cee and amy


sarNie Coma
did u guys know cee and amy is dating..junjira from interlove translated an article about amy confessing shes going out with cee..and they already met eachother's family already..how cute..nang ek or girls are going for the younger guys now huh :lol:


sarNie Hatchling
Amy klinprathum
born july 8, 1982

Cee siwat
born january 27 , 1982


sarNie Juvenile
i'll join the club of cee and amy! :) i went through the pics and is it me or did Amy get prettier compared to a year ago? They're not afraid to show off their relationship and i absolutely love it! :wub:


sarNie Juvenile
cee and amy are met for each other. they are both hot, they can both act, they are both hi-so, and they can both sing. what more can u ask for?