[Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)


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The lakorn is most likely to be Neung Nai Suang. 


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James Ji already paired up with other actresses already like -- Bella, Punch, Toey Jarinpon, that chick from his "first love" movie, and now Yaya.
I'm glad that James Ji hasn't paired up with Bella back to back yet, since their first lakorn together made James Ji become an overnight superstar.

cool :)

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I JUST DIED. YOu girls are so lucky you guys didnt just see me in person fangirling!! omg. I was literally jumpimg everywhere and screaming my head off and my hands hurt for clapping so much and so loud AND I NEED TO SHUT UP AND CATCH MY BREATH . I kind of saw this coming but i didnt expect it to be this freaking quick! Dang my heartbeat is beeping so fast rite now and like this TOTALLY MADE MY DAY :woot:  . Thanks for the news . Hope nothing changes ~ 555 anyone else having that fangirling moment?! lol :bhehe: But im not considering them as a koo jin or koo kwan so...YEH no. Just NO.Not this quick and probably never . LOL but i'm happy for everything else. 555


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Ah another lakorn of James Jirayu!! Woohoo can't wait!!! And i think we all see this coming...channel 3 always grant fans wishes...well not always :p


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This is great. I'm hoping James Ji pair up with Chalida next. I'm happy that he's not pairing up with Bella back to back so that we get to see how their chemistry is with others. 


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I need to get use to this lol 
Whatever the case, let's not make this THREAD into another fanwar topic please.  
BE COOL AND RESPECT EACH OTHER OPINION -- We can love them together and individually w/out stepping over each other's boundary, right?


Lol. JamesJi is soooo tall and better looking too! He and yaya looks good in pink in those captured pictures. Not sure how their chemistry will roll. Hope this is not a comedy. I want to see how JJ will portray in here. Hope yaya's character improves and not another childish role. Im getting sick of the roles.

I hope to see Jirayu works with Mew Nittha, Taew and Mint Chaliad next! Lol :p