Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)


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ahh they are asking anne/andrew to act together for the very first time. :yahoo: i hope they both accept the role. ive been dying to see them pair up for the longest time. how great would it be to see two talented daras work together.

the title sounds weird "company curing anger" hopefully its a revenge/romance drama

credit to joe @ tv3 and nat for the tran

edit:decription of cast/summary. credit to eayjang @ tv3 and nat for the tran


Anne Thongprasom - NoungChai
Aum Attichard - Jorm TayWun
Rawit Terdwond(pip) - Charkrit
Pasoot Banyam(art) - Arnon
Pimlada Detoohdom(jaja) - NooWaen
Andy Khempimook - Chok
Chodit Kaewpinit (??sorry can't spell her name) - Naree
Mayurin Pongpootpan(kik) - Salin
Patraa Atiratgoon - RarerngChon

Characters Description

Jorm TayWun
A guy in his early 30s and was doing well in his architect works, but then he lost his wife and children to an accident. His face became distorted and so was his mind/brain. All he has left was anger and the thought of revenge with the Sirin Family, especially with NoungChai, who he thought was the cause of the death of his wife and children. He tried everything to ruin this family and went through facial surgery in order to disguise himself as an employee at this family's business. Before he realize the truth that the cause of his lost was not because of NoungChai, but it was because of himself.

A hi-so luxurious woman who loves Charkrit very much until she turned into his bait without knowing it. He gave her pills/medication until her mind/brain was distorted and everyone believed that she had some kind of mental problems. When she went to cure her mental problems at an institution call "Spa ArRuk," she began to get better and realized that she was not crazy. Jorm is part of the reason she got better but what she doesn't know was the reason why he was doing this. After NoungChai has passed this mental problem along with Jorm, she finally understand the real meaning of love and stop being blinded by love like before.

A successful, but evil, business man who tried to take over his father's business. He
used his charm to trick NoungChai into marrying him and everyday he try to distort her mind. Charkrit's weak spot was that he was crazy about sex therefore making it easy for Jorm to understand this and became his close friend. In the end, Jorm was able to show everyone Charkrit's real personality.

A cute and friendly younger sister of Jorm who has to be involve in this situation. She disguised herself and changed her name in order to spy on the Sirin family's business because her brother forced her to do so. She then began to fall in love with Arnon, a handsome relative of NoungChai, who also love her because of her kindness. NooWaen is afraid that if the truth is reveal, Arnon will not feel the same way with her.

A handsome, 26 years old, relative of NoungChai, who always try to protect his older sister and look after their family business (a Hotel). He did not trust Charkrit's workers especially Jorm who is one of Charkrit's trusted person, therefore it was obvious that Arnon dislike because of the way he acted toward Jorm. The person that Arnon really admire is NooWaen because he thought that she was cute and friendly, and was the only person in the hotel that he could trust.

A generous and nice architect who is friend with Jorm and was always there to help Jorm. How he became part of the problem with the Sirin family because it was all a coincidence/accident (he 'tok krai dai ploy jone') therefore he is now involve in this revenge game. Chok is truly Jorm's friend.

Nong Nut
A little 8 years old boy that never got any love from his parents because he was abandon by his mother and his father doesn't care. This boy is disrespectful to other people in order to get attention. When Jorm met Nong Nut, he gave the boy love because Nong Nut reminded him of his own son he has lost, which made NoungChai see Jorm's soft side. There was also NooWaen and Arnon who helps look after Nong Nut.

The wife of Jorm that Jorm left, so she fell into the tricks of Charkit, no different than NoungChai. Charkit used her to poison NoungChai with the medication and then she met with a horrible accident that took the life of her and her son.

A sexy woman that loves to have fun and flirt with every guys she sees. Jorm used her as his bait to lure Charkit and made him get involve with her so NoungChai will start having fights with Charkit.

