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sarNie Oldmaid
roselovesice said:
Wow. In the office too. LOLOL
I seriously don't understand Ami. Like he brothers love and care about her yet she's being selfish. SMH. And I can't believe she witnessed what happened between Sakorn and Kaneung! GASP! 555 I love how NongLynn accidentally screamed "Khun Poh" and "Khun Mae." Too cute. I hate to admit the fact that I want Sakorn to know the truth already but at the same time I don't. I want him to still suffer for some odd reason but at the same time I don't! Like I pity the guy already! 555 Love how he went his way out to impress Kaneung with his new sense of fashion. All thanks to NongLynn. 555 I'm glad Kaneung doesn't really say anything or fights back. Instead she's staying calm and maybe even vulnerable? But yeah, Thida and Kaphon is too cute and funny. 555 Love those two. I hope the things that Sakol and Thida said to Kaneung will hit her soon. I feel as if Kaphon is being a butt like he's revenging for himself and not for Kaneung. Like the boy hardly ask Kaneung about her feelings towards her revenge anymore. Maybe that's just me but whatever. 555 Thanks for the update and I can't wait to read more! :D
Haha, yep, that's what I see when I write this ff too :p  It's almost over though...and some things haven't been revealed yet :p


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
PhoneO_5 said:
Haha, yep, that's what I see when I write this ff too :p  It's almost over though...and some things haven't been revealed yet :p
Almost over?! I don't know how I feel about this. I'm excited yet I am sad. lol Well, I can't wait for the next chapter. Do take your time but don't make me wait too long. HAHA. It's torturous. ;P I'm just kidding. 


sarNie Oldmaid
Woah, it's been a month already!! I will get to this soon. Didn't realize I didn't sign in for so long!


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 25 - Keeping It Modest
Sakorn's Office

Sakorn reached under Kaneung's tank at the small of her back.Her blouse unbuttoned with neither of them recalling when that happened. His hands grazed over her back, then to her sides...sending chills through her. His hands rested on her chest as their kisses intensified. Their breathing intensified.

Kaneung suddenly opened her eyes as she realized things are moving fast. She hasn't had this kind of thrill...ever. What she knows now is that she doesn't want to go any further here. Not in an office. She doesn't want this to be just some spur of the moment thing that she will regret later. Kaneung's breathing remained hyper, but her lips stopped responding to Sakorn. His lips still pressed against the tip of her mouth. His hands stopped in it's tracks against her skin. His breathing still hard.

“I'm sorry,” he responded. “I got carried away.” as he realized she isn't responding to him any longer.

Sakorn let go of Kaneung so suddenly and stepped back. Before he could move any further away from her, Kaneung stepped towards him and wrapped her arms around him.

“It's okay. You don't have to be sorry about this. I just can't continue in an office, that's all,” she whispered. “It's just, I can't imagine doing anything like this in an office.”

Sakorn lips began to curl into a smile. He wrapped his arms around Kaneung and held onto her. “So you don't mind doing this elsewhere?”

“I have to go,” responded Kaneung without answering him. Sakorn let her go and she smiled at him before opening the door to leave. “Is this all men think about?” she thought to herself. He called out to her, “Thanks.” She smiled at him and proceeded to walk back to her office as she buttoned her blouse back up.

Kaneung's Condo

Nong Lynn requested to stay at her grandmother's place for the night. Kaneung looked around her place as she sat down to take off her shoes. It ached as she realized that this is the reason why she didn't wear them again. Kaneung wiggled her toes at the freedom.

Her phone rang and she reached into her purse to pull it out. Nong Lynn's picture popped up, it was her mother's cell phone. “Sawatdee ja Nong Lynn”

Nong Lynn's voice penetrated the speaker on the phone. “Khun Mae ja, can you turn on the camera? I want to see your beautiful face before I go eat dinner. I miss you!”

Kaneung chuckled and turned on the camera on her phone. She smiled and Nong Lynn shouted in excitement. “Let me turn on my camera and I will take you dinner with me. Khun Poo and Khun Ya (grandpa and grandma on dad's side) is going to have them make be black rice pudding with coconut. I'm so excited.”

Kaneung greeted her mom as she noticed her in the background. Thima smiled and shook her head at her grand daughter's overenthusiastic personality. At the dinner table, Nong Lynn put the camera on everyone there and had them say hi. Ami waved a hello to her sister in law. Suddenly the camera shook as Lynn giggled.

“Khun Por!” shouted Lynn. “It tickles.”

“Sawatdee ja tee ruk,” shouted Kaphon. Kaneung laughed.

The door bell to her condo rang and Kaneung informed them that she is going to check the door. They said their goodbyes and she hung up the phone and walked over to her door. Kaneung peered out through her peep hole and saw Sakorn standing there.

Kaneung pulled back and wondered if she should even open the door. This decision can be life changing because she knew that if he comes in, their relationship will change. She knew she won't be able to stop anything from happening because her need for him is too great. She thought back to the events earlier in the day.

Kaneung's phone rang in her hands and Sakorn's name appeared on the screen. This is the first time he had ever called her on her phone. The only reason why she had his number is because Lynn loves to call him from time to time.

Kaneung turned around and leaned against the door. The decision shouldn't be hard because she wants him right now, however...things will never be the same. She hasn't told him about Lynn nor the intent to destroy him, thus he knows by now since her achievements are taking place but she doesn't feel satisfied by it. Rather, she now feels intense longing for Sakorn instead.

“I know you are at the door,” said Sakorn in a calm tone. He placed one hand on her door, feeling her presence on the other side. “I really can't let things be unfinished. All I thought about all day is you.”

Kaneung pressed talk on her phone. “And all I thought about is you.”

Kaneung turned around and placed her hand on the door knob. She opened her condo door.

Sakorn stepped in before being invited inside. He tossed his phone in his blazer and wrapped his arms around Kaneung as he stared into her eyes. The eyes that he hasn't looked into in this way since that night. He knew her eyes are not like the time in London or the night she was drunk. Those eyes showed no assurance of full willingness. Her gaze is different from sympathy that she had for him with what he went through with Moo Lek or when he lost his job because of her and Kaphon. This is the look she used to give him when he would play with her as teens. One of compassion. The look he never thought he would receive from her again.

Kaneung reached to touch his face with her hands. She used her thumb to wipe away Sakorn's tears and leaned up to kissed him. Her eyes closed and he responded back with the same gesture. Kaneung dropped her phone to the floor and the two paused to close the front door and walk towards her bedroom.

Wilamorn House

“I don't think your mom is going to call back tonight,” said Kaphon. “So are you going to to bed with me or with your grandmother?”

“Khun Por ja, I am going to bed with my grandma of course. You need your sleep because you are going to see Auntie tomorrow. She gets to leave the hospital doesn't she? And you want to be the first to see her in the morning. Except I don't think you will be because grandpa and grandma will be the ones there first. They're going to beat you there Khun Por,” said Nong Lynn.

