Bella Ranee & Duong Mac Anh Quan - Covers:2017 ดิฉัน Magazine-vol.40 no.942 April 2017


sarNie Adult

Bella and Vietnamese model Duong Mac Anh Quan are photographing like the 1992 Movie: The Lover

the Lover-then1992&Now2017.jpg


Uh wow! Bella is also coming out of her comfort zone. But it's a bit weird for sure. Not a fan of Bella but whao he's super handsome though! Lol.


sarNie Adult
I, for one, love this whole magazine shoot. It's aesthetic, mysterious in the most simple form. It gives off a very short film vibe. I've seen a couple of Vietnamese films and they have this eerie vibe about them that I absolutely love, and this magazine theme showcase it to the T. The male model is stunning though ;) His side-profile and great physique....:love::love::love: :lol:

If I have to complain about something, then I guess I wanted Bella to be more risky. The male model is pretty much showing it all, but Bella is still PG13 :lol: But I guess that's asking for too much. She's stunning though. And I love that period of era too.