[CH3] NuengDao Fah Diew (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Nataporn/Aum Atichart


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These two are just super cute together :aaaaa:

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I hope tv scene step up their romance game. Their last 4-5 were so lacking.


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so to recap. That scene where Khan Thong gives Mang Mao a necklace and he hesitates as he thought he'd say no... but she grabs his hand.

Then he sees her again when he's off to war:

that scene in the first MV where Khan Thong looks stunned at Mang Mao. It ends with this:

and ultimately ends with this

hope i got the order right hahaha
LOL I love it! Thanks for the recap. She definitely seems like she isn’t embarrassed to claim James. Hehe.


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I hope tv scene step up their romance game. Their last 4-5 were so lacking.
Yeah, I'm worried about that too, especially considering this has some major political undertones and all that. To make matters worse (or better, depending on how they attacked it) there would be some tension considering Khan Thong is pretending to be a eunuch and must not have any romantic feelings. (and well... they're in the middle of a war, so you know, with love, ain't nobody got time for that!) So you know, it's one of those suppressed emotions that are screaming to come out. (coupled with the audience SCREAMING to just make them end up together)