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I'm starting this one...cos I wana see if u gurls like the idea of this fanfic/not. ^_^



[ Chapter 1 ]

Love, work and money. Three simple words yet it is those element which controls the very aspect in our life. This perception also applies to the man called, Rome. Except, he is a man who do not own love. It is not that he's born heartless, he just chose not to fall in love. Past experience taught him that love, is nothing but a mere creation by human to torture their already tormented soul. Foolish. Why love when men's sole purpose were created to work in the first place. Yes, his passion is in his work. To be exact - Photography.

He'a a man at his late 20's yet with his charming look; people often think he's just too young to have that face. With a solid 6-pack body figure, what is there to not dream about? It's a compliment actually, as reporters often mistaken him as the model in his photoshoot. How embarassing, when he had to explain that he was the photographer - not, the model. But then again, there's no one to blame but himself; he's just too sexy to begin with. Often being in the media's spotlight as female celebrities often woo-ed over him, seriously, he's getting really annoyed with the situation.

He couldn't avoid it as celebrities is apart of his life; he photograph them. A world-reknown photographer to be exact. He's payed with a fine fat sum of fees for each magazine photoshoot. Nothing to brag about except for an obese bank account. Not wanting to further this celebrity-based career - he wanted a change.

"Rome, I'm assigning you for IMAGE's May Issue..."

"Great, it'll be my pleasure Dan...but..."


"I don't want the cover to be anyone related to the entertainment business..."


"..I'm just so bored with the same thing over and over again...I want to snap something faces...with deep meaning..."

"You know...Rome, that's a very lame excuse."

"It is not an excuse." He corrected the editor sternly.

"Then what is it?"

"It's a demand."

"What happens if I don't fulfill that stupid demand of yours?" Dan answered sarcastically.

"Easy..." He smiled. "I won't take any photos for you anymore."

"Are you threatening me??" That line was delivered with much anger.

Calmly, Rome answered. "No...not threatening at all. Why would I do that?" He smiled again, this time wider. "Think of it as a request from a fellow friend...Me."

"Stop with your flowery words Rome! I'm not impressed at all!"


"Fine. Since you want to try something new..." Dan paused for a moment. "I'll let you."


"BUT! There's a but to it..."

"Which is?" He was getting impatient.

"I'll give you till the end of this week to provide me with those 'fresh' pictures of yours..."

"WHAT?! One week?!?"

"Yes, exactly one week. No negotiations allowed and I want those pictures on my table by Monday morning."


"Take it or leave it, Rome."


Rome walked away grumbling. He wanted something fresh and different. Easier said then done. Now, where can he find a fresh new look...he wondered. He was so absorbed with the idea that it deprived all of his other sensory organs; such as the eyes and ears. It was too late before he realised that he was no longer walking on flat ground. He fell and was seen rolling down the stairs. Rome was unconscious when several workers found him lying at the base of the stairs. It left them no choice but to phone the ambulance and have him admitted to the hospital.

Great, that's just the place he needed for...



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L-O-V-E LOVE it as a matter of fact i love all rteam fanfics lol anyways he didn't look where he was going and roll down the stairs...and the IMAGE mag is brought up again that's the second great is that

edit: i hope you update this to 2 ch since essence and part-time already has 2 ch :)


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finally!!!!!!!!! I thought you'd never write this.. very good so far. I'm excited to read the encounter with rita. continue asap! nice poster.


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An... You are on a roll with all this stories. This is awesome!
ahaha, yes i am! they wanted to read all 3 so o wells. hav to juggle between these 3 n my other ongoing ones .. lol
i hope y'all wont mind my slow update yea

L-O-V-E LOVE it as a matter of fact i love all rteam fanfics lol anyways he didn't look where he was going and roll down the stairs...and the IMAGE mag is brought up again that's the second great is that

edit: i hope you update this to 2 ch since essence and part-time already has 2 ch :)
yeah, shall update them by chapters. so i'll update this one till its chap 2

lol Rome fell down the stairs ahahahha. It would be so cool if Rita actually does IMAGE cover in May :D
ahaha...i love their IMAGE shoot .. even ateam's image shoot rawks!

finally!!!!!!!!! I thought you'd never write this.. very good so far. I'm excited to read the encounter with rita. continue asap! nice poster.
ahahah, i wrote it for u lome. u've been wanting to read it ^_^

I really like it, I can't wait for more......
thanks :)


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[ Chapter 2 ]

An ambulance's siren woke him up from his long sleep; he had slept for practically 14 hours. He opened his eyes and it was kind of blurry at first. Where am I? He asked himself as he turned left and right for confirmation. There were no one else in the room. All he could see were white boring walls and its old-fashioned furnitures - he grumbled. Of all places to be at...the hospital. It doesn't take a genius to find that out where he was. It was too obvious really. The dull yellow-ish curtains, the white metallic bed, old 17" tv set - well, you get the point. He started feeling uneasy with his current position; lying down straight on the bed like a paralyzed man. Not wanting to further torture his mind, he tried sitting up straight.

"Ouch!" He cried out.

Maybe he had forgotten the reason why he was admitted in the first place.

"What are you doing Sir?!" A nurse came running in as soon as she heard the cry.

"What do I look like I'm doing?" He grumbled even louder.

"I don't tell me!" She answered back.

"Why are you that how a nurse is supposed to behave?" He asked cynically.

"Well, before I answer that million dollar question. You answer mine first. Is that how a patient is supposed to behave?" BAM! She gave her back.

Rome rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'm sorry Madam Nurse."

"Apology, Mr. to explain that baby-ish cry I heard earlier?" She smirked.

"Haha...erm, it's embarassing really..."

"Don't worry, I've saw worst." She assured him.

"You must have, ay? Well...I was trying to sit up straight..."

"What? With that condition?? No can do Sir. You have to take care of your condition for it to heal faste--"

"Oh my god, just stop with your nagging already. I'm body is aching...I just want to stroll around the area...get some fresh air or whatever."


"Aww, come on pretty nurse...seriously, I'll commit suicide if I have to stay here all day!"

"Urgh! Fine...fine...let me get you a wheelchair."

"Thank you...I knew you were kind and caring alllllllllllll alonggggggggggggg." He smiled. "...and yes, I'm a sweet-talker." He winked.

As promised, she brought in a wheelchair. They had a little difficulty in transferring Rome onto the wheelchair at first. But, with much effort - they managed to complete that mission in less than 10 minutes. Though, there were a few 'ouch' and 'ahh' which accompanied the process; the nurse couldn't help but to fall for his charm.

"There...we're done."

"Thank you."

"Well, you were annoying at first...but somehow, I find you cute now."

"Haha, do I sense an admirer??"

"Maybe...nah, you're too old for me. Plus, no nurse and patient relationship."

"You might not know..."

Rome was practically touring around the hospital. Not exactly getting the 'fresh air' he wanted but at least he's not bored. Still puzzled with the upcoming photoshoot, he's not planning to give up yet. His wheelchair kept on rolling through the hallway as he ponder on ideas which might help. Note the keyword 'might', well, all of his ideas are useless up-to-date. He fret, must he really snap another photoshoot on the same old celebrity...over and over again? How boring.

He kept on grumbling on the matter when suddenly, a melody stopped him. The humming was from room 103. Being the ignorant person he is - without any knocking or whatsoever - he entered the room just like that.

"Who's that?" The voice asked.

"It's me."

"Me? Me who...stupid."

"Ohh...I'm Rome. Geez, you don't have to be rude..."

"Look who's're the rude one...budging into my room just like that."

"Is it? Hehe...sorry. I was just attracted by the beautiful melody...was it you?"

"Do you see anyone else here?"

"Ok's you then."


"So, erm...Miss..."


"Yeah...Miss Rita...may I come closer?"

"Up to you..."

Rome rolled the wheels faster. He can't wait to see how she looked like. Finally when he reached that unknown person, only did he realize how beautiful she was! She was sitting at the side of the window, looking out - aimlessly. One word, he was amazed by her beauty...better still, he found the 'idea' he's been searching for.

"'re beautiful."

"Really? Thank you...I guess."

"Yea...your is so...mesmerizing."

"Haha, well...enjoy it all you want...I can never picture how it looks like anyway..."

"Huh? What do you mean??"

"I'm blind..."

"Oh." The man who was once a chatterbox could now be seen tongue tied.

"You don't have to pity me though...I'm used to the darkness..."

"Sorry for asking..."

"Nah, no apology needed. My life is like a white and black's dull and meaningless."

"Don't say that..."

"It's true though...a burden is all I'll ever be."

"Rita...can we be friends?"

"Haha...why the sudden question?"

"If your answer is a 'yes'...I can promise you one thing."

"One thing? What is sound so suspicious."

"I'll colour your rainbow."

