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BoA's Profile

Name: Kwon BoA
Birthdate: November 5, 1986
Place of Birth: South Korea
Raised In: Kyungkido Goorisi, South Korea
Height: 5'4" or 160 cm
Weight: 99 lbs or 45 kg
Shoe size: 23.5 cm
Blood Type: AB
Currently resides in: Korea
Languages Spoken: Korean, Japanese, English
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: listening to music, singing, watching movies, dancing, hip-hop dancing, acting, cross stitching, making accessories for her friends, speaking Japanese & English
Horoscope: Scorpio

Feel free to post everything about BoA =)


Yunho's GF~*
BoA & Bi same pants LOOL

those kind of pants are in fashion in korea now =)
wah Bi looks so funny mouhaha :lol:


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BoA's awesome..i start to like her now..thanks to my lil sis and Kristie..she's a great performance..


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Yeah..I liked BoA because of Kristie too. She made me watch her first I only like how she performs..but now most of her songs are stuck in my head! ^_^

my favorite pic..^_^

she looks like a Diva. LOOOL

credit :: Boajjang + Bestiz


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FILE :: Spark MBC First South Korean Music Festival [July 31, 2004]
SIZE :: 232.40 MB

credit :: CorAzOn+Boajjang, and me for re-upping =)


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OuhHh P'fon u upload a lot !!!!

I can't i have no patience and u should upload by mageupload the link won't down LOOL

thanks naaaaaa I never see them LOOL cuz mun kao leaw...

haha thanks to me everyone likes BoA :lol: :lol:

listening to Best of SOUL ^_^


Yunho's GF~*
*New* BoA in Japan Photoshooting for Her New CM
Pictures Taken by BoA's Makeup Artist Options

she's so pretty !!!