[C-Variety] Divas Hit The Road


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I just got done watching ep1 of the first season with Zhang Han, Liu Tao, and the rest. I'll probably watch it RAW and rewatch it when it gets fully subbed one day.

So far though.. I have to say that I would love it if ZH was to ever be my tour guide haha :aplastao:. He's so reliable :3 I felt super bad for him though when he found out that his phone is to be taken away since his plans for the trip are all in there. Poor fellow. The cast for the show is interesting since it's a lot of the older veteran actresses etc. and the singer Hua Chenyu :cbiggrin2:. Personally, if I was in ZH's shoes... I probably wouldn't have known how to deal with them ladies since they're so picky and always wanting to comment on something..... yikes! (Well from my first opinion upon seeing them)... it also can't be help that they're older than him too hehe :p

There's also a second season for this show with a new cast, with the exception of Xu Qing. Surprisingly this second part is completely subbed. Whoops, I lied. Only a few eps are subbed. It might be thanks to YangYang's fans hehe (thank you~~). I'll probably complete this second season first.... since it has Ivy Chen, Jing Boran, and YangYang :ARMS1::cheer:
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