can i use microsoft words 2006 on more 2 computers


sarNie Adult
you see, i have a desktop with microsoft words 2002 or 06 i think

and i just bought a laptop today

can i download my old microsoft word on to the new laptop

or am i allowed to only use it on 1 computer

thanks for help


Ky the Star
i think you can download it onto your new one.
so there shouldn't be any problems.
because my brother has done it to his computer to mine.
anyways, it depends if your new laptop could read it as well.
because older ones can't read new ones, but new ones can read old ones.


Lakorn Obsesser
If you have the disc, just do it through that.
A better microsoft words you should get is Microsoft Office 2007. Get a 60 days free trial by googling it.