[Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya


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I don't remember Jariya being weak in the old one at all. In fact she was pretty feisty. Maybe they're clips of her in her roles in a lakorn cause her character is an actress.

I must say this lakorn is all kinds of win just for the simple fact that Yaya isn't playing a cutesy role yet again and not with Nadech. Could be her breakout role. Could be Mark's too.


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Finally it's airing. We can start to countdown. It seems like everyone waiting for this lakorn. I hopes it will be worth with all the waiting and anticipation


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I'm not sure how this will turn out but I'm just glad most of them (yaya, mark, toey, etc.) are playing different characters than what they're used to. I think yaya is better at comedy but we will get plenty of that with leh lub salub rarng later on.

Also, I'm not being mean or anything but i actually like the idea of the characters suffering a bit. Makes things more interesting. What can i say? I'm a Game of Thrones fan :p There's a limit to how much i can take though, so i hope this one turns out to be at least acceptable.


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the production for this lakorn was a little strange, it's like it took a really long time to film, then filming stopped several times, then (from what i heard) it was rushed at some parts. Does anyone know how many episodes it's going to be?


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Oh my I hope it's more than 16 episodes sometime they make it seem long than end it at 12 episodes smh this lakorn took forever and they did poorly promoting it. Like they wanted to keep it a secret. I really hope this is good cus we've all been waiting for it and they keep pushing it back. So I'm really looking forward to it. Just glad that they won't push it back anymore.


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hello everyone. a long time lurker and just signed up.
I'm really looking forward to this series with Yaya and Mark. I think Kluen Cheevit was supposed to be part of the 2016 airing lineup but the king passed away and it was pushed back even more.
Like everyone else I'm happy its finally airing. but like some people I'm really concerned when watching the trailer.
all yaya does is get physically abused and cries... like... A LOT
And all Mark does is get angry and yell lol
hope there's more substance to their characters besides crying and anger


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Let's wait for another t-ser. We can see MarkYa's sweet moments. I hope we dont have many side characters' stories so we can focus on our couple.


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Kluencheewit teaser . ☺ I'm so hyped ! It's not even on air yet but it's trending like crazy ... it's going to be a HIT .
Translation to the teaser:
Yaya: I ran over and hit someone. No.
Mark: Your money cannot buy me!
Mark: I will make you see that righteousness must be above everything! ~ Louis: Satit!
Toey: This is probably the last time I will see you outside of jail. ~ Louis: Jee!
Mark: You can sleep with any man, but don’t bother people in my family, Khun Jeerawat.
Toey: You and her cooperated to disgrace me! You think I’ll stop easily, right?!
Yaya: A person like me must get more than this. I don’t need only other people’s husbands.
Narrator: Kleun Cheewit, soon.


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I am so excited ... can't wait ~ 16 days till
I hope it will have 18-20 episodes , since the old one had 18 episodes ! We've waited so long!'!!!! Finally☺


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He seems to fall for her later after seeing how fragile she is from the inside (from her exterior complexion of portraying a strong will woman) ... I'm hoping that there will be willing and baby (with that tummy touching scene, possibly) but since Yaya likes to hold her stomach when she cries this could be just a misleading shot (until I can find the full script somewhere to read) lol