[Ch3] Ban Nok Kao Krung (Quiz & Quest)


sarNie Coma
the only time we'll see donut on primetime slot is when shes playing the supporting role but when shes the n'ek it'll be for evening slot



sarNie Tombstone
omg i was about to post this thread up but since u did before me its ok thanks Tinah :thanks: i like Tui and Donut wow they together again, them as pair in khun seuk now
another :thumbsup:


sarNie Oldmaid
It's like they don't have any p'ek for her, why Tui again and again. I was hoping to see Donut work with others after the lakorn with Tui. So sad.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
I think both are good actors but I'd really like Donut to pair with someone new. *sighs* channel 3 these days eh


WOW Pat looks normal to me again =x
She actually looks pretty !
I might be tuning in this one cause she is a great actress
and I like First!

OHMYGEEEEE ! If i'm not mistaken, is that Boy's brother ?
Boy got the chance to pair off w/Gale, and now his brother !


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Pat and First? What an interesting couple! I have to admit, I really miss the days when Pat was n'ek so I'm really happy to see her again and hopefully the storyline for this one isn't dissapointing like all her other works. AHH and Meji is in here too! I love her! She's amazing as a n'rai!


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Wow, this was unexpected! I'm glad First is getting more work. ^__^ Pat and First looks cute! I'm shocked Pat doesn't look caked up here in other words normal looking.