[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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sorry if this is a double post but hey, just to ferry us over to Monday, BTS pics of the kissing scene in episode 1 has been floating around:

(had to put it in spoiler tags as your hearts may be too weak to handle it. hahahahaha)

Omg! It seems like u ladies want me dead for real or something with all these pics and spoilers... :aaaaa:

@040156 i would like to request for HD quality please :risas3:
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They have two magazines coming. I hope they get to shoot more magazines. I think the lakorns that both Taew and James are taping now are out of town so maybe that's a factor. But hopefully they get to have more events and promotions soon once there's a gap between this and NDFD.


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Yep and this real life clip is making me even more dead :aaaaa: not only we get chemistry onscreen but also offscreen :aaaaa:
Oh girl that video! They are too darn stinking cute. Don’t think i’ll be off from heaven ‘til the end of the Lakorn.
I joke about cooling down all the time but I seriously might need to cool down. JT has me so giddy i’ve been all over the place just FINNINg. Monday is constantly on my mind lol!

This is irrelevant but that song in the video brings back so much memories. The beginning of my Thai Lakorn days :love:
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