Buddhist fortune telling/ psychic reading

Anyone here behold these abilities? I am going through a phase of life that has made me very confused lately and the more I think about my future, the more I wonder what it will be like. I used to never believe in it but once, my Mom went to Thailand and a Buddhist monk looked at her face and read her future from just that and her palm. Years later, Buddhist monk readings were on point! I would like to know about my future too.


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I Agree>< I would also like my future to be read
the only thing is that i am scared of my future


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I've had most of my reading(s) done in Laos. - this is the creepiest.
The last time I did a reading was in 2010 when I visited my family in Laos, Savannakhet. My aunt-in-law and cousin brought me to this woman's house. She was a "shaman". I didn't have to ask questions... she kind of just laid out a plate with 5 sets of candles/flowers. She sort or "reads" the arragement on the plate and tells you what you're asking in your heart. She told me that the soulmate I sought was still far... far... far away. (bummer! lol) and that he was neither light skinned nor dark skinned. He was someone I don't know. She said, as soon as I see him, I will know he's the one and we will both fall in love at first sight. No matter what situation I was in. My aunt-in-law then asked when will I get married. The shaman said that I wasn't ready (at the time, this was true) and that I wanted to make money over getting married. (HAHAH! also was true) 
I've had a few done by one of my brother's friend... (voice reading) She was also pretty accurate with the reading she did at the time. She also told me that, whenever you get a reading, it's always true for the moment, but that doesn't mean thing's can't change. (food4thought)
And sometimes I get them done by a friend of mine. (reg. non-tarot card reading) She does it with regular playing cards. Lots of events she predicted came true. I avoid asking her to read me because you can't "un-know" something once you know it. That's the creepy part.