boun mee lee


sarNie Juvenile
have any of you guys seen his movie that he did. it was called 1 sun is not as good as 9 moons or something. sorry can't spell hmong. xab (not xab thoj)(xab n zeb) played his older brother and his mom remarried and he's trying to get his singing career started and later his mom came back looing for them. well if any of you guys have seen it, i was wondering if you know the title of the song that he sang when he was sitting by the fire at night with that grass cutter dude and the boss came out and complemented him. just wondering if any of you know the name of the song.


sarNie Hatchling
saw the movie but can't recall what song he sang. The best person to ask is the owner of the movie. I think it belong to BKM. They should be able to tell you. My guess is it's probably sang by him but no clue on what ablum though. Sorry not much of a help here.