I ever forget Kenny Bee. There were so many good artist. Im trying to dl them. Wish I could possibly get the physical album. These r so hard to find.


sarNie Hatchling
TVB ost's from the 80's and 90's would definitely be classified as classics. Anything by Roman Tam, Jenny Tsang, Anita Mui, Leslie Chung etc. are still well loved and remembered till this day.