Boy Palinya


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While driving in the Samut Prakan province, Boy Palinya had a heart attack. He lost control of the car and hit a taxi and rails. The accident is not the cause of his death, Boy was in a coma and his heart stop beating. Boy only 35 years old and used to be a famous pre'ek for Ch.7 Boran lakorn such as Plaa Boo Tong, Sanoo Noi Ruan Ngam, Sae Raa Daa Ran....Boy's father plan to donate his body and the funeral will be hold in Ayutthaya.

Credit to Kan Paak
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Sad condolences to the family


sarNie Adult
No way, my heart is breaking now. He is one of my favorite boran pra eks. I still can't believe sad sad news for me...May he rest in peace.....


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It wasn't those typical taxi but it was one of those trucks with railings in the back like this...

They said they weren't sure but he must've had a heart attack out of no where but for sure his chest hit the steering wheel really hard to the point where he's out cold..In the news you put up he was only in a coma and now he died on the 13th...The other news said he already lost his breath but the doctors tried pumping his heart again so that his family can come see him for the last time and which they did..He almost died before also when there was a gun shooting in a restaurant that he was at which was about last year..Anywho..I was hoping to see him come back and act but I guess that will never happen anymore...I miss him and now the only think we can do it go back and watch his old series..It makes me wonder what happened to my other favorite pra aek like Chatree..But if something DID happen it would've been on the news already..Unless he died secretly lol Hope not!!! And also as popular as he was the reason why they stopped picking his to be pra aek (from the news article on another web) was because when he was filming a modern lakorn he fell off the horse and the affect exploded on his face so he had to go to the hospital for a long time and when he came back they said he didn't look the same so they stopped picking him which is retarded in my opinion..But yea..One of the other news that I read said his dad told the doctors to how should I say it..Take off the oxygen wires..? Whatever you call them..Because his dad said he will not make it for sure so the doctors took it out..I say maybe just maybe they should have left it on..Miracles can happen you know..But I guess its meant to be...


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On DKJ, Boy's death is unknown so his father wants an autopsy to check the cause of his death. The result is expected tomorrow. Also, they said he's 34....


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omg! i cant even believe this.. a few days i was thinking buying his old series.. and omg.. one of my favorites boran actor and my sisters.. and i was watching pra satoun(the new one with bee and boy).. i was thinking to myself like when he's comming back.. but wow.. an out of the cut death.. T_T.. i agree with you on that Thanamas89 about the miracles.. T_T.. so sad.. r.i.p


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so sad to hear that he die, still waiting to see him again. i'm very very sad!!!


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It is sad. I currently watch his boran lakorn "Plaa Boo Tong" and Sanoo Noi Ruan Ngam. And thinking about the Prek is a good actor. But the sad news came up.


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omg how shocking ;( .. what sad news .. i was hoping this was just a rumor but i guess not. RIP my favorite boran p'ek ;(


This is so sad. I guess it was time for him to go. It doesn't even seem like it. RIP & my condolences goes to his family.


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I'm incredibly sad and speechless right now. RIP, p'Boy. :(


RujRasa Fan
this is so sad to hear. one of the boran best pra'ek. may he rest in peace. although he will no longer be making movies, he'll still be in our heart when it comes to boran lakorns.