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I dated this person once. We broke up on pretty good terms I guess. Now he texts me from time to time. He knows me very well and knows that I hate anything type of engagement with the phone. I don't like texting, talking, anything. Unless it's absolutely important I won't respond or pick up. If it is important they'll leave a voicemail.

Lately, he's been acting kind of childish. He knows that I will never see him more than just a friend anymore (being that I'm married and he knows this very well) and I've told him. I even said if it's hard for you to accept then maybe this ex turns friends thing won't work. He said I was thinking to much. I tried again to ignore it

Now, if he texts me and I don't respond within 5 minutes (normally i don't answer for days cause school and work no time for this) he'll send other text messages, "are you ok?" "are you mad at me?" "Is something wrong?" "did I do something wrong?"

Me at this point is very aggravated so I tell him. He then sends another text
"I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time in life. I am sorry for inconvience that I may have caused you and I hope you can forgive me."

At this point I find it best to just ignore him. I've talked to him and explained as much as I possibly could to him.

Well, the jackass will not give up on making me feel guilty. He logs on yahoo and sends a group message:

"Hey this is ____'s brother (I think it's actually him). I just want to let you know that my brother committed suicide because of some cold and careless b*ch."

Well, initially I was like wow serious? I asked his cousin who is a friend of mines and his cousin said, "what really?" I was kind of surprised thinking that family should already know and be planning his funeral.

Son of a mother... 2 days later (today) he texts me and asked me how I'm doing.

My response:

You and your psycho ass family need to stay away from me, quit texting me, e-mailing me, calling me, I'm changing my instant messager id.

Anyhow, now he's texting my friends that he knows and telling them all these sob stories about how he misses talking to me and wish I didn't abandon him because this relative is in the hospital or has passed away (by the way this is like the 25th time a relative is sick or passed away this year)

So I finally had enough and told him to back off and leave my friends alone. I also told him that his damn sob stories don't work on me because I am one of the most careless human beings on earth and he needs to get the eff out of my life.

Also, he tells me of how he needs money for this and that (expecting me to tendure him money)

So at this point I have cut all ties with him even told my friends to ignore him. NOW he is messaging and e-mailing my little sisters!

I smell restraining order on the way.

Sorry I just had to vent. I know it sounds for the most part my fault for not picking up sooner

Tina oh Tina where the eff do you pick up these losers =/


sarNie Hatchling
o sorries. i really feel bad for you.
that guy just dont kno when enough is enough..and really...your married. he should know better.
but you kno..if it all comes down to the restraining gotta do what you gotta do.
hopefully things work out for the best for you~


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I'm sorry you have to go through that. I've gone through it myself before.
The boy has psycho written all over him. It's best you cut all ties from him. If he doesn't back and still insists it's probably a good thing to get a restraining order.

I was lucky in that the person that was doing the same thing to me don't know any of my friends in real life.
Once I decided to cut that person out of my life I e-mailed all of my friends warning them about this person and to block/ignore him. Like you I gave him several warnings to back off but he would for a few days and then go back to his clinging, obsessed ways. Now that person is completely out of my life and I'm thankful for it.

It can potential get bad if you're not careful.
My friend's little sister (such a sweet girl) was brutally murdered by one of her ex.
I had a feeling (from what others have told me) that he was very much the way your ex/friend is with you. He just couldn't let go or take no for an answer.


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Ok, so this morning I made the initiative to tell my husband about whats going on because this is somewhat of a big problem and I felt he should know. He was glad I told him and at the same time upset of course because he had speculations that my ex/friend was like this He gave me this long lecture about how, "I know you want to be nice, but sometimes you are too nice. You need to pick things up faster that way you don't get yourself into this mess." He then told me that he won't confront my ex/friend because that'll enrage him. He told me the best thing I could do right now is to cut all ties and let my friends know to avoid him also. He also told me to tell my sisters that they need to avoid him also. He said the best thing right now is to ignore him and see how he handles it (hopefully he'll move on and bother someone else). Taking legal action right now is also bad because it might just piss him off more.

Today I haven't heard anything from him and normally he would have already called may times. My inbox is empty. My friends and sister hasn't said anything yet. I'm hoping it stays this way. I would hate to take any extreme measures.

Thanks guys for the advice and support =/ Bleh I know it's strange, but I didn't know who to go to because no one understood and everyone has told me to just let my husband beat him up


sarNie Adult
Yeah, don't let your hubby go out beating him because it'll just make things worse.
Your husband will probably get into more trouble than your stalker friend, because although he's harassing you he hasn't actually physically harmed or threaten you. So your husband would be at fault if he's the first to strike out.
I always let the law handle this stuff.


Oooh... stalker status right there. I seen a NBC night time special about a situation familiar to yours a few nights ago. The dude was very obsessive & all that stuff. & the girl felt sorry for him ( she too was also very nice) so what happens in the end is he ends up killing her & then turn the gun on himself. I'm not saying he's gonna kill you but the best thing to do is tell authorities about this situation. If he's already harassing your family & friends, he can be capable of something more violent.


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Psychotic exs, I tell ya. I dislike them too. But dang yo; that's pretty hardcore psycho-ness. Poor Tina. What has Tim said?


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Well he actually left me alone for awhile and I thought it was all over. The last few days/week or whatever I've been to busy to take notice of my e-mails and stuff, but I was told by a friend of mines that he called her a few times asking her about me. She immediately hung up and quit taking his phone calls. He actually sent me an e-mail, but only 1. I think he's getting tired of bugging me. Tim hasn't said anything because he knows I am able to take care of it on my own. He's concerned, but at the same time he doesn't want to get involved because he doesn't want to irritate or provoke the guy because it may cause things to escalate even more. The last few days has been good. He hasn't attempted to make contact or anything. Maybe he is tired now -.-" Now that no one gives him the attention that he was thriving for.