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This is my first attempt to right a Boran story. I’m not that great, so please bear with me. This is original and 100% mine. However, I do not own these actor or actresses. This is based on my own imagination. If things are similar to other stories you read, I guarantee you its coincidental. Can you believe it? I dreamt this story. Lol. This is copyright by me. So please enjoy the story.

Main Cast:

Yam Runganda- as Princess Chanreathrey

Princess Chanreathrey is the youngest daughter of King Vayranon and Queen Chansoda. Chanreathrey was born differently than other children. She was born at night when the moon shined brightly, when she was born she was beautiful and bright, the moon shine brightly into the bed chamber hitting directly at the new born princess. They thought she was gods given, but they became unsure. By daylight the princess became hideously dark, ugly beyond approachable that the king commanded the princess to be locked away. However, she doesn’t sulk around and feel sorry for herself, she a stubborn princess who likes escaping outside the palace wall. Because of being trapped all day in her bed chamber, to kill time while being confined, the princess mastered the art of sword technique and would use it if she was in trouble during her escapade.

Phone Katawut- as Prince Akanee

Prince Akanee is the second son of King Asora. He is a full blood Yek (Giant), who goes against his nature and eats cooked animal meat and fruits instead of raw meat whether it’s from human or animal. He loves the outdoor and hates being confined in one place. Tends to scare people whether he wants to or not. He doesn’t want to fall in love, he likes being a single person. He believes that if he was to settle down his life would really be over, trapped and bored. He enjoys looking at beautiful woman and would waste all day doing so. For him, life is fun. He loves his 2 brothers dearly even if they all have different mother.

Supporting Actress and Actors:

Aom Pratamaporn- as Princess Chanreaksmey

Princess Chanreaksmey is the eldest daughter of King Vayranon and Queen Chansoda. Born in the bright daylight the princess was beautiful, whether it is day or night. She is beautiful as well as kind. She loves her sister whether her sister was born differently or not. She doesn’t agree with her father to lock away her sister until night come. Nor does she agree with her mother who timidly follows her father every word. Vow to never marry unless her sister does. She is stubborn and her parents know how well their daughter is, how can they let their youngest daughter marry when she is so different from other?

Mild Tarntara- as Pkakale

Pkakale is a beautiful talking flower which blooms in Pra Mae’s (the God’s Wife, mother to all Goddess) garden. Pkakale is a beautiful and honest follow. Pra Mae adores this flower very much. She later turns into a beautiful goddess who lives in that beautiful flower.

James Loeson- as Prince Attithep

Prince Attithep is the eldest son of King Asora. He’s half Thep (Angel) and Yek (Giant), he is a Thep because of his mother, who is one of the goddess in heaven, and however, if he wishes to transform into a Yek, he can. He’s loves his brother even if they all have different mother. He tends to try and guide them through the right path. They always have each other back. Attithep hates the fact his father always tries to make them eat human. Because he is a Thep he looks nothing like a Yek, he takes after his mother. Unlike his second brother, Attithep do wish to settle down, but fact is he hasn’t found the right girl. However, they do share the same love for the outdoors. He’s stubborn and well respected.

Fuse Kitiwong- as Prince Anapoup

Prince Anapoup is the youngest son of King Asora, because his mother is a human, Anapoup is half human and half Yek. Like his eldest brother, he does not take after his father but his mother he looks nothing like a Yek but looks straight like a human. However, he can transform into a Yek if he wishes too. Even knowing that his youngest son is half human, Asora still wants his son to eat human. Anapoup is very much like his second brother, he doesn’t like to be shackle down, but he loves to look at woman. He too loves the outdoor life. He is lively and loves to contradict his brothers. Knowing their different doesn’t change the fact that he loves his brother dearly.

Tar Pasin as-Tunakarn

A young boy whom Princess Chanreathrey saved during her escapade, he vow to follow and be loyal to the princess at all cost, despite knowing the princess condition his heart would not change. He becomes the princess most value soldier and trusted friend.


Ton Woranan- as King Vayranon

The ruler of the kingdom Lomveasai, a kingdom full of prosperity, with thousands of surf who are loyal and hardworking, Villages all over the kingdom. King Vayranon is man with great power. He does not like the look down upon. He is a king who is always ready to do battle. He was a great king, but a very poor ideal father.

Cartoon as- Queen Chansoda

Queen Chansoda is a timid woman who listen to her husband every command. She is kind and very heartwarming to be around. Her only flaw is listening too much to her husband. She is the queen in the kingdom of Lomveasai.

King Asora- A Yek who rules the kingdom of Chrakborey, he who eats on human and animal flesh, he has 3 handsome sons, all from 3 different wives, the eldest is half Thep, the second is full Yek, and the last is half human. He’s loves all three son and tries his hardest to make them understand. He eats human without letting his children know. According to him, he’s not scared of what his children might say he just doesn’t want his children to get their feelings hurt.