That last sentence darted through her heart like a blazing arrow. Impossible. Her lifeless eyes...cried.


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*excitement and screams* gosh you struck my heart with those two last do you do it the romance and your word choices are TOO AWESOME gosh i'm gonna read that again tomorrow good night :)


Wah! how can i miss this? lol
nevermind lol all catched up the last sentence of chapter 2 bought a tear to my eye lol


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hehe read it the second time it just gets better so you're a Scorpio i'm a Virgo maybe that's why i don't write ff too picky on details lol


I say good thing Rome tripped and rolled down the stairs and ended up in the hospital or else he wouldn't meet what he's been looking for Rita

With Rita being blind kind of reminds me of their lakorn Kling Kaew Klang Jai. Cept in the lakorn Rome was the blind one. Lol.

Keep it coming!


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[ Chapter 3 ]

There was an awkward silence in the room. Feeling guilty for no reason, Rome started blaming himself. Feeling like a statue, he was rather speechless while looking at an angel crying. A blind angel. The tears flowed down Rita's flawless skin - such beauty. The silence was turning him crazy as he couldn't bare it anymore. He rolled his wheelchair further and pushed himself up; he was now sitting beside the blind angel. His face was full of remorse.

"Why are you crying?"


"Did I say anything wrong??"




"Ah, please...don't leave me in the dark like this..."

"Nah, it's nothing really...i'm ok."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah...I'm ok."

"Fine..if you say so..." He sighed.

It was as if his hand had a mind of its own. Without realizing his own action, Rome lifted his hand up and start wiping her tears away. She was shocked at first but did not give out any resistance. Time froze; seconds passed yet nothing could be felt. Though blinded by her own eyes, Rita somehow managed to see through her heart. Rome's touch was so gentle, it warms her heart. His eyes locking to hers - could it be love at first sight? A man who never believed in love is confused with the raging blood pumping through his heart. A woman who never experienced love felt butterflies in her stomach. What an odd couple.

"T-Thank you." Rita broke the silence.

"O-Oh...yea...Err, your welcome." He quickly answered.




"I was wondering...can me a favor?"

"As in?"

"I'm actually a photographer..."

"Oh really? That's an interesting job."

"Err...hehe...thanks...that's the only thing I'm good at. Even my mum said so!" He winked.


"Anyway, as I was saying...can I take a picture of you...

"For what?"

"I'm planning to use your picture on a magazine cover."

"Say what? Me on a magazine cover??"


"...I don't know..."

"Aww, please agree? Please??"

Suddenly, their conversation was interrupted when a man walked into the room.

"Who are you?" He questioned Rome. Though appeared calm, he sounded angry.

"He's just a friend of mine..." Rita answered.

"I'm asking him...not you Rita!"

"Hey...that's not the way to talk to a woman, my friend." Rome finally spoke.

"That's for me to decide." That man replied arrogantly. " haven't answer my question yet. WHO-ARE-YOU?"

"I'm Rome...and who may you be?"


"So, Mr. that I have answered your question...If I may, I would like to continue my conversation with this fine lady."


"Dom! He's just a friend..."

"You keep quiet Rita!"

"Why the fuss? It's not like I'm killing her or anything...we're just chatting."

"I'm her husband and what I say is the LAW...Now, get out!"


"...yes...he's my husband..."

" what if you're her husband...Is it wrong for me - a friend - to talk to her?"

"Yes, it's wrong! Rita will only talk to people whom I approve and Mr. Rome, you're not one of them. So before I kick you out of this might as well crawl your way out...NOW!"

"Fine." Rome forced his way towards his wheelchair.

"Bye Rita. It was nice meeting you." He smiled.


"Shut up and get out...she won't be able to see your stupid smile anyway!"

Not wanting to cause anymore commotion, Rome wheeled himself out of the room as he was told. Rather than feeling angry from the humiliation - he was feeling sad and heartbroken. It felt as if his heart was sliced into pieces - or - caged in a prison without keys. His heart aches so badly, he couldn't help but to form crystals in his eyes. Finally, he's able to fall in love but somehow, that girl is married. What's worse?

She married a monster.

I'll save blind little angel.



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I was so confused! I was like wait a minute didn't Rome just rawr-ed Rita. Why is he suddenly ask her to take a photo, I had to read the previous chapter. LOL I am getting all Rteam fan fiction confused...

Oh no, Rita is married to a jackass! :lmao: Erg, Rome is sooooo :wub: :spin: