[CH?] Thida Satan (??) : Maria Sky/Apple Apisara/Man Trisanu


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Four friends who basically found a book that taught them the art of witch craft. Pra'ek was pretty much a bully to nang'ek and her friends. He seduced one of the friends (Grace's character) and she fell for him, but he ended up falling for Pinky's character. The girls all had life problems which caused them to start using their power for darkness and eventually Pinky slowly pulls them out. However, Grace is more difficult to pull out as the love triangle between her, pinky, and nam fueled her jealous rage.

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Thanks! I’m not into that kinda storyline so it’s another pass for me. Wow, Grace look so different now, I wouldn’t even know if you didn’t mentioned it. I thought she started acting like 3 yrs ago.
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I remember this lakorn. Pinky was so young and fresh at that time.
It's another average lakorn about school, friendship and love.
I watched it because back then I was fan of Pinky and wanted to watch all her work lol.


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I'm not sure if this is confirm yet but here is a post of the cast:

Cr to: updatebunturng IG


Maria Hoerschler play Pinky role : whish is n'ke
Tia Tavee play Grace role
Apple Lapisara play Benz role
Kirana Jasmine Chewter play Jieb role

Philip Thinroj play Nam role : whish is p'ek


If cast confirm this will be Tai very first lakorn she play in. She play a few role in movie. Not a lot of people know that she was Miss. TeenThailand 2012. She was on "Asia's Next Top Model Season 2, & Thailand called The Face Thailand Season 3."

Photo of Tia :


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Apple is a free agent. She has worked with both GMM25 and One31 lakorns, as well as those produced by GMMTV.
hmmm... so there will be a possibility that her and august will reunite at ch3.... august is at ch3 right now....love this two in their uprince series...thanks for the info...


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Ah yes, thanks for reminding me! I'd love to see them reunite in a CH3 lakorn. They have excellent chemistry in their U-Prince arc!
their series is my number one to me from all the uprince story...i thought i was the only one loving them there, ...then, i saw their series was one of the nominated in something award at soompi.... :)


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i hope this one will have an available eng sub... as this is my cup of tea genre, i actually want to watch the old one with pinky as the lead before when i was still new to the world of lakorns but no matter how much i search, i can't find any with eng subs... hope this one has....