Can't wait for PenTor


sarNie Hatchling
I can't wait to see how this season of pentor will end. I hope Tor and Thip gets married and he won't be such a playboy. I'm feeling so bad for Thip right now. Anyway can't wait!!#


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I'm with Thip .. he will have to climb them mountains back to me before I can accept him. Think of all the trouble he gave her and the heartaches she has to put up with his 'player' self.

I'm rooting for Kharnthemp and Porjai to get together more ... even though I silently want to see Tor and Thip reunited too.
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sarNie Hatchling
Yes, me too! Khan Thep and Porjai are cute together too. I still love Tor and Thip so much. The only problem is the way he flirts too much. I still remember that one episode where she got drunk and started to talk about how mean Tor was.
Still Ship....