Kaphon chuckled, “Then I shall go stay with her tonight? So I can beat them to it right?”

Lynn laughed and nodded her head. She gave Kaphon and kiss on the cheeks and ran off to help Thima clear the table.

Kaphon walked upstairs and jumped in the shower so he could quickly rush back to the hospital.

Kaneung's Condo

“I need to shower first,” said Kaneung.

Sakorn closed her bedroom door and wrapped his arms around her, “No need.”

“I want you now and I don't care about you showering or not. Showers can wait, we can do that later. Together,” he whispered to her.

Sakorn pressed his lips to the nape of her neck. Kaneung flipped herself over to face him. Showering can wait because her need for him can't wait any longer. All that denying and trying to stop herself from being a hypocrite doesn't matter anymore.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders for she felt like her knees were going to give out. He pulled her closer to him and she could feel his need for her through her clothes. He placed his hands on her bottom and lifted her up to let her know how much he wants her. Their kiss became more and more passionate. Both breathing heavily, and eagerly tearing each others clothes off one another.

Sakorn pulled the comforter off of Kaneung's bed and picked her up in his arms. He laid her on the bed and unlike a few seconds earlier, he isn't rough. He wanted to please her and not make her feel threatened by him.

Kaneung laid beneath Sakorn with her brown eyes looking into his. “Kaneung,” was all he could say and she understood his feelings with just those words.

Their lips touched once more, Her hands roving his shoulders, his back, his waistline that made him shiver. She moved her hands back up and through his hair. He touched his lips on her cheeks, her eyes, and even nibbled on her ear, which made her bite her lips. Never had she felt such longing for someone like this. He touched her chin and then her neck and nibbled on her breasts before making his way back to her lips. Kaneung couldn't take anymore and spread her legs open for him, she wants him to know that all he has to do is do this without hesitation like she is right now. No more caring what happened in the past, just do what is right at this time.

He knew what she wanted and there is no turning back. He whispered to her, “Kaneung” as if to ask for assurance that this is okay once more.

The union sent pleasure through Kaneung. She waited way too long.


“What are you doing here?” asked Thida as Kaphon entered her hospital suite with pink carnations.

“I wanted to be the first one to see you in the morning, duh!” said Kaphon sarcastically.

Thida chuckled and rolled her eyes at Kaphon. “Stop with that rolling of the eyes, you wanted me to do this. And thanks to NongLynn, I am here. So you should treat her to ice cream or something.”

Thida smiled some more. “I would treat her a trip to Disneyland Japan if she got you to stay home instead,” she said in denial of really wanting him there.

Kaphon set the flower vase down on her side table and moved the bed rail down and sat next to Thida. He grabbed her hand and leaned into her to kiss her. Her eyes widened and then closed.

“Tell me, you didn't want that,” said Kaphon, “Honestly, you can't deny that.”

Thida couldn't say a word. She bit her lower lip, which made Kaphon want to kiss her again. He leaned towards her again and smiled. Her eyes rested on his lips. She wanted him to kiss her again, but can't admit it.

“But, I won't simply because my kisses can't be given to you so freely. Even if that lip bite is making it hard on me, I won't. I want you to beg or pay me,” he laughed.

Thida crossed her arms and pouted. She turned away.

Kaphon leaned in to give her a peck on the cheeks. “You know, I can never charge you for my kisses. Instead, you should charge me for every time I sneak one in on you.”

Thida's mouth curved into a smile. She turned to look at Kaphon and her beautiful eyes rested on his face once more. “Thank you,” she said.

She gestured for Kaphon to come closer to her and she leaned forward to wrap her arms around him. He smiled and hugged her back.

Wilamorn House

Ami walked to the her bathroom and went to the towel closet to open her hidden stash of wine. She pulled out a bottle of Roscato and a wine glass. She tore off her clothes and poured some bubble soap into the jacuzzi tub. She then poured some wine into her glass and walked to her vanity to grab a razor to shave her legs.

She rubbed some shaving cream on her leg and proceeded to graze the razor against her skin. She thought back to what happened that day and smiled to herself. Then, she pushed deeper into her skin and the pain seemed to drip down with the blood flowing from her legs into the tub. She dropped the razor and climbed into the tub. She reached for her wine and took a sip. “Hahahahaha,” she laughed to herself.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Yayyyy! Thanks for updating na! The wait for was worth it then. Hahaha :)
Loved this chapter. Finally Kaneung going for what she needs instead of holding back all the time now. Good thing NongLynn left to her grandparents. LOL 
Thida and Kaphon is too hilarious. They're too cute. :) And Ami and her psycho-ness. I want to know what she's up to now. lol I seriously can't wait to read more. Thanks again! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D Keep it up! 


sarNie Egg
Woothoot!!! Awesome update and well worth the wait!! Will there be another kanueng or a sakorn jr?!?! Wishful thinking ;D thanks for the update!!!!!!


sarNie Adult
Thanks so much for the awesome update, so worth waiting
First Ami is cray cray she is has problems
I wonder if there is going to be a jr Kanueng and Sakorn but maybe a boy this time haha
Thida and Kaphon are so cute
Thank you again Phone


sarNie Oldmaid
I have't posted the next chapter yet, but I am working on it. I will try to get it done and post it tomorrow. Stay tuned :D Just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten about this story. I actually wrote part of the next chapter by hand, using a pen!!!  So, I have to transfer and edit my ideas so it makes a bit more sense. And the more I'm typing, the more that I have add for things to somewhat flow. I am not getting it done today because my eyes are beginning to shut but maybe new ideas will pop up with some rest :)
Much love,
Phone :p


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 26 - Last Time Calling Me Crazy

“Oh, you came,” said Thida's mom as she noticed Kaphon sitting next to Thida's bed.

Kaphon gave a smile, shy about being with Thida. Thida's mom continued, “Well, I see that she is being taken care of. I stopped by to see Moo Lek and seems like he is doing well.”

“I'll take her home, Mrs Malathep,” said Kaphon.

“Please, you're marrying my daughter, why don't you call me mom?” asked Thida's mom.

Kaphon turned to look back at Thida. “Alright, I'll do that,” said Kaphon.

Thida's mom said her goodbyes and walked out of the room. The doctor came in right after and asked Kaphon to leave the room so that he could do an assessment before discharging Thida. When he was allowed back in Thida started to get out of bed.

Kaphon rushed over and tried to help her. But she tried to push him away, embarassed that she is in a hospital gown that he will be seeing her back side. He asked her what is wrong and she bluntly told him that she is embarassed. He laughed.

“Stop, it's not funny,” said Thida.

Kaphon stopped and just smiled. “I'll get the nurse to help you then,” he said.

