Boss & Me/Hana Yori Dango/Fated to Love You - Thai Version (Hopefully) & Reviews

Which ones would you prefer out of the three? Or all of them?

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sarNie Egg
I figure I would put this in the beginning of this thread b/c my post is really long. Please share your thoughts on it and feelings. Plus if anyone knows the twitter of any of these directors or writers or who to mail it to, like True4u/True Vision's/True Asian's address. Please let me know. I will write to them in English, of course I'd need a translator for Thai. Any help you can give me. I have nothing else to say to them except that I would like Aom and Mike to be the stars of each and they can do what they want to the rest except for Hana Yori Dango. I know it might not work. But I would love to see it.

Point of This Thread
I know a lot of people hate when the couples are paired a lot. But I think these two actors have a special chemistry on screen that I would be willing to see a lot. I think even Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin had as many paired shows. Actually Taiwan does the same thing for pairings that look good together. The only country that I think doesn't do that is Korea or makes it far, far, far apart. Like decades.

I just want to see them in three other dramas. I would like them to do Hana Yori Dango, Fated to Love You, and Boys Over Flowers. I think their remakes are necessary. Because they were done in Taiwan (Meteor Garden (Moon River was another sort of TW remake off Boys Over Flowers)), & Korea. Fated to Love You wasn't done in Japan, but there's one similar to it. Boss & Me, no other done that I've seen and a super cute story of love. 34 episodes that I can see minimized to 30, but would prefer to keep it in tact.

I sincerely believe they would be so impressive.

OMG, I love this drama. I mean guys...I watch it every month. Every Month. That's how much I love this drama. Just a quick summary. It's a Chinese drama. With the super cute couple of Zhang Han (so cute it hurts) and Zhao Li Yin (cute for a female). I mean Zhao Li Yin, Aom, and Ariel Lin have the same level of cuteness and strength. So they're very similar. Okay summary: Girl has a special blood type. She works for this guy who owns a super big programming and computer company like IBM but for Shanghai or Beijing. He has other competitors but they're not big. He's super smart and falls in love with the girl instantly. I mean he pursues and does things to have her spend time with him, hang out with him, he calls her. Ultimately the girl falls in love with him. She's a bit silly but she has a strong sense of self and she doesn't allow him to walk all over her. She makes him smile. He has a younger sister who's married. His best friend is male and his female best friend is in love with him. If you haven't seen it you should.

Zhang Han had my heart in this. We rarely see the guys really pursuing the girls in a sweet way. They instead force themselves like Domiyouji will do. Or it's the girl who goes at it. This guy is super tender about it and protective. He's quiet, he doesn't talk much and seems unapproachable but he cares deeply. You come to find out why he's like that, later in the story.

I just want to see them taking on that role. It would be a fun change for Mike, in my eyes. Even if he's not the bad guy here. He's still quiet and reserved. She's the one who makes him smile.

I could go on with pics, but I'll stop here.

Okay one more thing:

Hana Yori Dango

Changes for Hana Yori Dango: ONLY pair up Soujiro and Yuki just like in the Kdrama verion & boys know how to fight. EVERYTHING else stays the same.

So let's start with Hana Yori Dango and why I think they would be
good. I'd only like a more adult version of it, and it's because Taiwan put them in University and not in High School and I would like to see that in their version. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Jdorama version and nothing after it could be beat. The 1st TW version was Meteor Garden. The guys were hot, super hot, I still follow those guys dramas today. That version was horrible though. It didn't help that the lead actors HATED (I mean abhor) each other, but they actually manage to sell it on screen even if the show was a bit meh. The second one, Moon River, was entertaining until the last episode...just ugh. As for the Jdorama, the Jdorama was so good they had a part two and a bloody movie. That's how popular their rendition was. The Kdrama didn't have that, and the 2nd couple beat the lead--sad. The TW drama, Meteor Garden, did have a part two. Just no movie. However, the TW stories tend to be strict with following the manga and storyline.

Now the Kdrama---I think I know what my problem is (aside from the Kdrama version of Itazura na Kiss, which was plain awful) the Kdrama versions came after really great versions of the show. I knew the first version of InK and and I liked it. I loved ISWAK so the Kdrama of it would never live up---especially when poor actors were chosen. Now don't get me wrong, I felt this one was poorly done across the board. But the other problem with this idea is that I loved the Thai Version, unfortunately, I love it it more than the TW version. So I know it was just bad for me. This also doesn't work since I saw the KVersion of Full House first and hated it.

Anyway to see Mike as Domiyouji and Aom as Tsukshi would be brilliant. Domiyouji was very similar to the character Mike in Full House. In this case he'd take it up a notch in HYD. That kid was way abusive and a bully---even towards a girl. Now when they fell in love with each other that was something else. The Jdorama made it so good. People thought the lead actors were dating because people came to find out that during the filming of the drama they went to each other's show and sets. Behind the scenes there was a lot of hugging, I mean a lot. So the chemistry between the two leads was breathtaking. That was the problem, for me and the leads in the Kdrama--like to rocks on screen. Here's a great link battling between the two---which I shared before this girl posted it: HYD vs. BFF she was in my brain when she wrote this. My only issue in the Jdorama version was Yuki and Soujiro not getting together. While in the Kdrama version that couple was the ONLY good thing about the show. Further verified, since 95% of product commercials was done by them. They beat the lead characters. What a shame. I sincerely don't believe the secondary couple will outshine the leads (considering their chemistry). That was the problem in the Kdrama version but not in the Jdorama version (I adored the secondary pair but loved the lead characters).

I hope that the Lakorn versions would have more kissing, which is what I noticed in both dramas. I think there's going to be great funny and sweet moments. Plus it would be a chance for Aom to test her range in acting, as Tsukishi is really different. For Mike, he's got to be shy at times, especially about sex. Mike always comes across like he's dated or been around. Like he dated before, in Kiss Me, and been around the block like in, Full House. Domiyouji is totally shy in regards to relationships, he's never dated or kissed anyone. Everything with Tskushi would be the first. I also think he fell in love with her when she punched him---mainly because she's like his sister and in this version of the story he idolizes his sister as the perfect woman, even if she's abusive. It's kind of like what guys do with girls they date, they compare her to their mother.

I would like majority of the Japanese version to be followed with the second pair to get together and be like like BFF. The Jdorama was the best ever.

Okay, I loved this one. I love, love loved this version. It beat the TW version and that was the original version. But keep in mind I love Jang Na-ra --- So it was easy and she was paired again after over a decade with my second lead for her, Jang Hyuk. It was just beautiful. I cried, I laughed, and I was annoyed. I also loved the lead character because of consideration after finding out what they had done and taking her virginity. Later after finding out they created a kid that night he was still very caring of her, even if he didn't want a kid. I was good with that. The only thing is I don't want them to lose the baby. But I guess that is really the catalyst towards them realizing how much they loved each other.

I liked the TW version it stole from. Not for anything at all, when I explain you'll find me petty. Okay so the lead actress (Joe Chen) in the TW version was in about 2-3 dramas with another lead actor called, Ming Dao. Ming Dao and her had super duper chemistry. Hence the many pairings. Okay, well in Fated to Love You, her lead male was his replica but skinnier. So I had issues getting past the fact this guy was chosen because he looked like Ming Dao, but Ming Dao wasn't the lead. It was so annoying I had to skip some of the scenes. Was the story bad. Hardly...I think it would be a great Lakorn for both since it would be different from their last roles.

Throwing in this scene because I think everyone wants to see more of Mike shirtless.


Full House -Lakorn Version

Keep in mind, the only reason I even found out about this, or the second show I mentioned, was because I was watching videos of my man, P'Put Puttichai, my future husband. You can say what you want...Jui better watch out (even if I think they make a super cute couple). When I get to Thailand I want him. I'll find him.

I have loved him as a radio personality and he was hosting a Thai show and it was love. This man beat out P'Tik and P'Pong. Yes, I've been watching Lakorn's for years and years. I watch all the Asian shows. So I was watching mv's with P'Put with his various leading ladies and on the side bar I saw a man with White Hair which was Mike. Then I realize it was his version of InK, then I saw another video of them and said Full House. Now I wasn't too sure about this. I thought the mv was great...but I was weary.

Just so you all know. I hated the Kdrama of Full House. I love Bi, but I honestly felt it was the worst drama he ever made. Yes, I know it was famous. But I just could not. Can I just say, many Kdramas are hit or miss for me. This was one of the misses along with the Kversion of Mischievous Kiss. So, in the Kdrama I didn't get past episode 2. Guys, guys guys...I watched the first ep of Full House was hilarious. I mean the whole airplane scene. The scene where she gets into his room. I mean it got me hooked. My sister became upset and she had put Lakorns on the side for a while now. She's like download it, download it. Guys she went and found out information on Mike and started to listen to Golf and Mike's music, and she started finding out back round information on Aom and Mike and even watched the mvs. All in one night after we binge watched it from episode 1-12. Yup guys, 12 straight hours. My sister last even in episode of the Kdrama version. We both watched it when it first came out, keep in mind. I am a Bi fangirl, before even hist first kdrama.

