[CH3] Cupids Series Part 6 : Kammathep Sorn Kol (Broadcast Thai Television) Nychaa & Tono


Mrs James Ma


To be honest out of all the teaser of the cupid this one give me the awkward vibe lol! Out of all Channel 3 pra'ek they have to go with Tono? Why not Son? I'll pick Son over Tono anytime. What happen to Phet? Ugh, anyways there is nothing I can do now and just hope this two best of luck! Poor Nychaa...


sarNie Oldmaid
TonoNycha photoshoot for Cupids :)
Credits to Nares Photography (uploaded by support_mootono)

I find Nycha really cute can't wait to see her in this series, I first saw her in Cubic and glad that she has a n'ek role for Cupids.