“Kaphon, before you go, can I ask you a question?” asked Thida.

“Sure,” responded Kaphon.

“Are you sure about marrying me? I mean, you don't have to marry me just because you feel like you have to take responsibility,” she kept going on with what she wanted to say without taking a breath, “I mean, you have your thing with Kaneung and all too. Like, marrying me for my parents is messing with your plans with Kaneung and I feel like I”m adding burden to your life.”

Kaphon walked back to Thida and grabbed her hand. He looked into her eyes and gazed at her. Thida shut up immediately, her heart beating so fast she could hardly breathe. But she managed to let out one more statement.. “Please don't marry me if you don't love me because marriage is forever, not something temporary. I only want to get married once.”

“Listen to me,” said Kaphon. “I only want to get married once too. And when I say I'm marrying you, I am. I won't take back what I said. And it's hard for me to admit. But, you make me so frustrated sometimes. I didn't understand these feelings because I never felt it with anyone else before. Until...I met you. If these feelings are what people call love, I”

Thida's jaw dropped. She was shocked from his sudden testament. He never admittedly said he loved her until now.

“No!” she shouted. Kaphon is confused. Thida shook his hands off of her. He didn't understand why she reacted this way. He thought she liked him back but he is wrong.

“Why?” Thida asked. “Why did you have to say you love me now?”

Kaphon didn't understand her. “I...” he started to say.

“Couldn't you have waited until I was dressed and looked prettier than this? I mean I'm in a freaking hospital gown. I feel so ashamed that when a guy tells me he loves me I am not the prettiest sight. Tell me that I don't look horrid right now!” cried Thida.

Kaphon felt relief overtake him. He chucked. He reached Thida's hand and picked it up and held. It again. “It's okay Thida. How many times have I seen you at your worst? Does it seem like I said I love you only because of your appearance? Do I seem that shallow to you?” he asked the last question jokingly.

Thida pursed her lips together in thought. “I'm sorry,” she admitted. “I shouldn't have said that. You're not shallow. I'm just insecure.”

Kaphon replied, “Insecure? You're the bluntest girl I know!”

The two laughed and Thida finally told Kaphon to hurry and get a nurse. “Just because you told me you love me, doesn't mean I'm going to let you see my butt.”

Kaneung's Condo

Kaneung laid in bed, beginning to wake from her slumber. She felt warmth wrapped around her. She couldn't help but smile as her eyes began to open. The hormones that surged through her gave her a new energy that she hasn't felt until the night. They were a high that she couldn't resist or deny. He is still laying holding her. She wishes this isn't just a dream. But then the thought of work popped into her head. With her eyes still closed, Kaneung thought, “Why is the sun shining through my eye lids? It's only Tuesday!”

Kaneung shouted, “Work!” She forgot to set the alarm. Kaneung opened her eyes suddenly and proceeded to try and get up. She pushed Sakorn's arms off of her quickly. As she finally sat up and about to swing her legs off the bed, Sakorn pounced at her. He pulled her back and pushed her back on her back and his body pinning her to the bed. He held her wrists and gazed into her eyes. “Where do you think you're going?”

Lost of words, Kaneung couldn't respond to this man who had such power over her. Work is no longer on her mind. “Are you regretting all of this?” asked Sakorn. Bewildered, Kaneung snapped out of it and replied, “No, absolutely not!” She blinked at him and a grin surfaced. “Then why are you up so abruptly, as if you want to get away from me? Usually the woman slowly tries to quietly get of bed after you know...? But you shot up like you're ready to dodge me.”

“I have to get to work,” replied Kaneung. Sakorn asked, “Work?” “Yes, it's only Tuesday,” Kaneung managed to let out.

“It's already 9 AM, you're already late,” said Sakorn. “Stay with me.”

Without thinking, Kaneung responded, “But I have priorities.”

She wished she hadn't spoken that sentence. “So, last night was just a fling? I'm not a priority. I guess I thought it meant more,” said Sakorn.

“No, it's not that!” responded Kaneung. “It's just...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said what I said. It's just I've been a single parent for a while and it is something I am used to doing. I work to support my daughter.”

“Single parent?” asked Sakorn. Kaneung realized she made another statement without thinking it through. Did she want him to know right now? He'd be so shocked if she told him now. He'll think she just took advantage of him. “Living in London made me feel single, that's all. Nong Lynn's dad was always gone.”

Sakorn released his grip on Kaneung and rolled back to his side of the bed. Kaneung laid still, flat on her back. “Kaneung?” asked Sakorn.

“Hmm?” replied Kaneung.

“Did you think last night was nothing to me?” he asked.

“Last night was something that happened that I can't explain,” said Kaneung.

“Please don't think last night was something I did to get back at Kaphon,” said Sakorn.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Kaneung.

“I didn't sleep with you to get back at him. It didn't even cross my mind that you're with him. I feel like an idiot,” said Sakorn.

Kaneung turned to look at Sakorn, “Don't,” she said. “I have something to tell you, but I'm afraid to tell you. Because I'm afraid of how you will respond.”

“I kind of don't want to know what you are hiding. This way I can pretend like last night meant a lot to you as much as it means to me,” said Sakorn.

“Sakorn,” said Kaneung, “I don't regret last night. Trust me, I'm more afraid of your reaction.”

Sakorn turned to Kaneung and gazed at her. Their eyes met before Sakorn spoke another word. “I just know that I don't want us to end like this. Stay with me. I already called in and told them you will be late and might not even make it to work.”

Kaneung's mouth opened in shocked that he had called in. “People are going to wonder why you phoned in for me!”

Sakorn grinned. “I knew you'd be tired so I took the liberty to do it for you since I am responsible. Everyone must think you're sleeping with your boyfriend's brother by now.”

Kaneung face blushed pink and she nudged Sakorn before pulling the comforter and sat up to try and wrap herself up before getting up. Just as she pulled the comforter off she glanced at Sakorn and felt shy. He was stark naked in front of her. She felt embarrassed because the sun was bright and she could see everything. Kaneung turned away before Sakorn could catch her. She waddled into the bathroom and Sakorn sat on the bed chuckling to himself. She looked adorable.

Kaneung locked the door behind her and his body flashed into her mind. She felt like a newlywed or teen who just did or saw something she shouldn't have. Sakorn pondered for a moment about Kaneung being a single mother. Then he thought about Kaphon and Thida at the hospital. He wondered why those two are so close and why Kaphon doesn't stay with Kaneung at the condo. He must be missing something. Something doesn't add up. Kaneung isn't the type to cheat. “It can't be that she is getting back at me by lowering herself?” Sakorn pushed that thought out of his head. Last night meant a lot to him. He didn't want to think of Kaphon anymore. No one but Kaneung could get him to worry so much.