Anyway their chemistry was so on point. I was blown away. Then to see their rendition together in Kiss Me...I was done. I was done.

Itazura na Kiss - Lakorn Version

Kiss Me

Hi I am in love, in love, in love with Mike/Aom from True Vision, they were paired in Kiss Me the Thai remake of the popular Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss. The best, best rendition of it was ISWAK - Taiwanese version. At first I can honestly say I have thought I would never, ever, ever, see another Itazura na Kiss as good as the one from Taiwan. I mean the chemistry between Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin is truly unbeatable. Their dramas are always on point. That being said...when I saw the KVersion was coming out...I was moderately excited. I knew automatically the lead girl would be atrocious. She just didn't fit the look. Then when I saw the first episode and the way she TRIED to be like Ariel Lin, I almost threw up. She didn't make oblivious cute. She tried so hard, failed and because of that I couldn't finish the damn thing. In 30 minutes I was out. I know many people liked it...but I also know most of them never saw the original. So yeah.

So Taiwan won that round against Korean (so bad, so, so, so bad). I then watched the Jdorama version. Keep in mind, I saw the original from the 90s before watching any of these other dramas. And thought it was good, but the actors...meh. Many of them were knew to the scene and the chemistry just wasn't there. So TW version beat K and Jdorama version. Then comes the remake of the remake of the Jdorama version. Alright...this was so much better. I mean amazingly better. I just felt the lead guy was so unattractive. Where was Yamapi or Kazuya Kamenashi when you needed them. comes in no.2 So ISWAK is still on top and so is Itazura na Kiss.

But damn...the Lakorn version of Itazura Na Kiss, blew my mind. I mean really and truly blew my mind that I am in an internal struggle between TW version or Lakorn Version. I feel so damn guilty because Aom and Mike mentally beat it...but I can't allow my heart to follow suit. You guys don't know how thorough ISWAK was and how the leads were. Ugh...they were amazing. Now this one...damn.

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방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
There's already rumors of Fated to Love You going to be remade by OneHD. It's rumored to star Bie the Star and Esther Supree.


sarNie Egg
There's already rumors of Fated to Love You going to be remade by OneHD. It's rumored to star Bie the Star and Esther Supree.
Wow. Bie? Really...I'm not a fan of Bie. Also don't think he's fit---well honestly he fits the Taiwanese one...but I'm more in love with the Korean one. He just has a je n'ai ce quoi about him that's as hell. I'd sooner give it to Put Puttichai as a young style of the Korean, because he does sweet and cocky well. Or I'd give it to Weir. Just not Bie. Well maybe, True4u well do their own remake. It's been done before.


sarNie Adult
I voted for Hana Yori Dango. But OneHD can remake all of them anyway. Oh, I hope one of the channels remake Secret -that was a good kdrama. OneHD or channel 3


sarNie Egg
Aomike fan here.. Love to see them once again on screen. Prefer Boy over flower or Healer. I wanna see mike pirath potray bad boy version. for Aom she can potray Geum Jan Di character. I believe this was indeed fantastic pair.


sarNie Adult
I actually like Meteor Garden better than the Japanese HYD although both are good. If it's going to be adapted into Thai drama they should set it in college so that the characters are older. The first season of MG is good because it really follows the japanese manga (even more than the Japanese HYD) but the second season is terrible. Not sure who should play the leads for this but the guy playing p'ek has to act well and has to be convincing as a hot head (Domyouji started off as a jerk/bully the entire school) and the girl playing n'ek has to be cute but strong. They have to look young to look convincing as students.


sarNie Egg
I actually like Meteor Garden better than the Japanese HYD although both are good. If it's going to be adapted into Thai drama they should set it in college so that the characters are older. The first season of MG is good because it really follows the japanese manga (even more than the Japanese HYD) but the second season is terrible. Not sure who should play the leads for this but the guy playing p'ek has to act well and has to be convincing as a hot head (Domyouji started off as a jerk/bully the entire school) and the girl playing n'ek has to be cute but strong. They have to look young to look convincing as students.
You got the point. It should be someone who is babyface, energetic and a 'hunk' rite. Since I'm just new to thai lakorn, i couldnt list anyone younger. Maybe anyone could list it here.