[Ch3] Abb Ruk Online (Thong Entertainment)


sarNie Hatchling
Slowly watching this Lakorn, taking my time. Loving AP! Kim is so pretty! Two beautiful women in one lakorn, dam!!!

:eek:fftopic: Anyways, I wonder what happen to all the admin??? This website need some organization! Period!


sarNie Adult
Okay, so the song that Mark sung in ep. 3 has been stuck in my head. This may be a stupid question...but..do you girls know what the song is called? 


sarNie Tombstone
paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaffffff :smack:  i wonder if it will be more slap in this one well at least we know that AP will have two :ghehe:

i will wait patiently for this scene  :girlmad:  :girlmad: 


sarNie Tombstone
janajelly1 said:
On Manager they post the episode summaries, and when the episode summary is up, that usually means it's edited and done, right now episode 8 summary isn't up yet. 
I'm waiting for them to finish editing so you know which couple have their fitting already lol : P
okkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeyyy i think they can make it btw what do you think what will be the number of episodes for this one 


sarNie Coma
^^^sayas hand is like all over lips face lol I.wonder was she dreaming. But thats such a cute scene! Look how close they are. I can't wait..more scenes of AP. Keep it coming!


sarNie Adult
I think they finish editing the lakorn so they can be airing but I guess it takes long time to edit 1 ep. I hope that it can be around 14,15 eps^^ The longer the better so we can have alot of AP and MK scenes to satisfy our waiting.


sarNie OldFart
I love this lakorn so far!!!! I love all the characters in here!!!! From Anne to Kimmy and Mark to Peter's character. A good lakorn for the start of the new year!!!! Mark's acting have improved so much!!!!!! I love the scene when Mark sing for the elderly in episode 3. Hehehe. So cute! I can't wait for the this week episode!!!!!! 


sarNie Coma
Ahhh you gals are killing me those pics of AP. I can't stop cheesing when I see them together. They give me butterflies


sarNie Oldmaid
Remember i said before the kissing scene, anne will look at her pra ek's lips..

Look at the pic above,she aim at that Lip's lips... Hahahaha...
willing please... anne...