Kaneung stepped into her shower. “He asked if I regretted last I don't,” thought Kaneung. She kept repeating it, “but my life is a mess now. I'm just afraid of what will happen. I did it without using my brain. Now I don't know what to do. Kaphon has to help me get out of it. But he's going to lecture me on falling in love with my rapist! I'm such a dummy!”

“I need to tell him the truth, sooner than later,” sad Kaneung.

“Can I join you?” asked Sakorn knocking on the door. The only other thing he could think to say is, “If you didn't regret last night, let me join you.”

Kaneung paused with her shampoo. “I already forgave you, I don't know when, but I did. So I don't regret you.” she thought.

Kaneung opened the door slightly and peeked out. Sakorn smiled at her. He was naked and she closed her eyes. Sakorn chuckled. “Have you ever had daylight sex? It's just as fun.”

Sakorn pushed the door and wrapped his arms around Kaneung. She blushed and bit her lower lip.

“Gosh, that is so sexy,” whispered Sakorn before placing his lips on hers.

Wilamorn House

“Aunt Ami!” shouted Lynn, “What happened? Let me go get some medicine for you!”

Before Ami could stop Lynn, she already ran down the stairs and asked Thima for the first aid kit.

“Shit, I can't believe I didn't lock the door,” she punched her pillow. The cuts from last night were deeper than usual and she had to skip breakfast because they ached.

Lynn came rushing back in with the first aid kit. “You missed breakfast this morning so I was worried. Good thing I caught you. And I'm sorry for not knocking this morning, it's just when I am worried about something, I just try the door. My mommy almost got stuck in a fire once while baking, so I always just check the door to make sure she is okay.”

“Lynn, get out. I don't want you to see me like this,” said Ami.

“But I want to help you, Aunt Ami,” said Lynn.

“I said...GET OUT!” shouted Ami. “You want to die or what?”

Lynn pouted. “I don't know why you are mad at me, I just came in because I'm worried. I'm going to tell grandma.” Lynn got up to go tell someone so that Ami didn't have to do her wound care herself.

Ami grabbed Lynn's hands and squeezed them. She wanted to shout for help, but Ami's stare freaked her out and nothing came out. After a few seconds, Ami released her grip and held Lynn's hands gently.

“I'm sorry Nong Lynn. I'm just not in a good mood today,” smiled Ami. “I don't want you to tell anyone about what you saw today.” Her smile became somewhat sinister, “If you do, I will be very upset. You don't want to know what I do when I'm upset. Promise me you will not tell anyone.”

Lynn nodded her head. “I said, tell me you promise you won't tell anyone. Not just a nod,” said Ami.

“I promise,” said Lynn. Ami stood up and pulled Lynn along with her towards the door. “Now, get out.”

She let Lynn go and closed the door to lock it.

“I can't trust her. Just because she's five or six, doesn't mean she's mature enough to not tell. Kids say the darnest things. Like...”


“You're sick right?” asked Ami.

“Ami, you know that I love you, don't you? I am sorry I never told you this before. And I feel like such a bad mother. But I wanted to let you know before I go in for treatment,” said Karn Wilamorn.

“I had a baby before I married Jade.”


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
You updated! SQUEAL! 555 Gosh. It's always so mysterious. You always know how to many me curious yet anxious, Phone! Hahah! But I love it. :)
Thida and Kaphon were so hilarious. I love how Thida was freaking out that she looked terrible during the confession. I almost thought that she was freaking out about another problem - Kaphon and Kaneung. lol And gosh, Sakorn just need to find out the truth already. Well, okay not yet but soon...someday. 555 :p But there's so little scenes of them. TT__TT 555
Poor Lynn. Auntie Ami is so mean. :( She needs to calm down. Wonder who the baby is! SO MYSTERIOUS! 555
Thanks for updating Phone! Can't wait to read the next chapter! Loving it! :D
Keep it up and update soon! <3


sarNie Oldmaid
roselovesice said:
You updated! SQUEAL! 555 Gosh. It's always so mysterious. You always know how to many me curious yet anxious, Phone! Hahah! But I love it. :)
Thida and Kaphon were so hilarious. I love how Thida was freaking out that she looked terrible during the confession. I almost thought that she was freaking out about another problem - Kaphon and Kaneung. lol And gosh, Sakorn just need to find out the truth already. Well, okay not yet but soon...someday. 555 :p But there's so little scenes of them. TT__TT 555
Poor Lynn. Auntie Ami is so mean. :( She needs to calm down. Wonder who the baby is! SO MYSTERIOUS! 555
Thanks for updating Phone! Can't wait to read the next chapter! Loving it! :D
Keep it up and update soon! <3
I would love to write more and quickly, but so many thoughts that when I put it on paper it gets overwhelming lol. So I give up for the moment. Thanks for your continuous support of Brothers :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Sorry this isnt the next chapter. I started the next chapter 2 months ago and havent touched it since. Boo...I many weekends not being home. It"ll be like that for another month or so. But I havent abandoned this, especially for all the readers who are still active and waiting.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Haha It's okay. Take your time! :D 
Thank you for not abandoning this FF though! Hehehe :D 


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 27 - Emotions

Kaneung sat in her office and instead of focusing on work, her mind wandered to this morning. She loved the way he touched her and the physical attraction was apparent. But then, why does all of this make her feel so guilty?
Music Office
Sakorn went through his computer files to find music scores for his class. He didn't realize how hard it would be to prepare a class. Because of
his status as an heir, he was able to skip the whole process and get administrative work. Doing all of this stuff is actually relaxing. The feeling of doing everything from scratch is actually not as bad as he once thought. All that hate against Kaphon made him think that his dad favored Kaphon over him. It made him think everyone was favored over him. He became selfish.
As he clicked on various files, he found it. His mother's song. The teacher who taught this class before had a copy of her song on file. “Love In Every Way”. His mother had written it for the family. He used to listen to it every night in the den. But when Kaneung left the house 5 years ago, he stopped listening. Instead, he watched videos of his mother in the den every night that he was home. “Did I stop listening to the song because of the song title?” he asked himself.
Sakorn paused and his mind wandered back to the morning. Being with her is comforting. He never thought that he'd feel so relaxed with her in his arms. He never knew that what he felt towards her was 'love.' Every time he tried to dislike her, he couldn't. Instead, the way he acted towards her was because he was mad at himself for not being able to admit that he liked her. He didn't want to fall for her. And he did. He just wanted to take her away from his brother, but the night that he treated her like crap...he wanted her, lusted for her, and shamed her because he was selfish and didn't want to admit his feelings for her. 
A sudden tug at his heart made him wonder if he is currently doing the right thing. He realized that this comfort isn't right. She is with his brother and he is sleeping with her behind his brother's back. Even though he hated his brother, he isn't so sure if he feels that way any longer. And this is pure taboo. “He is my brother,” Sakorn repeated to himself. His mind went back to when he was so excited that his brother came home from the hospital. He had always wanted to be a big brother and take care of him like Ami did for him. He remembered the games they played in the backyard and actually liking his brother.
Then, he remembered Ami always telling him to not get too close. And that the reason their mother died was because she had a broken heart because of Kaphon and his mom. “Remember the song that mother played the day before she passed away?” Ami would illiterate. “She played it so that we can know her feelings. She loves us no matter what and she wants to be loved too. Especially by dad. He went to stay with Kaphon's mom and that broke mom's heart.” The like turned to hate, so much hate for everyone except Ami. And Kaneung when she came into his life.
Sakorn held his hand in a fist and smacked the table. If only Pin didn't do that to his mom, he would still love Kaphon. If only his mom didn't die because of them, he wouldn't have done what he did...”no, stop blaming him!” Sakorn screamed at himself. He doesn't want to hate Kaphon but Ami's voice telling him that he can't forgive them is burnt into his brain. His mind completely conflicted.
A knock came at the door, “Are you okay?” asked the teacher assistant. She was petite and what the male professors in the building called someone
they'd like to date. She seemed innocent enough. Sakorn liked what he saw, but she can't compare to Kaneung, the one he likes most. He wants Kaneung by his side to ignore Ami's voice telling him that he can't forgive Kaphon and Pin. He wants her to tell him that he shouldn't feel guilty about sleeping with her. He doesn't want to share her, but seeing her rebel and cheat on Kaphon is intriguing him. He stared at the teacher's assistant and imagined her to be Kaneung, at the foot of the bed. “Shut up pervert,” he said out loud.
“Excuse me?” asked the teacher's assistant. Ami's voice stopped as he imagined only Kaneung. Now, he startled himself when he realized he just said that out loud. The woman seemed to have adjusted her shirt to reveal a bit more skin, opposite of what someone would do if she thought he said that because he was looking at her lustfully.
Sakorn smiled at the girl and told her he is alright. Just stressed. He then proceeded to tell her that needs some air and thanked her for her concern. He got up from his chair and briskly walked passed her, down the hall, and out the music hall doors.
Kaneung Office
“She is not in right now,” said Kaneung's secretary.
“Oh, I'll wait for her,” said Sakorn.
He walked into her office and walked towards the desk. Her desk is diagonal to the window, she rearranged her office. He sat down in her desk and looked out the window at the campus. From her desk, he could see the music building. “So, she's been spying on me,” he grinned.
“Sir, Miss Kaneung will not be back in today. She just called and told me that she had to take her daughter to tutoring because Mr. Kaphon is with
Miss Thida for the day.”
“He's with Thida?” Sakorn asked himself. “Again?”
Kaneung felt like Lynn wasn't acting herself today. Lynn kept fidgeting with her hands as she sat in the passenger seat.
“Are you okay?” asked Kaneung.
“I am fine. My hands just hurt,” said Lynn. Kaneung pulled over to the side of the road and had Lynn hold out her hands. They looked fine to her, but then she noticed a red ring around the wrist.
“What happened there?” she asked.
Lynn didn't want to tell her mom. She had promised Ami that she wouldn't. The sight she saw was scary. It is something she wants to forget. She knew her aunt's kindness was always an act towards her but she didn't realize that she would physically hurt her like that.
Lynn kept quiet and Kaneung gave up on asking her further questions. She asked Lynn if she would like to go the doctors to get it checked out, but Lynn refused. Kaneung will have to have a talk with Kaphon about it and see if he has better luck getting an answer.
Thida's House
Kaphon helped Thida out of the car and into her house. Thida felt butterflies all day. They had to wait on the doctor to discharge her and they visited her little nephew before leaving the hospital. But she felt those butterflies every time Kaphon held her hand. Or when his hands rested on her hips as he helped her walk. She wanted to say something stupid, like, “I'm not crippled,” but she liked his touch.
Thida sat on the recliner as the maids brought her some lemon water. Kaphon sat kneeling by her side. Kaphon chimed in, “You need to bring her
some food.” then he chuckled. 

Thida pouted and gave him a glare. “Stop it, I am doing my best to eat and rest okay? I didn't work for a whole weekend. And I didn't faint or
anything for a while.” 

Kaphon grabbed her hand, “Sorry tee-ruk (my love), I just love when your face cringes like that.” Then he gave her a quick peck on the forehead and quickly pulled away. He bit his lower lips, which made Thida feel even crazier. She felt like she could easily faint right now. He used terms of endearment and this is all so new to her. And it all feels wonderful to have him by her side. A smile spread across her face and Kaphon smiled in return.
Thida turned away and grinned. Then she looked back into those beautiful eyes and kissed Kaphon. She couldn't help herself.
The maid returned and sat the lemon water down on the side table. She grinned as she witnessed this. Her heart giddy for her boss.
Kaneung opened the door to her condo and Lynn rushed in straight to her bedroom. She walked over to the kitchen and started to prepare dinner. She hadn't checked her phone all day because she didn't want to feel like having her parents together will be a happy ending for them. Kaneung didn't dare think that because she slept with the man she loves, that he will actually want to keep her in his life forever. She didn't want to give Lynn false hope. She did text Kaphon instead of calling him after she dropped Lynn off at the tutoring classroom. 

A knock came at the door and Kaneung's heart dropped. Kaneung put the knife down and rinse her hands. Lynn ran out of her bedroom and wanted to open the door. Kaneung told her to wait a moment because they don't want to open the door for strangers. Lynn paused as Kaneung made her way to the peep hole. In relief, it was Kaphon.

“Go ahead,” Kaneung gestured for Lynn to open the door.
Lynn opened the door and Kaphon smiled as he opened his arms out for his daughter to jump into. The two of them together is too adorable. “Come on in,” said Kaneung as she walked back to the kitchen.
“Do you want to have dinner with us?” asked Kaneung. “I'm sorry I didn't get to look at my phone after I texted you.”
Kaphon laughed. Kaneung usually calls him because she doesn't like the idea of texting. After dinner, Kaneung had Lynn go take a bath. She warmed up the water and filled the tub with bubbles. While Lynn bathed, Kaneung told Kaphon they will have to talk after putting her to bed.
After Lynn was kissed goodnight, the two walked out and sat at the island. “Something is wrong,” said Kaneung.
Kaneung explained that Lynn acted differently today. And she questioned Kaphon about what happened. Kaphon apologized for leaving Lynn at home alone without him this morning. He mentioned that he noticed that the wrist looked like finger marks. Then he commented that he is surprised the tutors didn't think she was being abused. The marks looked fresh and it wasn' there when he left the house. Then, he suggested that is it possible that it could be Sakorn.

Kaneung quickly dismissed it. She knew it couldn't have been him. Kaphon looked at her and questioned her. He wanted to know why she dismissed him so quickly. Kaneung couldn't lie. The guilt gnawed at her.
“He was with me last night,” said Kaneung.
Kaphon's jaw dropped. “You stayed the night or in your bed?”
“What do you think?” asked Kaneung. She started to tear up. She wasn't cheating on Kaphon because they didn't have that type of relationship, but she felt like it was all the same.
“You gave up so much to help me and you were always defending me. You're my best friend. But here I am giving up on our plan. Here I am going against everything that is logical. Who sleeps with the guy that did that to them? Who does that? I'm so weak and I'm such a fraud. I'm sorry,” weeped Kaneung.
Kaphon grabbed Kaneung hand and pulled her to him. He hugged her tightly.
At that very moment, the door to the condo were wide open. Sakorn stood at the doorway with plumerias in his hand. Numerous emotions ran through his mind as he witness what he didn't want to see. The two of them actually have intimate moments.


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NOOOOO!!! I totally felt like I was experiencing another Khu Kam moment at the end. 555 But Noooo! Sakorn didn't hear what they said, did he? Please tell me he didn't! 555 I'm glad that Kaneung was honest with Kaphon about what happened between her and Sakorn. I was hoping for some happy, cute moments between Sakorn and Kaneung but it's okay. Next time for sure. :D 555 Hopefully Lynn tells Kaneung the truth about what happened. Ami is such a psycho. Thanks for the update! :D I can't wait for the next chapter!


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Oh wow, I just came upon this last night and this is SO GOOD!!! This should be a lakorn, the only thing is that I have a hard time imagining New, I keep thinking of someone else. But please do continue :)


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OMG, so sorry. It's been a very long time since the last chapter! I shall get to it soon.
@Heidi, watch the teasers, perhaps it may help imagine him? I picked him because I wanted to pick actors that I thought looked alike and New and First look alike. Then I came up with a storyline for it haha.


