[CH3] Game Lah Torrachon (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Taew Natapohn / Top Jaron / Toon Pimpawee


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Lol didn't know this drama aired. It seems not a lot of people cared for it anyway.
Ch3 failed Prajun Lai Payak ?


Bolo Tara rara.. Bolo Tara rara..
Lol didn't know this drama aired. It seems not a lot of people cared for it anyway.
Ch3 failed Prajun Lai Payak ?
This drama didn't get good ratings unfortunately. But the performances were top notch from everyone. The story was quite different from Prajun Lai Payak. I think ch3 viewers are not much fond of action genre. Plus the relationship between each other was so stressful, during covid times people prefer light hearted lakorns.


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dang, I thought this aired this year. anyone got a link to watch this? I got done with 5 episodes on Youtube, but videos beyond that are apparently "blocked in my country"???? why......
I am into it! The characters make stupid decisions, but I would describe this as a breakthrough as far as female lead characters go; maybe not simply in terms of character arc, but in the way the script chooses to portray Jen's emotional journey. Jen is hot-headed, compassionate, she shows contradiction, she goes through remorse and grief, and I am hoping to get to see her grow and maybe redeem herself while in, and after serving, prison time. at this point in my viewing, we've seen Jen take desperate measures in prison to try and communicate with her family, we've seen her helpless and resigned to dying, and then lifting her chin to a tentative future, even though she believes she'll be alone and miserable. I need to read past comments to learn about Nok's character, and how she becomes a mentor to Jen??
As a romantic, I like that Non is like all in with Jen, heh. He's in love, he's met his match, he's willing to wait until she's served her sentence. <3
Sa is relateable, but also real gullible. She is so easily goaded by her Lieutenant (?), that jealous bastard that is always competing with Non.
They really didn't have to kill the mom. What a lakorn move.


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Game of Outlaws is not listed as premium on CH3PLUS app or site.
This lakorn can be viewed without premium membership access on the site https://ch3plus.com/drama/1233
Thank you for the link! I was weirded out by the ch3plus app, just discovered it a day ago trying to watch this lakorn, but I suppose I have no other option (why can't they just make their videos accessible on youtube *cries*)
I do skip through a lot of the fighting and mobster scheming. Still want to see all the romance between Jen and Non; and also her reconciling with her siblings.

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I don't like Metta Lae Mahaniyom produced lakorns, they're too bleak and there is too much focus on action. I prefer Nok Sinjai's work over Nok Chatchai's work, like Pope Rak was a decent watch but Kom Faek and this one missed the mark. You can tell how much Nok Chatchai loves action lakorns because his lakorns have barely any development on the romance but the action is so well developed. If it wasn't for Mark I wouldn't have watched this and even with him in it, I kept this lakorn in the background as I browsed the web. They also really wasted Mark in this lakorn, he barely got any scenes and his scenes were lacklustre. Too much Taew being mopey in this lakorn too.

The first two episodes were good but unfortunately most of the character development and relationship development happened in those two episodes. The characters in this lakorn were either one dimensional or poorly developed. Take the n'ek, there was nothing going for her except for getting revenge and her family, once she got her revenge and her sister abandoned her, she was just an empty shell of a person until the very end. She had no personality, no motivations, she simply existed to work undercover for Nok Sinjai's character, and for what? She didn't seem particular passionate about anything, even her so called love for Non felt terribly shallow. Non was also simply a good guy, he also just existed. We know nothing about his background and he had no personality except a devotion to the Jane. Non and Jane had a handful of good scenes (all at the very beginning of the lakorn) and all of a sudden Jane confesses her love despite not showing any indication of it. Care, respect and trust for Non, yes, but they barely knew each other long enough to develop any love. Then all of the sudden they're having sex only for them to not interact until the last two episodes. I haven't seen a love story this badly developed since Kah Mah Kon Diew from ch7's DaraVDO. Don't even get me started about Mawin and Lisa. Out of nowhere Mawin starts falling in love with Lisa. The only decently developed relationship was between Mawin and his niece.

The bad guys were so one dimensional. The story moved around in circles with nothing really happening, each episode felt like an eternity. The soundtrack was also really annoying, this is a freaking lakorn, use Thai lyrics. AND THEN THE ENDING, THE FREAKING ENDING. I don't like it when lakorns try to be edgy by throwing a surprise in the very last moment, it was stupid and it cheapened an already irritating lakorn. The viewers can't even take a breath of relief at the very end. Trying to set up for a part 2, please don't, don't waste my Mark Prin on another garbage lakorn. I beg Metta Lae Mahaniyom to never hire him again.