Benz & Ae


sarNie Adult
Hmmm...interesting...i really like the first picture, although Benz is showing too much....ummm...I always thought Ae was pretty, but as for Benz, she's pretty from time to time depends on her facial expression....


sarNie Adult
ok...not the best looking....lolz....but love both of them.....i don't like their outfits....ekkekekeke...


Cinderella said:

I like this one the best.Her hair style is beautiful.
I love Benz lip gloss also..So shinny and so nice looking..
Ae doesnt look that good at all.


sarNie Hatchling
wow, benz would looks so pretty if she smile....but still looks hot though...Ae lis cute :D they can pass for sisters!


sarNie Elites
Tv Inside photoshoots have been annoying me lately. Actually, I've never really been too fond of them. For one, they airbrush way too much. And the way they photograph doesn't really appeal to me. A lot of the girls' spreads looks like they belong in FHM or Maxim. I don't really like the bra-showing part of this photoshoot; not because I feel like she's showing too much (Because I think Benz is fairly covered up compared to some other actresses), I just think it looks trashy.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. On the bright side, they look very beautiful.