Amat Pongsak- the loyal servant of the 3 princes of king Asora. Follow them everywhere on their adventures. He tends to whine when things get out of hand.

Omvary- Chanreaksmey loyal maid loves to tell the princess from right and wrong. Usually gets scold by other.

Preeya- Chanreaksmey loyal maid, who loves to contradict Omvary, she tends to whine when the princess does things that usually leads to trouble.

Paranee- Chanreathrey loyal maid, sad about the princess imprisonment, and does everything to please her princess.

Pranee- Chanreathrey loyal maid, she is also sad about the princess imprisonment, but tends to whine to the princess why she always like dangerous adventure.


In the land where fantasy exists, in world of mermaids, giants, gods and goddesses, demons and devil, not to mention ghouls and other mystical creature, there was a beautiful woman who was given the name Thep Reathrey; she lives up in the high heaven as a goddess. She was beautiful as well as wise. However, because of her beauty that no one can ever compare, she was confined to one place and that place was at the Pra Mae’s court, where she is to serve the Pra Mae at all times. Because of her unnatural beauty, God and Pra Mae believe she would cost a big disruption in heaven. So therefore she can never leave Pra Mae’s holding. One day while she was gazing at the beautiful garden and beautiful butterfly appeared before her, she was captivated by its rare color that she wondered off following the butterfly out of Pra Mae’s garden and headed toward the heaven’s court. And thus, as God and Pra Mae had predicted, Thep Reathrey did cause a whole lot of disruptions. Male Thep fought for her attention, shouts and fights, destroying the palaces that laid at peace atop the clouds, were heard throughout the high heaven and this made God very angry. He did not expect to see heaven in such chaos. He was already having headaches because down on earth, a royal couple who were wishing for children once again; it was the same couple who had asked him a year ago which he had already blessed them a child, one of Pra Mae’s goddesses. But it seems that they are not satisfied with just one, all that headache, and now this? He was angry alright. He summon the Thep to attend a meeting, he will sort all this out even if his head exploded.
“What is the meaning of all this commotion?” he asked his right hand man.
“Sire, I believe that the problem is happening because of Thep Reathrey.” He answered God.
God then summon Thep Reathrey before him, and before he starts to question her he asked the others that were involved, including the other woman who stands as witnesses.
“Thep Reathrey violated the heavens rule that was laid before her by starting the fight between these men sire, as we all know, Thep Reathrey was never to show her face to the male Thep, due to her gifted beauty. But she violated that and showed them her face anyway.” One of the women explained to him.
Thep Reathrey knew she had done wrong, but she would defend herself regardless if she was right or wrong, “Sire, I do not understand why I must stay in one place, while all the other women is allowed to roam about. I do not believe this is fair. If my beauty is the cost of all this, then why were I bless with it? Why can I not have a normal face so that I can roam freely?” she asked. She did not mean to be rude or ungrateful, but she did not like being the most beautiful woman, there were too many sacrifices, and freedom was one of them.
God was not pleased with her remark, he did not gift her with beauty, and he too, has another superior who is higher than himself. Like every Thep, he too follows order. But one thing is for sure, every Thep have at least one thing better than another, and hers were beauty. And like every Thep, whether you like it or not, it is your fate. You have to except it.
“Thep Reathrey, whether what your reason maybe, you are still going to be punish because you had fail to follow the rules that was laid before you. Are you ready to except it?” God asked her.
“If fate had already decided my path, then I shall except.” She said gracefully.
“Your punishment is to reborn in the middle world, the human world. Where you will be born as a princess, but because you are ungrateful for your beauty and not only that, you caused disruption in heaven, causing the other Thep to fight leading to destroying my kingdom. You will be cursed. Unlike the other human, you will be different. By night only when the moon shines bright, you will be beautiful, the beauty that you have right now for I cannot change that. But by day when the sun shines every day, you will be ugly, where people will be disgusted with you, hate and ridicule you. However because of all your good deeds that you have saved up all your life as a Thep, this curse is curable, when you find the man you love and he loves you back in return, then may the curse be broken. But he must love you because of your hideous form not because of your beauty. This is your punishment. Do you except?” God asked her then.
“If this is the punishment you have bestowed upon me, then I will gladly accept it.” She answered him.
“Then you may go.”
Thep Reathrey then turn into a ball of light that shine brightly in the heaven’s court she then floated down, down from the sky she went, to the kingdom of Lomveasai, the land of prosperity, the kingdom of much wealth. The ball of light carried off to Queen Chansoda bed chamber. Where the Queen lay asleep peacefully with her beloved king, the ball of light went inside of the sleeping queen and settled peacefully in the Queens womb. Waiting patiently to take on her duty as a human…

©No Copyright 2009



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Great start. Loving the cast. I'm glad there's another boran story on here. I need to get back into watching them because they were my first love :)


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The next chapter will be posted tomorrow but here is a trailer babyblue had made for me! I hope you guys like it. It would be nice to know who is reading. so that I know I'm updating for someone. So please no silent reader. ^_^



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ouuuuuuu a boran storie.. i love boran.. i have alot of them at home... but i stop watching because the boran now a day just sucked compared to the older version.. the last one that i loved soo much was Tep sarm radoo with Yam and Phone... gotta love them... phone was one hott ass yak!! lols


sarNie Oldmaid
ouuuuuuu a boran storie.. i love boran.. i have alot of them at home... but i stop watching because the boran now a day just sucked compared to the older version.. the last one that i loved soo much was Tep sarm radoo with Yam and Phone... gotta love them... phone was one hott ass yak!! lols
Haha, that was pretty much the last one I really liked!! All because of Phone. He was hot in that!


