(CH.7) Waan Jai Yai Thaang Dao [Exact]


Please please a reunion for Pepper and Ann! SBRKNHS was the last one, but I want them to be in a serious kiss/slap drama again!!!


Staff member
They will be In Ching Chung together but Pepper will be in love with Jieb while Ann is in love with Pepper! Urgh! They won't even be together together .. I know fun I want to see them together! The title is kind of corny though .. Alien Sweetheart? Or Galaxy Sweetheart? lol something of that sort? lol Sweetheart out of This world... shrugs lol


sarNie Hatchling
i so hope it's ann and pepper too. lol i kinda want to see ann and mos. lol they make a kute couple. hehe can't wait!


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Yeah I wouldn't mind Ann and Mos -.-" lol they do look pretty cute together and if it's an Exact/Ch.7 Collab :loool: Ann and Oh or Pang and Oh :wub: even if Oh's not really contracted to Ch.7 but LOL eh.


sarNie Oldmaid
nobody want ann to star w/ anybody else? i sure do lol i don't wanna see her w/ pepper over and over again.


sarNie OldFart
oh yeahh i want to see mos and ann too! :D

haaa. but if pueng don't have upcoming lakorn no more, maybe she can in this??

they usually have EXACT praek w/ ch7 nang'ek but hope they have nang'ek for ch7 praek in this one!!


RujRasa Fan
collaboration of channel 7 and 5? i so wish it is pepper and amy again. they are so cute in their lakorn together. they really have the chemistry. i wish it's them again.


sarNie Juvenile
nobody want to see pueng(did i spell it right, or peung?) again?
i missed her so much.
and what's the storyline?
looks like everybody knows?