Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Elites
i haven't really seen a clip with them ever since the first one with them wearing the hospital clothess!!! gosh it's so suckie!! wannasee some!


i will watch this because of Ann... BUT... there's a big 'BUT'... if the story is more revenge scenes than lovey-dovey scenes, i might quit it. i'll wait for aum-aff series and ken-ann series again... -_-


sarNie Hatchling
is this going to be air anytime soon? I wanna see more clip of Ann/Aum


sarNie Hatchling
Found an update...its labeled just ruk sorn kaen but there is BBK stuff in the latter half...for all of us wondering about their chemistry, I think its going to sizzle. aum looks hot pushing anne against a wall...there is like no space between them...oh, lucky