Summary Part 1

NooWaen quickly travel back to Thailand because she heard that he older brother, TayWun, an architect, just got into an accident and is faced with mental disability. NooWaen and Chok, TayWun's friend, therefore had to admit TayWun into a mental institution. TayWun is now seeking revenge with NongChai, the daughter of a hi-so man name Tawan, who owns the Sirin Hotel. She is also the fiancee of Charkrit, a rich hi-so and the son of Khun Pimpaa who is also involved with the Sirin's family business.

When Naree came in to work at the hotel, NongChai would often have problems with her because due to NongChai's mental problems, she thought that Naree had an intimate relationship with Charkrit. Then the problems started on the wedding day of NongChai and Charkrit. NongChai attack Naree and began to fire/shoot at her with a gun and both ran out of the hotel. TayWun drove Naree and his son away in a car and then they got into an accident. Naree and his son died and TayWun was badly hurt in the brain, but he was able to survived with half of his face distorted.

Coincidently, NongChai came to cure her mental problems at the same institution as TayWun. He tried to threaten her with his ugly face but NongChai couldn't figure out whether what she's seeing was real or just her imagination, although the face of TayWun was always haunting her. Chok quickly took TayWun out of the hospital because he was afraid that TayWun would get out of control and do something to NongChai.

Although, TayWun doesn't stop, he kidnap NongChai from her second wedding with Charkrit. He drove the car to where the accident occurred and forced NongChai to drive the car down a cliff, the same spot where his wife and son had died. Then, the plan changed, TayWun was shock when he saw a picture in a cellphone that NongChai had sent to him. At that same time, the car of NongChai and TayWun collided with Chok's car who came to help them. Both TayWun and NongChai became unconscious and when both woke up, the memories that they had of what happen today was gone.

Time passed by, and one year later, a handsome man name Jorm open up a new mental institution near the Sirin's Hotel, this new institution is call "Spa ArRuk." This place is half a spa and half a resort that is famous among the hi-so for it's services of providing their client with having a healthy life style.

Summary Part 2

NoungChai and Charkit was married and return to work at the Sirin Hotel. Both became a member of the Spa ArRuk and Charkit invite Jorm to come work at the hotel to help reconstruct their hotel spa. No one remember that Jorm was TayWun, who had been through facial surgery and was ready to get his big revenge. To help Jorm, there was Waen and Kratong, a man with mental problems.

่Arnon was a manager of the hotel who never trusted Jorm or Waen. Arnon always fight with Waen and was suspicious of the relationship between Waen and Arnon, he thinks that they are more than being a boss and an employee.

What Jorm has mistaken and misunderstood was the personality of NoungChai. After he listened to her mental problems, he realized that she was not an evil woman who likes to order people around like he thought. He saw that she was a good hearted and fragile woman, although he tried to ignore this and made himself believe that she was just acting in order to cover up her real personality.

When Jorm became one of Charkit trusted men, he found out a surprising truth, he found that the Sirin business was falling into the hands of Charkit. Charkit was in the process of buying all shares/investments of the hotel without NoungChai and Twan knowing. Other than this, there was also Detcha and Laawun who are the two assistant manager of Charkit, who often argue with Arnon. Jorm also found out that Charkit was seeing other girls and never love NoungChai.

Then there was Salin, Charkit's ex-wife who hated Charkit so she left their son, Nut, for Charkit to look after. Even though Charkit doesn't except the boy to be his son, but NoungChai felt sorry so she accepted to take care of the boy instead.

When Jorm saw that Charkit was messing around with his secretary, RarerngChon, Charkit claimed that the reason he needed to see other girls was because of the 'sex' he never got from NoungChai ever since they got married. When Charkit tried to do something with NoungChai, she would scream and violently protect herself. After hearing this, Jorm acted like he understood Charkit, but when Charkit told him that he wanted NooWaen and asked for his help, Jorm instead taught him a lesson which prevented Charkit from ever messing with NooWaen. This lesson was to let NooWaen get close with NoungChai, until she turned into NoungChai's secretary, therefore NoungChai was able to protect NooWaen.

The little boy, Nut, likes to be around Jorm and NooWaen. He's an independent kid who doesn't have much respect for other people because he's been neglected by his parents. Therefore Jorm cared for him as if to repay for the son he has lost. NoungChai noticed this and was suspicious in the love Jorm gave to Nut.

NooWaen and Arnon also care for Nut and they were able to transform Nut into a nice and respectable boy, until Nut started to call both of them mom and dad. NooWaen was shy and Arnon felt good about NooWaen's personality.

Later, Jorm found out that there was someone playing a trick on NoungChai, that person disguised himself as Tawan and tried to trick her. Jorm found evidence that it was a worker name Krao who was hired to act as Tawan. Jorm decided to pretend to flirt with Laawun and got the truth that the person behind everything was Charkit.

Summary Part 3

Jorm began to look at NoungChai in a better way and with a better feeling. He's starting to believe that NoungChai didn't mean to kill Naree and that she was set up. NooWaen also found out that the medication that Pimpaa gave to NoungChai has a serious side effect which was hallucination. Jorm looked after NoungChai closely and secretly change her medicine to vitamins instead. NoungChai was also proud of his good heart and that he was a good adviser whenever she needed someone to talk to. The feelings both began to have for one another grew quickly...

Then, another incident occur which made Jorm changed his mind once again. Charkit began to act out his real self about his sex life, so Jorm had to find women for him, until NoungChai found out about Charkit and RarerngChon. She tried to hurt RarerngChon but Jorm came just in time to help and was able to calm her down, this made Jorm see that this incident was similar to that or Naree and he conclude that NoungChai was an evil person, she is not good like the image she tried to be. Jorm was also sure that she was not mentally ill due to the medication, because he had already changed all of her medicine, so he now hated her even more. What Jorm doesn't know was that Charkit also had Pimpaa put medications into the wine NuuWaen often serve to NoungChai.

NoungChai was confuse in the cold and mean ways Jorm acted towards her, and many times he would say things that make her sad. NoungChai knows that Jorm was the one who finds women for Charkit, she thinks that he's a two faced man, someone that acted nice toward her just to make Charkit like him. Jorm then told her that she was also a two faced woman, and without thinking, NoungChai began to hit Jorm. Jorm then angrily hug + kissed her until she fell unconscious, but before she fainted, she said something about Naree that created an image in Jorm's head. This image showed a picture of a man and woman hugging/kissing, but he couldn't remember who or where this image came from, although this image looked as if it was from a still picture taken on a cellphone.

Later, Jorm found out that Charkit was planning to kill NoungChai after she had rejected to sell her portion of the hotel's share/investment. The worker, Krao, kidnap NoungChai to kill her with the help of Detcha, the person who planned this all out. Jorm, Kratong, and Chok follow them and was able help NoungChai. Jorm disguised himself as the ghost of Taywun, Chok and Kratong pretended to be a fishermen. All three took NoungChai to a small island not far from land, and Jorm had to keep pretending to be Taywun. Jorm tried to get the truth about Naree out from NoungChai, but she said that she couldn't remember anything because at that time she was on medication. Jorm doesn't believe her so he tortured her until she would say the truth but she wasn't able to tell him anything. NoungChai then tried to run away but he caught her and had to tied her up.

Once in a while, Jorm would come back and work at the hotel to help Charkit and the police look for NoungChai. Krao began to get suspicious of Jorm but he couldn't do anything, as for Arnon, he too, began to suspect NuuWaen of her duty at the hotel. He saw that she was having secrets with Jorm since NuuWaen had to be the one to keep sending food/water to Chok and Kratong so they can take it to the island...

Summary Part 4

Jorm return back to the island and NoungChai tried to escape once again, so Jorm kiss+hug her in the middle of the rain. He carry her back to where they were staying, and due to the coldness he hug her, but she tries to get away, so that night he rape her. The next morning, Jorm was very sad in what he did, but he was still mean to NoungChai and told her what he did last night was because of revenge for his wife. He said that Naree had to die because of NoungChai's crazy jealousy. NoungChai then said to him "No, it's not like what you think" but she still couldn't remember what really happen with Naree. Jorm threaten her that if she still wouldn't tell him the truth, he will rape her again and torture her until she would admit what she did.