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 28 - Revelation
Kaneung's Condo
Sakorn rushed into the condo as Kaneung quickly pulled away from Kaphon. The expression on Sakorn's face did not look good. He reached Kaphon, grabbed his collar and ready to strike a punch. Kaphon's eyes shot wide and all he could think about is that he is in for it again.
All Sakorn thought about at that instant is that he didn't want to see Kaneung hug another man. He dismissed the idea that he is the one in the wrong because he is sleeping with another man's woman.
Suddenly, Kaneung wrapped her arms around Sakorn's chest and gripped real hard. She could only hope that he wouldn't hit his brother. She doesn't want to deal with anymore drama and is confused at what she should do. All she knows is that she can't have Kaphon hurt because of her indecisiveness and can't have Sakorn out of the loop anymore. She had always liked Sakorn and she is sure that she doesn't want to hurt him anymore. Regardless of how hard she tries to hate him she always forgives him. She feels stupid for feeling this way.
Tears streak down her cheeks and soak through Sakorn's shirt. Sakorn's arm froze in the air and he felt Kaneung's grip around him so tightly. Sakorn tried to look behind him and gulped as he slowly lowered his fist. He wrapped his hands around Kaneungs to keep her grasp in place. He turned back to look forward at Kaphon. Kaphon stood still and not budging.
For the first time in a long time, he sees Sakorn's eyes water. Kaphon had never thought about it, but now he sees it. Because he had never taken the time to fully look and understand his brother, he didn't see it before. Also, since he knows what true love is, he can see it...the look in his brother's eyes. What happened in that room years ago was a cover up for his true feelings.
Sakorn used his mother's death as an excuse to do those things to Kaneung because he desired her. He tried to dismiss those feelings and Kaphon never saw it this clear until now. That is still the worst way to handle things and Kaphon thought, “He is such a coward.”
Kaphon turned and started to walk out of the condo. As he walked off he stated, “Please talk it over, and Kaenung...tell him everything. He loves you.” Kaphon continued after turning to close the door, “do what makes you happy and I helped you not in vain, so don't feel guilty. We were both foolish. I will talk to him after you go first. I share his blood, so we can never part. You share things with him that he needs to know about.”
The door closed gently and Sakorn held onto Kaneung's hand and pulls it away from his chest. He turns around while still holding her hands. Kaneung looks up into Sakorn's eyes and he gazes back at her.
“Let's sit,” Sakorn stated. Kaneung nodded.
She tried to pull her hand away from Sakorn, but he held onto her. She is afraid he will just walk right out and hurt her again. But, Kaphon deserves to be free and she knows deep down that she has to tell Sakorn today.
They reached the couch and Sakorn sits down first. As she was about to sit, he pulls her in and she falls into his lap. She didn't feel confident that he will accept what she is about to tell him. He is a very hot headed guy and so unpredictable with his emotions. But she had to tell him. If she doesn't tell him now, she will be worse off. She doesn't want to live in hiding or pain any longer. That is what she did for 6 years. Before she could speak, Sakorn wiped the tears away from Kaneung's eyes. “I'm sorry for my intrusion, I didn't even call ahead of time. I'm sorry I was about to do something you didn't want me to do.”
His remark made her more at ease. She isn't rushed to tell him everything, but her heart was racing as if she had already told him. “I don't know if you will ever forgive me for what I've been hiding from you for 6 years,” stated Kaneung. “If you hadn't come by today, I don't know if I would even ever have the courage to tell you.”
Sakorn continued to sit still, with his arms wrapped around Kaneung's waist. Whatever she has to tell him, he promised himself that he won't have an abrupt reaction. He can't stand to have that side of him ruin his relationships any longer. Kaneung continued, “I...I can't stop you from feeling angry towards Kaphon. I tried so hard to get you two to understand each other. But it never worked. And what I'm about to tell you isn't his fault. He should not be blamed for any of it because I was the coward who let it happen.”
Sakorn's mind was rushing with questions of what Kaneung is talking about. He imagined that Kaneung tried to avenge him by sleeping with Kaphon. But, he quickly dismissed it to focus on her words, “I thought that I would learn to hate you for...” Kaneung paused. “I thought that if I made you miserable it would make me feel better about myself for liking you.”
Sakorn grinned to himself. He thought, “She liked me all along.”
“I thought hurting you is the answer for making myself feel better about liking the person who can cruelly accuse my best friend of killing his mother. For the person who is ignorant and unable to accept another person's genuine love for him. Instead, my distance after what happened has made me think about you constantly. I couldn't stop thinking about you and all my planning and theories to hurt you for my selfish reasons didn't turn out as planned.”
“I thought of you constantly too,” said Sakorn. “I tried to convince myself that I didn't like you at all. I made myself think that I loved Sakarn. I tried to erase what I did to you and ignore it as if it never happened. But when Sakarn left me, all I could think about was how I let two people go. When she returned, I thought I hit jackpot because at least someone I thought I loved returned to me. Especially with a son. But then when I saw you...I couldn't help but feel so angry all over again. Angry because I couldn't have you. Angry because you are harder to get. Angry because you belonged to the one guy I hated. Angry because Lynn isn't mine but his.”
Kaneung looked at Sakorn and asked, “What did you just say?”
“That I was angry because you belonged to a guy I hated,” repeated Sakorn.
“So you don't hate him anymore?” asked Kaneung, but before Sakorn could answer, she asked, “and you are angry because Lynn isn't yours?”
Sakorn bit his lower lip, “Yeah, I don't like that she isn't mine and I feel like an ass for having sex with you when you're still with him. I could've stopped it so that you don't have to deal with the negativity of cheating on your man. But I was selfish. I wanted you so bad and still do.”
Kaneung wanted to bite Sakorn's lips to shut him up. She kind of smirked a little, but knew that what she has been keeping from him could stop him from liking her.
“What is it?” asked Sakorn. “Nothing can change my mind about you now that we've gone this far. I am not letting you go. So don't give me that look. We keep getting side tracked. Tell me.”
Kaneung pressed her lips together and turned towards Lynn's door. “You know one reason why I couldn't keep my mind off of you while I was away?” asked Kaneung.
“Why is that?” asked Sakorn.
“6 years ago, when I felt the lowest because of you...I also felt the strongest,” tears stream down Kaneung's cheeks again. “When I left for England, I thought a new life would be easy all by myself. I was still wanting to fight, you know? Be myself and had even convinced myself that that feeling is just temporary. I would soon avenge you and try to fix things once again. Turns out, I wasn't all by myself. I had someone precious inside of me. The first time I heard her heart beat, I thought of you. The first time I felt her kick, I thought of you. The first time I laid eyes on her, I thought of you. I thought of you when her heart beat because I remembered hearing yours when I fell on top of you and landed on your chest when I was about to splash water on you to get you up. And you didn't let me go. I thought of you when she kicked because it hurt at times. It hurt so much that you didn't accept me. If you had been honest that night I wouldn't have left. I just couldn't handle staying there feeling so dirty. I thought of you when I laid eyes on her because she looked so much like her dad. I was so happy I was finally able to meet her and love her and accept her for who she is. And I hoped she would love me in her dad's place since I didn't have that from him.”
“Wait, she looks like her dad? And her dad doesn't love you?” asked Sakorn.
“Yes, Kaphon didn't go to England until later. And Kaphon for sure loves me. The only person who didn't love me was you and the only person that I slept with at the time was you,” added Kaneung. “And before you ask me, you're the only person I have ever slept with. So...Lynn is yours.”
Sakorn's jaw dropped. His heart raced at the news. He couldn't describe how he felt. Whether it be relief, happiness, apparition.
Kaneung continued, “There, I told you. You don't have to forgive me for not telling you. You don't have to like me anymore if you wish. I am just glad to get it off my chest. You don't have to have a relationship with Nong Lynn if you choose.”
“Stop,” Sakorn said. “Just stop. Kaneung, please stop saying things before they happen. Stop thinking I'll react a certain way and treat you like crap again. Seriously, you don't deserve to feel that way. I told you earlier that I wished Lynn is mine and now that I think I am hearing correctly, she is mine.”
Kaneung nodded.
“And, I never once said I didn't love you,” said Sakorn.
Sakorn wiped Kaneung's tears. “Let's put our past behind us. Let's start anew. Now that I know, we can work everything out. Kaneung, I can't describe it, but I am so relieved.”
Sakorn gently pushed Kaneung down on the couch and got up to be on top of her. He leaned in for a kiss.
Before anything went further, both got up and picked up the plumeria from the floor. And Sakorn locked the condo door. “I'm staying over tonight so we can have an early morning discussion.”
Wilamorn House
Kaphon arrived home looking a bit ragged. No one was up except for the security guards outside and Thima stayed awake to greet him at his arrival.
“Aunty, do you always stay up to wait on us? You need some sleep,” said Kaphon.
Thima nodded. But it seems she had something she wanted to say. Kaphon put his hands in his pocket and asked if there is anything she wanted to say. Thima looked around nervously and then proceeded to say, “Earlier today Lynn came in to get a first aid kit. She told me Ami was bleeding and she wanted to help. When I saw her later that day, I asked her where the kit was, but she wasn't acting herself. She told me that she just left it for Ami to finish bandaging up. Then she left for school. Later in the day, Ami's servant mentioned that she had to take food up to her all day. As someone was doing laundry, I saw so much red on the towels and a pillowcase. I don't know if a simple band-aide was enough.”
Kaphon nodded and took his hands out of his pocket and put his hands on Thima's shoulder and thanked her for letting him know. They both went their separate ways and Kaphon continued up the stairs.
Ami ran back into her room. She left her room to get fresh air for breathing in the same dark air. It made her stuffy. Little did she know, she'd overhear that they are suspicious of the events earlier in the morning. Ami quickly grabbed a sweater and made sure her hands were covered. She opened her door and walked out as soon as Kaphon reached the top of the stairs.
Kaphon turned to look at his sister. Ami asked, “Where were you all day?”
“Out,” said Kaphon. He didn't answer as pleasantly as Ami had liked.
“Did Nong Lynn make it to school fine today?” asked Ami. “I upset her this morning. I feel kind of bad. I was hoping she would have come home with you tonight so I can apologize. I shouted at her.”
Kaphon had so much going on in his head. He thought about Lynn's bruised wrists and hands and wondered at that point if it could have been Ami. But would she harm her own niece like that? Ami has been nothing but a kind sister to him. She had always been the mediator for him unlike Sakorn. She has never hurt him so why would she hurt Lynn?
Kaphon also noticed that Lynn had a sweater on and asked why she has one on. She replied, “I am cold for some reason.”
Kaphon asked her if she needed anything, while thinking about what Thima had told him about the red stains on the towels. “Do you need to go to the hospital or anything?” he asked her.
Ami denied any medical attention and told her brother good night. “I'll bring Lynn over tomorrow,” said Kaphon. “You can apologize then.”
Ami smiled and entered her bedroom.
Kaphon had to ask Lynn where she got those bruises tomorrow. He thought about calling Kaneung to inform her of the information he just found out, but then she is with Sakorn. He can't interrupt at a time like this. He hopes that she is opening up to Sakorn and that he didn't waste his time leaving them alone. He thought about calling Thida, but it is late and she needed to rest up. Her lack of sleep used to be because of school and it can't be because of him tonight.
Sakorn sat at the breakfast bar smiling as he watched Kaneung reach in the fridge for milk. She looked great. More alluring as a woman than teenage years. He loves how her body changed.
“Have I told you, you look so sexy in the morning?” asked Sakorn.
Kaneung chuckled, “Okay? Thanks....” she paused.
Lynn opened her door and shouted, “Good morning Khun Mae tee-ruk (my love)!” before she realized Sakorn was sitting at the breakfast bar.
“Good morning Nong Lynn,” said Kaneung with a smile.
“Khun Lung!” shouted Lynn. She ran behind the couch towards the breakfast table and Sakorn reached down to lift her into his lap.
Sakorn felt differently doing this today. He felt something missing every time he picked her up in the past, a type of lonely longing. However, today he felt like that empty part of him is filled. She is his and he knows it. It is possible for them to live as a family together. The only thing is telling the family about how twisted this whole thing is and how Lynn will cope with all of it. Sakorn wants to be called dad by Lynn but if she doesn't feel comfortable, he is willing to be called uncle for the rest of his life.
Kaneung and Sakorn had a talk about telling Nong Lynn that he knows about their relation to one another. They are nervous about her reaction. Kaneung told Sakorn that Lynn was fine when she found out, but she doesn't know if her reaction will be different when her real father knows. Lynn can be hot headed like her father. Sakorn told Kaneung that that trait is actually her mother.
Kaneung sat a plate down on the table for Lynn and scooped a spoonful of rice onto the plate. She turned to grab some fried eggs and placed it on the plate. Sakorn reached for a fork and cut up the eggs and picked it up to hand feed Lynn.
Lynn obliged and accepted the food from Sakorn. Kaneung's jaw dropped and asked, “Nong Lynn, you are not a baby anymore. Eat your own food.”
Lynn smiled as she chewed on her food. Sakorn looked up at Kaneung, “Can't a father feed his daughter?”
Lynn swallowed her food and tilted her head to look at Sakorn. “Did you just say daughter?”
Sakorn nodded. Kaneung sat a glass of milk down on the table and folded her arms as she leaned down to be at Lynn's eye level. “Yeah, I told him all about it.”
Lynn's jaw dropped and quickly wrapped her arms around Sakorn's neck. She started sobbing. “And Khun Mae...did he really say he wants me as his daughter?”
Sakorn kept his arms wrapped around Lynn, “Your mom doesn't have to answer that. Of course, I want you as my daughter.”
After all the excitement settled down, Lynn released Sakorn and wiped her happy tears away. “Let's finish eating,” said Kaneung. “You still have school today.”
Lynn jumped out of Sakorn's lap and onto her own chair. “I'd prefer Khun Lung to feed me, but I'm a big girl now right Khun Mae?” Lynn did not realize she still called Sakorn uncle, but Sakorn knew he couldn't make her say dad just yet. He grinned and looked at Lynn more closely. He wondered how he could miss it. Why did he not see their resemblance? Sakorn then noticed the bruise on her hands.
“NongLynn, why is your hand blue?” he asked.
Lynn dropped her fork. She was so happy and had already forgotten about yesterday morning until now. She is afraid to answer. She got up and excused herself to bathe and get dressed since she is running behind. Sakorn and Kaneung look at one another and Kaneung explained that is what Kaphon had spoken to her about last night.
“Even though I barely found out she is mine, I know that something is wrong. I can't just let that slide. When did that happen? When did Kaphon notice it? Why didn't anyone tell me earlier?”
“Calm down,” said Kaneung. “You just found out last night, remember? We wouldn't have told you about it.”
That statement stung Sakorn to the core. If he hadn't found out last night, he may not even be important enough to know about what is going on with Lynn. Kaneung knew she had said the wrong thing. She walked over to Sakorn and wrapped her arms around his shoulder. “I'm sorry,” she said.
Wilamorn House
Lynn did not want to go to the house for a while, but everyone would be even more suspicious if she didn't go. Everyone is having dinner at the house as a family. And they were going to reveal everything today. Kaphon picked her up from her piano lessons and Thida was in the car too. Lynn pretended like she had nothing on her mind.
At the house, everyone acted normal. Then her mom arrived. Lynn stayed by Kaneung's side the whole evening. She even asked Kaneung to go with her to use the restroom. When dinner finished, Kaphon made an announcement that they all needed to discuss something.
The family gathered around the family room. Ami had put on another sweater today which was awkward. Kaphon noticed that even though she said she was cold, she had sweat droplets. He even asked her secretly upstairs if she is running a fever. She denied it.
Sakorn even asked her why she is wearing a sweater. She just told him it was cold. But Sakorn brought up something that made her even more anxious. When they were upstairs, Sakorn mentioned that he noticed bruises on NongLynn and they are going to find out who did that to her. He thought it wasn't an accident or else NongLynn wouldn't be weird and quiet about it.
In Ami's head, “Everyone will find out it was me.”
Back in the family room Sakorn began to tell his story. “I committed a crime. I shouldn't have been forgiven for it, but it seems like I am forgiven now. Dad, it was smart of you to kick me out of my position. A son who did that doesn't deserve to be considered in high regard.”
Everyone was in shocked at the story. Kaphon then announced that he and Thida are engaged or hopes to make the engagement official. “Like I told you mom and dad, we would tell you everything once Kaneung is ready. And she obviously is now,” said Kaphon. “So you understand all of it now?”
Pin nodded. “As for harming Kaneung, Sakorn I am disappointed in you for that. Especially when you accused your brother of doing that with Sakol. But it seems you have changed quite a bit from a few weeks ago. You are my son and I love you. I will support you all on whatever you decide to do with yourselves as long as it doesn't hurt others any further.”
Thima felt lost at how she didn't know all this was going on all this time. She felt like she wasn't close enough with her daughter to even know that her daughter was molested. They hid all of that from her and pretended like they loved each other. Thima couldn't handle all the news and began sobbing.
Kaneung comforted her and Pin walked over to her and gave her a hug as well.
Ami excused herself and left the room. She leaned on the wall and glared into the family room. “They all forgive that easily? Father says he is willing to support all of us? Yeah...right.”
Thida's House
“Wow, that was a long dinner,” said Kaphon.
Thida laughed and turned to thank Kaphon for a wonderful dramatic night. He laughed with her. “It is chilly out here,” said Thida. They walk inside together. Thida grinned as Kaphon no longer said a word but just look at her with smiling eyes. “I'm glad that you like me,” said Kaphon, finally.
Thida stepped closer to Kaphon and wrapped her arms around Kaphon's neck and tip toed to give him a kiss.
Wilamorn House
“Let me go!” shouted Lynn.
“No one will know you are here,” said Ami. She walked over to the door and opened it. “No one knows about this room. Not even your grandpa. Because my mother designed it especially for me and her. Soundproof.”


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Oh no! Crazy Ami is getting even crazier. Her character makes me mad. lol Anyways, I'm glad that everything is solved between the two. I just want them to be happy now. Haha. thanks for the update! I really like it, especially the way you went about it with the whole revelation stuff. Hehe! :D