[CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly


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It has ended. I am just happy that Pim and Ramet are now happy. That's all they need. I am satisfied with just that and the rest is up to our own imagination... the wedding, Pim as mia, Ramet as samee, their kids, Pim Ramet grow old together loving each other and bracing through the ups and downs together... though all these are not shown, I can just imagine that everything is in order, imperfectly perfect but still beautiful because our beautiful Swan is with her Prince Charming.

I think I'll stop here for now. I need to recover from this so beautiful lakorn. Will see you lots tomorrow or in other lakorns or in Kom Faek.

Goodnight, good day all you beautiful swans.


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I cannot watch it live but you guys are the best thing ever... Thank you for spazzzinng for us non live watcher


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Waiting for the sub to complete. I dunno if sjdk fan sub still sub BH. Hopefully they do because they r super fast uploading eng sub last week.


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This is why I love Kim's lakorns...She's always willing to do lips to lips!!! Gonna miss Ramet and Pim so much!


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OMG Guys, I watched it in youtube. I am dying .... waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh they kissed, I can't take it waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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so i'm after being away fro couple hours crying inside that there will be no more pim and ramet story

i want to write all what in my heart for this lakorn only the love things i have

it was absoultely a well well well well wrote lakorn one of the best meangful refreshing amazing story that go perfectly with my taste and what i look for
seeing how far pim went from being a self centered person who deosn't care for others and doesn't know exactly a lot of feeling as the sadness disappointment hurt to a complete growing woman who learned how to feel the other that surround her how to keep her pride without being brat how to fight and keep improving herself how to believe in her real beauty inside how she got all this life lessons with the help of all th epeople surrounding her it was truly truly sooooo touching and always bring me tears to eyes i'm sincere in big love with this pimlapat

ramet he look strong he has so much confident in his instinct he is clever but when it comes to pim he become weak he lose control of himself he want her but his hurt made him want to teach her a hard lesson and it works but at the same time he was the one suffering too unlike kim who when she said "i hate you" she really was determinate to get over him from that moment pim in matter of heart made ramet suffer cause once she close her heart he feel unable to kcnock into it

and i wwon't forget the lessons of jealousy and hate and envy that show that those feeling and the evil things Vi did in the end it will come a day she will pay off for it and lose what she thought she can get by her evilness

i just love the full meaning in this lakorn for me it's an inspirational lakorn that deliever a beautiful message

and in the end i hope truly hope that jirberley will have another lakorn although i know it possible it won't happen again but i will hope cause this kiss was like a bomb that proved that this two if they was giving a skinship lakorn they gonna make people go crazy like no one can imagine my beautiful "eagle eyes couple" :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:

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Waaaaah! I didn't finish watching the live broadcast last night coz I need to sleep early but glad to read and saw pics of our pranang kissing. A real kiss indeed. Thanks Paajaew for including one real kiss in this lakorn. I wish you have done that also for NNS. Heehehe.

Anyway, I'm really smiling right now because my baby James Ji got to kiss my girl crush Kimmy. You're all grown up now, young man. :risas3: (Sorry, but I don't watch James with Bella so I don't know if he already had a kiss on a lakorn).

Ooooooh! and by the way, SJDK Fan Sub already finished subbing the finale. They're lightning fast. :clap::clap: