[Ch3] Mae Yai Khong Kra Pun (Master One)


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Anyone post this topic yet..

I don't like him :whatever: I want por or Rome to pari with ja. She to pretty for tye.


sarNie Tombstone
Tye and Ja had a lakorn together its called khun krabeu sood ruk produce by Uma99 but
not aired yet cos Ch3 is stocking it and Great his also in there too

now glad to see Tye and Ja in a new lakorn


wow another lakorn, even though their first one never aired lol, they had the fitting for this and from what i saw it a country lakorn and Ja looks super cute!!!!!!


sarNie Tombstone
Master One is another part of Tv Scene production crew this is Ja first time working with
them as Tye he already played for them


Oh yea Ja...I muss her so much and I'm glad she getting more lakorn...wow and she pair up with Tye wow...anyway I wanna see how they turn out like


sarNie Tombstone

fitting clip
credit to nirvanafact's


Expired Sarnie
You know it would be nice if they aired their stock lakorns. I know they have a bunch 2002-2006 stock lakorns. I just don't like how they are cutting the currently aired lakorns to an hour only. So why isn't Ch3 doing it? So irritated.


sarNie Juvenile
tye is handsome there. I remember having a lil girl crush on him for a while 2 years ago. lol.


sarNie Tombstone
picture credit to siamdara
''ต่าย-จ๊ะ'' ปาดเหงื่อสู้แดด ! เร่งถ่ายละคร ''แม่ยายคงกระพัน''



sarNie Oldmaid
will wait to see this lakorn. i like Tye. and Ja is cute. it's sad their last lakorn together didn't even get to air. hopefully this one will get to.