[CH3] Chuamong Tong Mon (TVScene) : Masu Junyangdikul / Preem Ranida / Bomb Tanin


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New lakorn by TV Scene (Romantic Comedy)
Starring : Preem Ranida, Masu Junyangdikul & Puen Khanin

Am not sure about the title, can someone help. Thanks~~~

cr : preemforever

cr : prestellla
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I was just going to post this, this will be "Chuamong Tong Mon" (Hour of Seduction) or Magic Hour/Spell Hour <--- something like thatish. I'll change title.


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Masu Junyangdikul (มาสุ จรรยางค์ดีกุล)
9 June 1994
- Mafia Luerd Mungkorn (Ch.3 2015)
- Kor Pen Jaosao Suk Krung Hai Cheun Jai (Ch.3 2015)
- Bu Ram Pram Pra (Ch.3 2015)
- Kleun Cheewit (Ch.3 upcoming)


Preem Ranida Techasit (พรีม รณิดา เตชสิทธิ์)
10 November 1996
- Mae Yaai Tee Rak (Ch.3 2012)
- Suparburoot Jutathep (Ch.3 2013)
- Samee 2013 (Ch.3 2013)
- Sam Bai Mai Thao 2014 (Ch.3 2014-2015)
- Thang Phan Kammathep (Ch.3 2015)
- Por Krua Hua Pa 20?? (Ch.3 Upcoming)
- Duen Pradub Dao (Ch.3 Upcoming)

Puen Khanin (คณิน ชอบประดิถ)
9 November 1989
- Lookmai Kong Por Series: Tai Rom Bai Pak (Ch.3 2013)
- Ruk Nee Jhe Jud Hai (Ch.3 2014)
- Sud Kaen Saen Rak (Ch.3 2015)
- Tai Ngao Jan (Ch.3 2015)
- Ruk Plik Lok (Ch.3 Upcoming)


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Finally seeing Preem with someone who kinda suitable with her..... Someone is not too old for her....


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Yes! Another lakorn with Preem and finally it's a main guy that is suitable for her age. Never really watched Puen and Masu's lakorns.


I hope it's Peun who is pra ek, but it seems like it pra ek might be Masu because the pic says Preem pair with Masu. IT won't matter though because I like both Peun and MAsu. :)


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Prime time lol. Preem would never be put in the evening slot unless she gets older. The guys are newbies. They mostly were supporting roles and evening lakorn pra'eks


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Thanks. That's a relief. Didn't want them to downgrade one of my fave new N'eks. Preem's doing well...even though she isn't doing as many lakorns as others. I'm glad she's going to school.


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KhunPin confirmed that Bomb will play this role :) actually I wanna see how it would be. It's very challenging for him. Bomb's lakorn last night was not bad... his acting has improved. :icon_popcorn: