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Well anyways, I forgot the n'eks name but you guys should know who Im talking about. anyways, I just wanted to know what this lakorn is about :)


The n'ek is Fang Pichaya. I saw part of that lakorn. Like a couple of episodes. But I don't really know the whole story line to it since I've never finished it. Lol.


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I've seem bits and pieces too, this is apparently one of those melodramatic lakorn were they focused more on the parents lives than on pepper and fang.....


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I've seem bits and pieces too, this is apparently one of those melodramatic lakorn were they focused more on the parents lives than on pepper and fang.....
It not only focusing on the parents. I would say it focuses equally on all the characters.

Credit sarnwiki with some alterations :)
Puri's mom in this lakorn was the girlfriend of Pepper's dad. They were in love , but his dad didn't let him marry her. He trashed her seamstress shop and threatened her, so Puri's mom ran away and she was pregnant with Puri and never told Pepper's dad that she was pregnant. He tries to find her but she is nowhere to be found. Pepper's dad soon after is forced to marry another women and had Pepper and his evil sister. On the other side, Puri's mom married another man and had Fang.

Years later, Fang is hired at Pepper's company, but he fires her because she didn't her job correctly. When she was kicked out of the company, she begged Pepper's dad to give her another chance. When Pepper's dad looks at Fang's application, he notices that her mom is his EX. Knowing this, he helps Fang. With a misunderstanding, Pepper thinks that Fang is a gold digger, so he decides to torture her.....

Dad wants to get back with his true love. as he detest his wife and never had affection for her.
Pepper is drawn to Fang but thinking she is a gold digger, he torture her.
Puri get into a really hatefull mutual fight with Peppers evil sister and with Pepper for being mean to his beloved sister.
Evil stepmom/Peppers mom tries to get back on everybody because she was never loved and mainly goes after Puri. framing him for a lot of stuff and planting evidence.

I enjoyed this lakorn.


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I didn't watch the beginning of this lakorn nor did I ever finished it. I find it boring but at time, it does get entertaining but overall, I just didn't like it. From the summary, I find it somewhat disturbing. Pepper and Puri are half brother right from what I understand from reading the summary provided above. Pepper and Fang are step siblings but Fang is also Puri's half sister. So that means Pepper loves his older half brother Puri's half sister. You know what I mean. LOL


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ugh.. pepper n puri were so handsome.. but this lakorn.. it was quite blah to me >_<..

pepper n puri are half-bro... etc.. pepper n fang also fell in love >_<.. eeek.. etc.. lalalala.. iono.. i didnt like it much..


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i think the lakorn was okay.

puri was hooootttt


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the story didn't focus too much on the love story b/w pepper n fang it's actually more about the parents ... ionno i only watched the parts w/fang n pepper in it ;p

i don't remember the character's names .... sry

dad = father of pepper, puri, and may
fang's mother = fang's mother ;p n dad's love interest and puri's mother
pepper's mother = pepper and may's mother and married to dad

dad and fang's mother were dating but fang's mother is poor and dad's parents didn't like her b/c of that so they forced him to marry pepper's mother who is rich n owns a successful business. Fang's mother disappears ...

later on fang get's a job at pepper's family's company ... pepper doesn't really like her n fires her his dad feels bad for fang so he looks into the matter of her firering when dad looks at her employee file he notices that her mother is his gf so he rehires fang n basically starts to stalk her mom.

pepper's mom finds out about this n obviously doesn't like it so she starts all sorts of trouble for fang's family ... pepper starts to fall for fang ....

in the end a lot of shit goes down .... dad finds out that puri is really his son BLAH BLAH BLAH

not sure if u wanna know how it ends so pm me if u do i juz don't want to ruin it for u

basically the short n long of it is that this lakorn really showcases puri's acting skills!!! i didn't really notice him before this lakorn but after his performance i couldn't ignore how great of an actor he was :)

hope this helps :)


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It was about Pepper and Fang at the begining, but later on, it pretty much focus on the parents and Puri more that there's hardly even Pepper/Fang's moments....I only watched the first few episodes then I later on, skipped to the last...


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I know I only skipped to watch the scenes of Pepper and Fang together. They're so cute, loved them. I wish they'd pair up again but that's not possible now that Peppper is gonna retire! :( My parents enjoyed this lakorn although I didn't .