Bong Lae Sanaeha


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Kwang's parents were killed during a police chase. Villagers claimed that Nutt, who is the chief, shot her parents. Afterward, Kwang grandma also die. She became a dancer (Nang Ram) and was the best of the group. She grew up with vengeances toward Nutt. The dance group was invited to perform at Nutti’s party and they met again. Nutti was already married but Kwang was able to seduce Nutti. After secretly meeting Kwang a couple of times, Nutti bring Kwang into the house and that is when her mission to destroy Nutti and his family begins all the way to the kids generation, which consist of Aum and Tanya.

Credit: nanthao &
Anyone seen this old lakorn ? I was browsing through SW wiki and gosh this lakorn sounds so good! I've never seen it before although its so old! I want to see it now! Not and Kwang are the best onscreen pair, Gosh! :wub: