Best Bie Sukrit Drama???


I loved all of his Lakorn, but I would have to say that his best is, I can't decide between DRRT, KWHR, and Koo Gum. This is a hard topic for me to decide because i love all his lakorn. :p


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For me I'll say it has to be... KOO KUM, this lakorn is awesome and Bie is super good at expressing his feelings through his eyes. This lakorn is the first one to make me cry in every single episode. Love Bie super duper much and will always and forever do.


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I haven't really watch any of Bie's other lakorns other than Hua Jai Sila, Roy Ardeed Hang Ruk, Koo Gum and a bit of Projan See Roong alongside KWHR. 
My BEST and FAVORITE lakorn of Bie's would have to be of course, KOO GUM hands down!! I used to be obsess with Hua Jai Sila but Koo Gum gets my vote as best Bie Sukrit Lakorn. :D It's such an bitter-sweet, cute, and classic lakorn. 'Nuff said. 555


I haven't watch koo gum yet because I am not watching my dramas as fast as I did before. I think it was all because of NM2 before then I use to watch dramas like crazy but ever since it was cancelled I've only finished one which was DRRR I wanna watch PPO And RP but I can't. So I am planning to finish Kohn Tuer and start one KCT. And strt in KG. KG looks so good.


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fantastic_27 said:
And strt in KG. KG looks so good.
Yeah, you should totally watch Koo Kum because it's not good, but it's more than good/awesome and can't be express in words, it's too good and perfect that I can't express in words. It's the best lakorn ever in history and it would totally make you love Bie because people that never liked him and watched this lakorn said they fell in love with him. Oh another thing if you're going to watch Koo Kum, you need lots of boxes of tissue because you're gonna cry like a river (this is the first lakorn to make me cry in every single episode and it's sad, agony, martyr, pitiful....).


Lol. I've always loved Bie. I feel in love with him by his songs. Lol. And ok I will watch KooGum after I finish the 6 eps of KCT and finish Kohn Tuer.


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I'll have to say Koo Gum because he def proved to all of us that he can portray Kobori and make this lakorn come to life.  He has grown so much over the years and exceeded what alot of ppl thought he couldnt do.  Well done!


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Roy Adeed Haeng Ruk - I love love Bie and Mew, although it was his first lakorn I thought he was good
Prajun See Roong - I love Aff and Bie but mainly I love this lakorn because of his dad <3


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I have tried watching Hua Jai Sila (after I "fell" for him in KhuKam). But the drama didn't make much impact on me as KhuKam did. So, it's DEFINITELY KHUKAM for me! His acting in the lakorn was realistic and convincing


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Koo Kum seems to be really good, but it's not my favorite Bie Sukrit lakorn. My favorite is Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk. Though this one was more of like a musical and there was the age gap between Bie and Nok, it teaches you that no matter how old you get, if you truly love someone, you would still love and recognize them. I just fell in love with this lakorn. 
In order according to my personal preference:
- Koo Gam
- Karm Waylaa
- Prajan See Roong
- Hua Jai Sila
- Dok Ruk Rim Tang
- Roy Adeed Haeng Ruk
And yes, I've seen all of his lakorns. Lol. Huge fan here as you can see.

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I used to be so cheuy cheuy with Bie and his lakorns. Hua Jai Sila was irritating, Prajan See Roong made me mad but then came Koo Gum.....Bie's best lakorn <3


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Best lakorn of Bie's, KOO GUM! I loved the chemistry between Bie and Noona, and how he died in there, it made me cry so much.