[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


I just noticed that it's airing again!?!!!? I haven't finished my re-watching at all. Haha. Life. . . it got busy!!


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Hi hi, do you happen to have the website link for this video? I would like to keep it. They are so sweet in this video. I just love them so much.
If you click on the white title of the video, it will hyperlink you to youtube on a new tab. Or are you asking for the file to download so you can keep this video personally?


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If you click on the white title of the video, it will hyperlink you to youtube on a new tab. Or are you asking for the file to download so you can keep this video personally?
Got it! Thank you so much. Pls post more of PopeBella’s video with Eng sub. I obsessed with them!


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I'm back with another fic.

Some author's notes first, though.

So, I've been regularly writing stories for 8 years with various genres. Angst is one that I find most interesting. For you who have no idea, angst is the kind of genre that will frustrate you, make you emotional, or even cry.

If you're me, you'd know that writing cheesy, sweet bubble gum fic is ..... well. Boring.

So this fic is not about Karakade and Khun P' but about Pope and Bella. And it's so my kind of angst. Over the years, I've made my readers cry a lot.

If you could take that and would like to try:

Here's the new fic:

5 Times Pope Didn't Answer When Bella Asked A Question and 1 Time He Did: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1342982/

It's fiction, ya, fiction. Haha. Don't hate me afterwards.


Hi Lia, I’m new here and have always been a silent member (I’m not good at words)
Pope and Bella (Love Destiny)just came into my life in April 2020 and I became a super big fan Of PopeBella.
Just love your fic on Pope and Bella! I cried every time I read it. Not less than 5 times. In fact, I read it before I sign up this chat and just realised you are in here! You are my idol!
Pls continue with your write up On them and pls do not end your story by leaving Bella crying! I wish to see a good ending of PB!
Thanks once again for the fantastic story which make me cry so much!



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A weekend gift. Sort of.

This is the sequel for my previous story about Pope and Bella, "5 Times Pope Didn't Answer Bella's Questions and 1 Time He Did".

In Absentia: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1342982/2

Beware, it's another angst, so brace yourself for some emotional swings.

If you read it, thank you very much, and please tell me what you think :)
You make me cry and smile at the same time! I like it so much! You wrote it so well so well!
Wish this come true in no time! My love for Pope and Bella is the same as yours. I’m totally obsessed over them...
Given so many similarities in them and their eye contact are full of love!
Wish they are Buppesaniwas in real life! ‍❤‍‍❤


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A fren forwarded the below tweet for the interview subs. Oooh!! So he gave the answer that the reporters been wanting to hear I guess, haa? Fan service? Saw somewhere he did apologise to Weir at the end. Keke. Some fans on weibo said he looked abit uncomfortable after that? Trying to have some distance between them? These are all i read... need those of you all who understand Thai n also body language to confirm ;)

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Sorry if I have offended Weir’s fans! But I really wish this to happen! Omg! I am sorry, I am sorry! Lol....my wishful thinking!


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Forgive me if at one time I thought Jam Loey Rak was one! Heheee…. And then Plerng Chimplee, then Roy Lae Sanae Luang…. At my every set of obsessed months they’d be my most beautiful pair in the world! But then Date came along with his Kade and this changes everything; they are by far the most gorgeous romance I’ve ever seen on the screen. (So long Aum! Goodbye Aff!) They have mystery, laughter, pain ….and a love which defy all odds, even tricking time & fates itself. And unlike other constant spooning between the leads we get nothing except soul baring looks between them.

It's Date’s killer stare - shows the stages what’s happening to him - them. Their little body contact glorified the few accidentals in our minds! I love those scenes in her rooms when he holds her by the arms; it’s so tender and so full of his unspoken luscious, sexy promises. I enjoy it too when Date is happy; his subtle shifts in looking at this beautiful fiancee …. he undresses her with his eyes! hhaaha

This story started so badly, hero hating a girl to his being, killing her off with something sacred. And not just any death – but sending her off to hell too. But he starts to waver when he unknowingly meets the one who took over, fighting demons (especially his own) to renegade on that hatred. Date’s struggles against Kade’s presence is the best. He cracks through peeks at her situation, his reluctant glances wanting to gaze on her more. While she’s being herself, he is falling in love; whereas she’s only thinking ways to return to her family. Yet somehow they've planted their souls into each other without realising it. It only breaks Kade how much he truly means to her when Karakade turned up to demand for her Khun P.

“I Love You” is never once said between them, it’s voiced by others, even Rheung. We have to see it other ways. Date had the dagger to his neck; that was a gutted speech he made about not wanting to live without her. While Kade knows of lives of historic figures around her, she couldn’t see his fate and that somewhat stopped her from being happy. Until Arjaan revealed nothing’s going to happen to him, their love destiny is fated in every lifetime.

“I’ll teach you to play the boat” That line brought on goosebumps because like the unsaid love, it brought on wild imaginings of the sexiest kind between this two!

Although I enjoyed their early banter I feel that their love is even more beautiful after being married, the back hugs, the shoulder kiss, telling her the truth when he didn't mean to ..... Date goes along with her suggestions like he’s never cured from being weak at the knees.
I like your observance!! They are just meant for each other!‍❤‍‍❤