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Chapter 1
The Ugly Princess…

9 months and 10 days has arrived, and Queen Chansoda was ready to deliver her 2nd child. The pain was unbearable, but the queen pushed with all her might. The midwife helped the queen, instructing her when to push and when not to push. The labor went on for hours; the Queen was exhausted and felt as if she might just die at any given moment.
“Ahh!!! It hurt so much…make it stop…Ahh!!!” the queen screamed.
“Push my queen, push!” finally as if the heaven knew the queen was giving birth, the full moon shine brightly lighting up the queen’s bed chamber. At last the queen gave one last push, and the princess was brought into the world. The moonlight shines directly above the princess, showing all her glory. And the queen was content.
King Vayranon, waited anxiously outside the bed chamber, why was the labor taking so long? When he heard the baby’s healthy cries he wanted to run into the room and embrace his queen and his new born child. Contao (Queens old maid, responsible for the entire maid who cares for the queen) Awrapai clean the new born princess and took her outside to present her to the King. The king held his new born child, loving her even if he had wanted a son. A daughter is what he has, and then he’ll accept.
“The princess, must be special your highness, for when the princess was born the bright moon shine directly above her head as if welcoming her. If she is not special then I don’t know what is.” Contao Awrapai beamed at the king and the princess.
“My eldest daughter was born at daylight, and as you remember that day was so hot that many places caught on fire, as if the sunlight was showing appreciation toward my eldest daughter. That was the reason why I named her Chanreaksmey, to represent the sun, and the day time. Now this daughter, my youngest was born during the night, when the moon shines brightly and close, closer than any full moon I have ever encounter in my life. So therefore, I shall name my new born Chanreathrey, to represent the moonlight, and the night time. They will be the princesses of day and night.”
“I believe that is a wise choice of name you have given the princess, your highness.” The Howra (royal fortune teller) said.
It was near morning, and the king and queen was too excited to sleep. They once again succeeded in having a child. Even if the king was not gifted with a son as he had wished for, he would be grateful nonetheless, to have 2 beautiful daughters.
“Look at our child, husband, isn’t she beautiful?” queen Chansoda asked.
“Yes my love, she is gorgeous, just like her sister.” He sighed happily.
“Look at us, it’s morning already and the sun is starting to shine, and we haven’t even slept yet.” The queen smiled.
“I know.”
But what was about to happen, they did not expect, suddenly there was a bright light, blinding their eyes, the light brighten for a moment and suddenly disappear. The light came from Chanreathrey. The king and queen stared at their daughter and was horrified, this was not their daughter, this thing cannot be their precious new born. She is hideous! Where did their daughter go? She couldn’t have gone anywhere; she was in the queens arms throughout the piercing light. No one could have switched the baby. But why? What happen to their baby? Why is she so ugly?
In that breaking dawn the king summon the Howra to foretell the princess future, the Howra finished his thoughts before telling the king his fact, “Indeed this is your princess, and the reason for her transformation was because of the curse God had bestow upon her. However, during the full moon the princess will transform into a beauty that no one not even the eldest princess can compare. And you must be even more careful when that happens, if any man catches a glimpse of her in the full moon, your kingdom will be raided by every male in the world to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage. Her beauty can cause war, even death if it gets that far.”
“What have I done to deserve such fate?” the king murmured to himself. Whether I have my daughter out in the opening or not, she will cause a disruption, because of her hideous face during the day, people will ridicule me for having such a disfigured daughter. But even on the full moon when she is beautiful I still have to keep her away to avoid battles and bloodshed. What is he going to do? He thought it through and there was only one way he can handle this problem, “Lock the princess in her chamber, no one is allowed in beside 2 lady’s maid to care for the princess.” He knew it was not fair to the princess. But what can he do? He didn’t want to be look down upon nor does he want bloodshed.
The law was set out; the princess was locked away in her bed chamber with only 2 lady’s maid to keep her company. The queen was not happy about the arrangement her husband had made, but as a wife, she must believe that her husband know what he is doing. Princess Chanreaksmey was allowed inside princess Chanreathrey bed chamber. At the age of 1, Chanreaksmey was not scared of how her sister look, in fact she even gestured her mother to put little Chanreathrey in her little arms so that she can hold her. This was how the ugly princess was treated, what will happen when the little princess grows older and finds out she isn’t allowed outside the palace, not to mention outside at all.
Years past and the princess was 8 years old that season, old enough to realized she was a prisoner in her own home. She was never allowed out. She had enough, she will go out even if her father the king had punish her, while her lady’s maid was not looking the princess sneaked out and ran as fast as her leg can carry her, she was amazed at how beautiful this world looked in her eyes, why was she denied that?
She found the truth right then and there; the reason why she wasn’t allowed out, one look at the screaming maid got her so frightened that she ran back to her bed chamber. Was it because she was different? Was it because she was so dark compare to her maids and her eldest sister? Is that why that maid scream just with one look at her?
She threw the door close and cried on her bed, “What’s wrong my princess?” Pranee had asked her.
“Pranee…am I that ugly? Is that why father and mother doesn’t allow me outside?”
“Oh no my princess, you are just different that is all. Remember what I told you? You are beautiful every full moon, more beautiful than any girl on this planet. Your father, the king has his reason. It isn’t my place to tell you. But you will know my princess. Have patience.”
“But I want to be able to walk around outside like everyone else, like you. I don’t like being in here.” Chanreathrey cried.
Before Pranee can soothe the princess anymore, the king himself showed up in the room, anger was shone in his eyes, “Chanreathrey. Why did you not listen to my order, Pranee, you were to watch my daughter so that she won’t go outside. What were you doing? Why was the princess out and about causing commotion in my palace?”
“Your highness, I was fixing the fruit for the princess to eat, I didn’t realize she had run out.”
“Father, why can’t I go out? Why is everyone allowed out except me! It’s not fair.”
“Look at you!” as if knowing he shouldn’t have said that, knowing that his daughter as easy to cry, he soften his voice, “Chanreathrey, I have my reason. Just know I am protecting you. Please be a good girl and don’t do this anymore.”
Chanreathrey sniffled, before answering her father, “Father, can Machabong (big sister) Chanreaksmey come and play with me? I miss her.”
“Of course, I’ll call on her for you.” He gave her a kissed atop her forehead before taking his leave.
Chanreathrey waited for her eldest sister, it was about 5 minute later when princess Chanreaksmey showed up.
“Machaoun (younger sister) called me? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Princess Chanreaksmey helped her younger sister to the bed before asking the question once more.
“I wanted to go outside, and when I did, the maid outside was screaming when she saw me. I was so scared.”
“It’s ok, I’m here now, and you’ll be fine. I promise. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” That day, even if the princess was confined, she played with her older sister in that boring room. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all; at least she has her sister and 2 of her lady’s maid who is loyal to her…


The 3 sons of of King Asora:

Bogus as Young Attithep

Gan as Young Akanee

Gino as Young Anapoup

In another land far from Lomveasai was a kingdom called Chrakborey. A kingdom of Yek all across the land, they feed on human flesh that happens around there, and animal that roams the forest. In that big kingdom lives a Yek king name Asora, and his 3 handsome son, his eldest; Attithep, his second, Akanee, and youngest the third, Anapoup. Because of his love for women, he had 3 wives in his lifetime. His first whom he called his lover and friend, was a Thep named Chenda, Chenda and him sired Attithep who was half Yek like himself and half Thep because of Chenda, his mother. But because of his demon nature Chenda cut their love and gave him his child to care for. There he married a Yek like himself, a beautiful woman named Thepmontah, who was good nature and hated the killing of human, she only ate animal, she believe they were brought to this earth to feed human and Yek alike. He and Thepmontah sired Akanee who was full blood Yek, but takes after his mother. However, unlike both of them, Akanee only ate cooked animal meat. Making is father disappointed and his mother very proud. They stayed with each other until Akanee was the age of 2 and Thepmontah became ill and died on her bed. Thus, leaving the lonely Asora with his two sons, then he met Savenmalai a human he had capture on his hunt to find food. Because of Savenmalai beauty, Asora fell in love with her and vow that she would be his last wife. They then sired the last child Anapoup who was half Yek and human. But because Savenmalai was always weak, she died giving birth to Anapoup. Therefore leaving Asora once again alone with now 3 children, nevertheless, he vows that Savenmalai would be his last. He continued on and raised his 3 children as best as he could. He even tried making them eat human flesh but they just won’t do.
Now that they were old enough; Attithep at the age of 11, Akanee at 10 and Anapoup at 9, Asora began to teach them his powers so that they can later on use to protect themselves. From his ancestor Asora gave the 3 most powerful weapons to his sons, Attithep was gifted with a lute a magical bow that can shoot magical arrow that is made of out light and any given moment, Akanee was given a Congjak a circular disc that as sharp blade surrounding it, and the youngest son, Anapoup was given a lute that can neither be sweet or deadly. Depending on his emotion while he is playing it, while they practice their powers to the maximum, they also learned to control their weapons so that it is use for good and not evil. The 3 princes were strong, wise as well as good hearted. The king was proud to call them his sons…


sarNie Egg

Chapter 2
Princess Chanreathrey first escapade…

9 years has past, and Princess Chanreathrey was still imprison in her bed chamber, however the princess was no longer bored nor sulking and hating her life, to make her father happy she decided not to show any one her face, but in return she must have the privilege to learn powers and swordsmanship. The king was not sure why she wanted to learn, when she couldn’t even step foot out of the bed chamber, but to have her cooperation, he can promise her anything, as long as he can follow through with it. However, in order for her to practice these skills she need a big wide open area, king Vayranon had blocked off part of his forest and used that part as the princess practice area. She was finally allowed out, but only to the forbidden forest and her bed chamber. It was a good deal and the princess was content…for now.
The princess practices day and night, as much as she wanted especially when she had all day. Tonight was the full moon, she would be beautiful, but what was the use? When she couldn’t even let anyone see her? Well, except for her sister, her parents, and her lady’s maid.
One day, while practice like she normally do, the princess wondered off a little further than she normally does, that when she saw the great wall surrounding her palace, seeing the giant wall gating the palace, got the princess curious. What was on the other side of the wall? Was it more trees? More forest? Or were there nothing? Being confined all her life, the princess did not know there were villages that reside all over her land. She really wanted to know what was on the other side. So she jumped, using her light feet ability to get on top of the palace gate. She jumped down the gates and looked at her surrounded. Never had she seen so many people. There were old people, young people, fat and skinny. There were also pretty girls and not so attractive people. But compare to her…well, let just say they look better. She tried to hide so that no one can see her. She regretted not getting a shawl to cover her face and body. Oh well…she’s going to have to look for one.
The princess wondered around carefully, it seems like these people were trying to sell their product. Pranee told her there were a market outside the palace. Was this the market?
She saw a cloak that can shield her, and went to grab it without letting the seller know. She draped it around herself, and continues walking.
Chanreathrey walked further until she found a forest; wow…her palace really does have a lot of forest. She continued to walk until she came across and old woman and a man probably a year or two older than her being harassed by a bunch of men. A man with a protruding belly grabbed the old woman, yanking her to her feet.
“Mae!” the man called his mother, he rushed to get to her, only to be kneed in the ribs, he fell down coughing, trying to gasp for air.
“Grab him!” the man with the protruding belly yelled the command.
“Let go of me you bastards!” the man yelled, 3 men held him down.
“Please don’t hurt my son. I’ll give you all the money just let go of my son.” The old woman pleaded.
The princess could not stand and watch, she had butt in, “Leave them alone.”
“And who are you?”
“Bong Tome (Big brother) it’s a girl…she has such a sweet voice. I wonder how pretty she is.”
“Hey girl, how about you come with us?” the man was disgusting! He had really rotten teeth and a nasty scar starting at the top of his temple, ending at the left cheek. Even if he is a bad man, no one deserves to go through such a nasty scar.
“How about you leave these two alone.” She tried once more.
She didn’t want to start a fight. Talking it out can solve anything.
“Or what dear girl, what will you do to us?” another man asked, this one was as ugly as the first 2, he was skinny, with oily skin and most of his teeth were missing.
“I don’t want to cause problem. So just leave them and you’re free to go.” She told them.
“I don’t have time for this, grab the girl.” They started to surround her than as the mother and son stared unmoving, don’t know whether or not they should help.
“Come with us dear girl, we won’t hurt you.” She studied their movement.
Her eyes focus on their ever action. She notices one use more of his hands than his feet, she knew than he’s quicker with his fist than his feet, another was quick on his feet, but his hands were slower.
“What the hell are you guys waiting for? Grab her!” the bong tome shouted.
The rushed at her then, hands out and ready to grasp the princess. Leg brace apart, arms out and, palm clenched into a fist, the princess was ready to strike. She didn’t want to use her powers, these were just amateur thieves, just fist fighting is enough.
The first man reached out his hand to grab her and the princess used her feet to kick his midsection. Surprised he staggered back, falling on his back.
The second man succeeded in grabbing her, the princess used her leg, and she did a high kick landing a bruise in the man’s ugly face, the man cried out in pain.
“Do any of you want some more?” the princess asked.
The bong tome was mad that he rushed in himself, the princess tried to move but she wasn’t quick enough, the man grabbed on her cloak and yank, freeing the princess appearance.
Suddenly everyone was quiet; they all stared at the princess, their face masked with horror, “GHOST!”
They all ran, leaving everyone unharmed.
“Will if I knew my face could have made things speed up a bit, I would’ve showed it right in the beginning.” She murmured to herself. She wasn’t upset about her appearance any longer. As long as she knows there is still some who love her for her, she will be content no matter what it takes.
She was about to leave since it was getting late, the full moon would be out soon, she get in door as soon as possible.
“Wait! Whoever you are thank you.” The old woman smiled.
The princess was curious, why did these 2 not run away when they saw her? Were they blind? Can they not see that she is hideous? Or were they too scared to move? “Why are you still here?” she asked then.
“Why? Am I not supposed to be?” the old woman asked in such a gently voice that the princess couldn’t help but smiled.