After not taken her medication/tranquilizer, NoungChai's mind became clearer, she starts to remember the day when Jorm took her out in a car and park at the dangerous cliff in order to kill her. Then she showed him a picture from her cellphone, that picture showed Naree hugging and kissing someone. She told him this, but Jorm doesn't believe her, this only made him angrier, so he hit, hug, kiss, and rape her once again. When they were resting, those images came into Jorm's mind again, he can unclearly remember the accident - NoungChai did give him a picture from a cellphone of a man and woman hugging and kissing. Jorm tried to chase away his thoughts that the woman might have been Naree, the more the image became clearer, the more he punish NoungChai in order to cover up his own fear of finding out out that his wife was having an affair.

Jorm and Kratong took NoungChai to hideout at an abandon cottage. NoungChai almost saw Jorm's real face when he was unconscious, but Kratong was able to cover up Jorm's face just in time. Kratong took care of Jorm and watch over NoungChai. When Jorm got better, he was nicer to NoungChai and he was confuse as to why she was being good to him. Then NoungChai had another flashback of Jorm taking her out in a car, in the car he was threatening to kill her because she had killed his wife and son, but then NoungChai gave him the picture in order to prove to him that she wasn't going crazy over Charkit having an affair. That picture was of Naree and Charkit. Jorm too was having the same flashbacks, and he was shock to see what the image in his mind was.

Jorm was sad to finally found out that his wife was cheating on him ever since she started working at the hotel. The reason was because of him, he never had time for her due to his busy work. Naree was blindly falling in love with Charkit that she helped him poison NoungChai with the medication and made NoungChai go crazy up to the point where she ran after Naree with a gun.

Jorm then realized that the destruction of his life was because of himself, if he wasn't too involve with work then Naree wouldn't cheat on him. Jorm asked NoungChai for forgiveness and she comforted him and ask him to take her back home.


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cool andrew is going to be in here, hopefully. I haven't seen any of his lakorn lately, miss seeing him onscreen. hopefully andrew and ann expect it.


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Omg ever since there photoshoot I thought they were gonna pair up and now my dream has come true first Chakrit and Aom now Annt and Andrew G oooO


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The title sounds weird though. Was hoping for Anne and Andrew that much. I want Jannie to play, but I guess Anne would be good too; if it's confirmed.


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wow.....dang...haven't seen andrew 4 soo long i hope they both accept the to see them together..


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im liking this pairing so hopefully they both accept the role.....they both been in the entertainment bus. for so long but i havent seen them act keeping my fingers crossed for this one....n yep i want a revenge/drama lakorn too


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I miss Andrew, I hope he is really doing this lakorn with Ann--it would be so great, they are both so talented!


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no....not andrew...i never really like him....PLEASE i want to see her with ROME...that would be great!


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oh wow. this is great news! i miss andrew..haven't seen him for awhile now. and like you tinah said, two very talented actors. lets hope its not one of those, great cast and lame storyline.


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thanks tinah for the link....i saw that n i was hoping that andrew accepts the role hoping its a drama lakorn.....


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i bet its gonna take him forever to accept the role lol. atleast anne is in it so far. wonder what type of drama is it.


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Yay, more of Ann's lakorn to watch. OMG, wouldn't be so cool if Andrew accept the role. I miss him so much, the last lakorn I saw of him was with Bua and that was so long ago.


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OMG are you serious??? I've been waiting for this pair for the LONGEST! And YAY Andrew is finally coming back! I really hope it's a revengeful lakorns..his talant shines best in those types! Too bad he didn't pair up with Ann in would have made it A LOT better!


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im crossing my fingers that andrew will accept! isnt he picky though?..why can't they ever be confirmed the pra'nang at the same time. i hate waiting cuz its so frustrating.

they have done 3 photoshoots together, so they should be pairing up by now!


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Definitely, been waiting ages for these two to pair up. Hopefully, Andrew will confirm it soon.

I know. Wouldn't it be awesome if Andrew was in "Likit Kummathep?" I can't picture the heat between the two. :lol: