bitcoin !!


sarNie Adult
I got into this a few months ago when I heard about this crypto currency on "security now" podcast.

I know most of the people here probably don't know it but some people like anan might know about it ;)

I wanted to post because today the value of the coins jumped another 3 dollars to almost 18 dollars per bitcoin.

Its quite an incredible thing I'm seeing and I'm feeling a bit euphoric about it.

Check it out

Click on what is bitcoin link if you don't know anything about it.


sarNie Egg
So those people with the 300 K coins will be rich? o_O omg that is 5 Mil! Luckyyyy LOL. You're going to be rich too!


sarNie Adult
haha naw, I don't have that many coins but I do have alot of mining rigs ;) I got in a bit late so no riches for me ;)

I got interested in it before it became huge like right now. I just love the idea of crypto currency. Generated some coins but never really went aggressive on it til recently as the prices climbed.