[Ch3] Fai Ruk Plerng Kaen (Sonic Boom)


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
Yam looks like she can pull her character off! OMG. Teaser looks great! Happy I came to check on this page super late knowing it'll come out in 2 days, hehe. xD


Despite Smart's acting that hasn't improved much, I like this guy and find him tolerable. I've probably watched almost all of his lakorns anyways ahha Whoaaa Yam is really gorgeous even on screen. Definitely the lakorn I am looking forward to watch during my summer break.   


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I am so loving Yam's kickas* character.
Not such a big fan of Smart but I've seen his lakorns before so he's bearable :)
Can't wait for this!


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I don't know how to feel about the first episode. I found her two girlfriends to be very annoying and immature. It totally reminded me that Yam is only 16 or 17 years old. Without make up, she looks like a youth and she is. Yam's acting is pretty good I guess. She needs to improve on her crying though. I'm sure she'll be better at portraying her vengeance. It's kind of disturbing just thinking about the age difference. I don't know if I can get pass it and continue watching, especially when they down play her character in the beginning, making her look like a teenager in hs, which she is. Lol. Oh the dilemma.  


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I think with a revenge lakorn they need to have the main leads compatible in age. I can deal with 10 yrs and under but not 10+. And the 10 years the girl need to be at least 18. To me it'll be more realistic when the guy can act out his aggression on the girl instead of holding back because he'll come off as a creep if he try to force kiss a girl that is not even legal. It is a turn off if he tries to sleep with her, even if it's fake but the thought of someone as old as smart trying to do anything with Yam that is like 16 is...disturbing lol.
Smart is stiff as he ever was but I can tolerate him more than Bomb for some reason.


ONGGMGMGMGMGMGMGM haha yesssss. I am going to go watch episode 1 right now. I'm supposed to save this lakorn for my summer but I don't think I can wait that long knowing episode is already out eek


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Just forget the age issue guys. I think yam is quite good. Just watch her lakorn for the first time but she's pretty good though she has lots to improve. But give her time. Can't deny her beauty.


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Just starting epi 1, these are my initial thoughts:
Friends are so immature, friggin annoying even considering that they are high schoolers.
I don't care for age difference. Smart is looking good and Yam just might grow on me.
The background music could be better. Haven't heard enough of the ost to form an opinion yet.
I think this might end up being the first lakorn of the year that I'll finish just. We'll see.


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I'm just started watching this that I can't wait to get home frm work.  My heart mind been thinking of this lakorn that's when it's a revenge/slap/kiss. I get that feeling can't wait.  I know the age difference is a big thing esp.10 years or older but that's how the producer/directors been going to aim younger/newer n'ek to promote with a senior actor.  But at least Yam looks mature womanly even than me.  If this airs today does it airs tues and wed.


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I don't mind a big age difference as long as the girl is at least 18. It's just gross with a teenager. But I'm still going to watch it lol.

Now onto the story. Is this going to have a happy ending? I'm not sure I'll believe Vida and Saran can end up together. She is really screwed up. Like needs intense therapy and drugs kind of messed up. She reminds me of Noosaba's character in Tao Kularb with Johnny but Vida has more reason to be crazy.

Usually revenge stories have a happy ending when it's all a big misunderstanding. But this p'ek's dad is really evil. And Vida's scars run deep.

Maybe that's why the summary is different? It said Vida's little brother also died. They changed it cause a baby brother also dying because of p'ek's dad would be crossing a line?


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^I didn't read any spoilers yet but it sure did sound crazy base on what you wrote up there.  It's going to be hard to love your enemy's son but I think if she thinks deep enough, she'll forgive him because he's not the reason for her parent or brother's deaths.  In another word, if she's upset, she ought to seek her revenge on the person who hurt her -- his dad and not him.
Either way, I'm still going to tune in too -- wanna see how she'll struggle to come out on top of this whole revenge scheme.


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The two OSTs. Check out the spicy MV clips!!!
Khun Tee Fang Jai "The Person Buried in My Heart" 
Gliat "Hatred"
After finish epi 1, I have to agree that she is kind of psychotic but hey, a lakorn is a lakorn. I'm debating if I should find a detailed summary to read because I don't know if I want more spoilers or not. I'm excited!
little22 said:
...If this airs today does it airs tues and wed.
It airs mon-tues just like ch3's lakorn schedule has always been. It's just that Look Tard ended on Monday, so there is only one episode this week. 


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First time in this thread. When I saw the first teaser I was looking forward to watching this. Yesterday I was so anxious to get home from work to tune in. Love the first ep so far. Yam might be young but she can pull of her character really well. Not a fan of Smart but I'm ok with him. I'm watching this Lakorn for Yam,. In the teaser she impressed me with her beauty and her acting. Hopefully as the show goes on the Lakorn get more interesting.


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I was all excited when I came home today. Thought ep.2 would aired. Thanks mon n tues slot. I hope its all good ending. P ek likes n, ek when she was 18 a hs graduate. Kind of creepy in the lakorn that saran he works at his dad place n going to study abroad. So how old is he n vida. I feel like the 3 guys resembles alike p,ek dad n his oldest son n n,ek uncle.


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So happy ep 2 is on. the best part I'm off today and tomorrow for my b-day request hehe.  Can't wait when it gets intense.