“Are you ok?” The princess asked then.
“I’m fine, who are you young lady?” the old woman walked closer until she was just inches away from the princess.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” The princess assured her.
“Try me.” The woman put her palm atop of the princess.
“Believe it or not, I am the unwanted child of king Vayranon and Queen Chansoda, the ruler of this kingdom.” She took a deep breath, “You don’t believe it do you?”
The princess lost track of time, in second the moon would shine and she is still outdoor, “Oh no…”
“What wrong…” the old woman asked.
“I—I got to go!”
It was too late; the moon came up, shining brightly. The princess didn’t know how to react. A bright light coming from the princess shine brightly blinding those in a mile reach, both, the old woman and the son tried to adjust to the bright light.
The light finally died and the mother and son stared at the place where the dark princess was standing earlier. However, instead of the dark woman, there stood the most beautiful woman they ever laid eyes on. Her skin glowing, her eye a gentle caress, her long thick black hair flow down her back, and her smile was worth it even if they died right now, it would be a blessing.
“Are you a goddess?” the old woman asked her voice a whisper.
“No…as I have told you, I am the unwanted daughter of the your king and queen.” The princess told the old woman once more.
“How can you be unwanted, any parent would be bless to have such child.” The old woman praised her.
“I’m more of a curse to them.” The princess sighed.
“Nevertheless, you saved my life and my son, I am in debt to you my princess, I have nothing to offer you, and all that I have is my son. And it would be a great honor to have him serve you as a servant.
“It was not a big deal; I couldn't stand watch while my father’s serf is being treated as such.”
“We are not just your father’s serf, princess. We are also yours.” The son finally spoke.
“Nevertheless, you don’t need to feel in debt to me.” the princess assured the old woman and her son.
But before she can say anymore, the son fall before, bowing in respect, “My name is Tunakarn, princess. And I have chosen to follow you. Since it is alright with my mother, I would like to be your faithful servant from this day onward. My life is in your hands.”
The princess asked him to get up, but he would not, “Unless I have your approval, my princess I would not get up off my knees.”
The princess wanted to get away, to leave him, but the man was so persistent that she couldn’t force herself to do so. “Alright, fine. I’ll accept you. Since I know I’m going to be in trouble anyway, father would know I left the kingdom.” She then gave out another sighed, “I shall walk your mother home, and we will go back to my palace. Are you sure? Are you sure you want to live in the palace with me?” the princess gave him another chance to back out.
“Yes my princess, I am sure.” He insisted.
The princess nodded.
The princess grabbed her stolen cloak and draped it around herself once more before proceeded to accompany the old woman home.
After Tunakarn packed his belonging the princess headed back to the palace. She grabbed Tunakarn hand and jumped over the palace gate, through her forbidden forest, and through the back of her bed chamber. And sure enough, there was her father, her mother and her sister, and of course her two faithful servant. Her mother, sister and lady’s maids looked relieved, while her father looked furious and ready to set on the punishment.
“Where were you?” he started.
He turned to Tunakarn, and she swore there was smoke coming out of the king’ ears, “You left the palace? You went out the palace wall?”
“Who is this man?”
“He is my servant father.” The princess answered.
“I did not assign him to you, nor do I recall his face. So how is he your servant?”
“Father, I am sorry that I left the palace gates, but I was curious. You can’t really blame me, I never been outside these walls. I couldn’t help myself. However, during my escapade, I saw him and his mother being attacked by a bunch of robbers. To thank me, this man mother asked me to take him in, to keep him as my loyal servant.”
“If you just saved him from a bunch of bandits, how is he going to save you if he can’t even save himself?”
“Your highness, excuse my bluntness, I may not know any battle skills but I am a very hard worker, and a fast learner. I have made up my mind to protect the princess. And I will do so even if it cost me my life.”
“You do know my daughter’s…um disorder?”
“Yes, I do. But I do not care of this, the princess heart is so pure and filled with such kindness, even her appearance does not change my feelings.”
The king did not know what to say. This man was wise and seemed very smart. Does he really believe that the princess isn’t abnormal like the rest of them did?
“Father, what I did was wrong, and I don’t want you to take my privilege away. So won’t leave anymore. But please let Tunakarn stay and train with the other soldiers.”
“I like smart and hard working men. Fine, he can stay. But you cannot leave the palace wall again.” The king couldn’t punish his daughter. How can he, when she is right. Truth is, he did not like locking his daughter in but he can’t have people looking down on him. Sacrifices to become a better ruler must be made.
The king exit the room taking Tunakarn with him, the queen also followed her husband leaving her two daughters to talk with one another.
“Where did you go?” Chanreaksmey asked.
“I went outside the palace Machabong. It was very beautiful. There were so many people. I never seen so many. I even fought some villains that were the best practice I had.” Chanreathrey beamed.
“Princess please don’t do that again. I was so worried.” Paranee begged the princess.
“I was so worried my princess.” Pranee looked near to tears.
“Oh you two, I’m fine. I’m not weak you know.” Chanreathrey assured them.
“I see it is the full moon tonight, and you’re once again beautiful.” Chanreaksmey smiled.
“Your beautiful too, Machabong.”
“Not as you, Machaoun.”
The two princesses continue to talk, but Chanreathrey mind wasn’t in the conversation any more. She was thinking of her next escapade. Wha t fun will happen next?



sarNie Egg

Chapter 3
The 3 Princes

The sounds of sword clashing in the air, explosive where the soldier ran for cover, earthquake that was happening because of the Yek’s feet, prince Akanee called forth his weapon, “Congjak Thep!”
The sharp spinning disk moved with ease above the prince hand. He looked at his hand before turning back to his soldier whom he was practicing with, “Run.” After saying so he let the flying weapon go, as he spin to find its target. The soldier all ran for cover. The prince could not help but laugh.
“Machaoun Akanee, isn’t that a bit mean to hurt the poor soldiers like that?” Prince Attithep asked.
“Ah, Machabong Attithep, I was just having fun.” Prince Akanee told his elder brother.
“Why don’t we have fun together? Leave the soldiers.” Prince Attithep suggested.
The two princes agreed on that term as the entire soldier stood aside so that they would not get harm. Prince Akanee throws his Congjak and Prince Attithep shot his arrow. The flying disk and the arrow seem to attack each other on their own, after endless ties, the arrow and the Congjak return back to its original owner.
“I don’t know why both Machabong always try to win one another, because you can’t. Our weapon cannot destroy each other.” It was no other than their nagging younger brother, Prince Anapoup. Both Prince Attithep and Akanee went to stand by their brother, “So what do you suggest?” Akanee asked Anapoup.
“Let’s go explore around. I’m tired of staying with all these Yek. We should have our own little adventure, no?” Anapoup told them.
“Wah, aren’t you the smart one?” Attithep smiled.
“Someone has to be.” Anapoup replied back.
Akanee just rolled his eyes at his younger brother cockiness.
“Where do you think you are going?” it was no other than their father.
“Nowhere father.” They all said.
“I have excellent ears. What is all this talk about having adventure?”
“We just want to explore around that’s all.”
“You guys are old enough to marry and yet you guys are doing nothing but run around doing nothing. Attithep you’re 20 now, Akanee you’re 19, and Anapoup your 18. All of you are old enough to have a wife on your own. I was married when I was 16, don’t you guys want to go through joy of having a wife?”
“Oh there he goes with his marriage life again.” Akanee sighed.
“Hey, my marriage life includes your mothers.”
“Father, I’ve told you. Once I find the girl I wish to marry, then I will do so. You don’t need to rush me” Attithep told King Asora.
“I don’t wish to marry at all.” Akanee said.
“Well…I don’t either. But maybe there will be some girl…but let’s hope not to soon…I still want to have fun.” Anapoup hoped.
The king didn’t know what to say, his son were stubborn. He couldn’t even make them eat human flesh, what makes him think he can make them marry? He sighed deeply, 3 kids…and none of them is anything like him.
The boy started on their quest taking their loyal servant Amat (a rank higher than a soldier) Pongsak.
They started out, flying above the cloud, Attithep was about to fly without having to use an ability because he was half Thep, Akanee rode on his Congjak that he had reduce to a bigger size, and Anapoup use his cloud calling ability, he rode on the soft cloud following behind his brother.
“Prince, please wait for me!” Amat Pongsak used his flying ability he had learn from the prince to follow them. Why do his princes have to love the outdoors? Amat Pongsak asked himself. He didn’t like the outdoors much, in fact he was lazy.
“Where should we go?” Anapoup asked.
“I don’t know yet. Let just improvise. Something will catch our eyes soon.” Akanee told Anapoup.
“Hey look, there a waterfall lake, want to go for swim?” Attithep asked his brother.
“Yea, I’m sticky from the practice earlier.”
They landed at the waterfall, Anapoup rushed to the water. And splash the water on his face, “Wah…it so refreshing.” Attithep started to take off his shirt, his skin glistering in the sunlight, “Well, I’m not waiting for you guys.” He dived in the cold water, and swam to the surface, a smile light up his face, “Get in, the water feels nice.”
Akanee had already taken off his shirt and dived in after his brother, “Anapoup, get it. The water feels good.” Akanee told his younger brother. Anapoup didn’t wait for another word; he jumped in the freezing water and swam near his brother.
“Wah, this water really does feels good doesn’t?” Anapoup smiled to himself. They started to wash.
Akanee stared at their loyal servant Amat Pongsak, “Amat Pongsak why don’t you come in?”
“Prince, I shouldn’t.”
“Why not, when we were little we use to swim naked together, why the change of heart now?” Akanee wanted to know.
“But that was before. Uh, never mind, are you hungry my princes. I’ll go hunt for some meat.”
“Cooked meat Amat Pongsak” Anapoup reminded him.
“Yes my prince. I am aware of all of your eating habits.”
Amat Pongsak left the 3 prince to go hunt for some animal meat, while doing so he’s going to fill his belly with fresh elephant flesh.
The princes finished their bath and got up out of the water, small droplet of water, sliding down the princes’ body.
“Well, that was a good bath.” Akanee sighed.
“Agreed.” Attithep smiled.
“It was good, now I’m hungry.” Anapoup announced.
The princes sat down on the tree trunk, drying themselves from their earlier bath.
“I’m here.” Amat Pongsak came and brought 3 rabbit along with him, “Lunch serve, fried rabbit.”
The princes took their nap while Amat Pongsak cooked the meal. The sun was setting and the air was neither hot nor cold. It was perfect.
“Prince Attithep, Prince Akanee, and Prince Anapoup, your meal is cooked. Come enjoy it.” The prince gathered around the firewood and eat the freshly cooked rabbit, “This is good.” Anapoup praised.
“Yea, pretty good. Aren’t you eating?” Attithep asked Amat Pongsak.
“You ate already.” Akanee guessed.
“You know me too well my prince.” Amat Pongsak smiled.
“Don’t we all do?” Attithep smiled.
The princes finished their meals and decided to keep on going. The son was still up so they can still make it a bit further before stopping for the night.
They decided to walk instead of flying, wanting to get rid of the cramp in their legs, walking was the only solution.
“Eh, Machabong Akanee, why is that you don’t want to get marry?” Anapoup asked.
“It simple really, I don’t want to shackle to girl, I want to roam freely you know, where fun is the only thing that counts.”
“Really dumb.” Attithep remarked.
“I’m not like you, Machabong. You want to get leg shackle that’s on you.” Akanee smiled.
Attithep could only shake his head, his brother is stubborn, and what was he thinking? All of them are as stubborn as a tree.
“Just saying Machabong Akanee, if there was a beautiful girl and you took interest in her, but she won’t take any offer unless its marriage, what would you do?”
“You are noisy you know that?” Attithep told Anapoup.
“Very.” He replied to Attithep, then turns back to Akanee and asked him the question once more, “So what would you do?”
“I’ll stop taking interest. I mean there are plenty of women around this earth; one isn’t going to change anything. I rather have my freedom.”
“We’ll see.” Attithep suddenly said.
Akanee started laughing, a soft mellow laugh. “Well, you might be old and wrinkling by the time I give up my freedom.”
“Let us just keep walking.” Anapoup decided then.
“Yea, lets.” Attithep cleared his throat before taking after his younger brother Anapoup.
“Aw don’t be mad Machabong.” Akanee started after the two, smiling nonstop. Amat Pongsak trailed behind his masters; they are a bunch of lively fella. He thought to himself…


One night, as princess Chanreathrey slept, a long water dragon slithered too her, once it got near her it wrapped the princess in its cold slippery skin, the princess woke with a start, staring at the water dragon before her. Shout formed in her throat, but when she opened her mouth to scream no sound could be heard. She squeezes her eyes shut and let out a loud piercing cry. She was dreaming for goodness sake, perspiration flow down her temple. The maid woke up with a start and rushed to their princess, “What’s wrong princess. Why did you scream?”
“I had a horrible nightmare.” The princess gasped.
“It’s just a dream princess. Nothing bad is going to happen.” Paranee assured her.
“What did you dream about my princess?” Pranee asked the still frightened princess.
“I dreamt of a water dragon, it was huge and it wrapped around me, trapping me. I couldn’t move.”
“Oh dear” Paranee started.
“Oh my princess.” Pranee then said.
“What? What is it Paranee, Pranee.”
“Dear princess, the day has come.” Pranee smiled.
“What are you talking about?” Chanreathrey asked her.
“They said, if you dream of a snake you’re going to meet your soul mate.”
“But I dreamt of a water dragon.” Chanreathrey reminded her.
“Yes, but dragon usually means, a man of a royal family. You’re not getting a commoner my princess, you’re getting a prince…or perhaps a king.” Paranee told her.
“Wow, you girls are delusional. It’s a dream.” The princess laughed.
“Don’t believe us then princess, but you’ll see. Well ask the Howra tomorrow. How about that?” the princess just nodded then. What will the Howra say about the dream? The princess wanted to know.
The princess slept through the night, when tomorrow comes she will know the answer to the dream…


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This story sounds interesting. I also love boran too! Please update me. I want to read more stories of yours. Oh, before I post this comment I want to tell you that I don't have internet at my house so...I have to wait until I come back at Aug. because I have summer school on this summer also I have to focus my education. I hope you understand what I'm sayng and thanks.


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Please update soon I really want to know what happen next. When r they going to meet each other. So who r the main couple. My favorite couple is mild n fuse. Can wait until they meet.


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