[CH3] Plerng Naree (Guts Entertainment) : Mai Davika / Tik Jesadaporn


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Plerng Naree is airing right now and currently trending on Twitter Thailand at #2. :)
I'll still wait for the subtitles in order to give proper insights and fully understand each episode...
Looking forward to hear your thoughts as well :) Hopefully the lakorn will turn out good.


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Mai as always looks good and her playing a princess fits lol...Tik to me is still stiff and uptight lol...
But I'm enjoying the Lakorn so far...it's not the cream of the crop but I'm enjoying it lol...can't wait for next Wednesday ep lolz...


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i watched the first ep, went to to watch the ost and teaser..it doesnt have much colour..the pace seems quite slow and full of long looks *days of our lives style. Hope it improves, for some reason i can see Wier in this role more than Tik.


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Huh, I found the first episode to have a good pace. Risa is already in Thailand and working for her biological dad's company. I'm kind of tired of n'ek doing secretary work but I guess it makes sense for her to grab a lower position since she's not going to work there long term and doesn't want to be too conspicuous and still has work to do as crown princess. Dunno how she's gonna balance her princess duties with her revenge plan, seemed kind of odd she just up and left and her royal parents aren't sending people out to search for her?
But the royal family sure is cute and loving!
I'm rather enjoying Mai playing this reserved, cool headed and sharp tongued lady. Makes the comebacks so much more satisfying. And of course she makes a gorgeous princess.
Grace is a typical n'rai, half the words that come out of her mouth immediately insults anyone who isn't as rich and powerful as she is.
Tik's is alright. His portrayals are often cheesy imo, but here its kind of balanced out by Risa's coolness.
Looking forward to next week's episodes!


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Just watched the first episode and I must say that I'm looking forward to next week! Mai is such a gorgeous crown princess and even a sexy but sharp tongued assistant. Tik's character Theepob is a gentleman, though as what he said in the first episode he's an expert in judging people lol. Agree with jjinxx, Grace is a typical n'rai that will get engaged to the p'ek and will do anything to get what she wants. I wonder what's her real life age?

For those who need subtitles when watching this lakorn you can watch it here: http://sjdkfansub.com/plerng-naree/ :)
Can't wait to see how will Mai's revenge plan unfolds! :D


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He aged a lot. He should have more make up on.
He actually looks younger without makeup to me ... they seem to cake him up well. Also, he seems to be really stiff in here --- not as natural as he used to like in Kaew Tah Pee or as Kongpope, the vengeful and playboy man in Roy Leh Sanae Rai (I fell for him in this role).

Anyway, first time watching Mai in her work and I'm liking her as Princess Risa. She has done exceptionally well on episode one for me ... that I forgot p'Tikker is here along with her.


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Screenshot_2016-08-06-22-24-31.png Screenshot_2016-08-06-22-24-39.png Screenshot_2016-08-06-22-24-47.png Screenshot_2016-08-06-22-24-50.png Screenshot_2016-08-06-22-24-54.png PhotoGrid_1470493641576.jpg Screenshot_2016-08-06-22-35-20.png
Credits to bung_lakorn3 and as tagged

Would love to visit Austria! It looks beautiful. Looking forward to the overseas scenes to see the tourist destinations as well.

And basing from the promotional photo and BTS photo, looks like Mai's friend Mira will end up with Tik's friend and Grace will end up with Kamin.
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Mai is soo pretty...it's actually pretty good so far, though I think Tik is a bit small for her...but he's still very handsome. Will definitely watch this drama.


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omg how did i fall asleep in the 1st episode!! k gonna give it another shot and pray itz not the lakorn...


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Article about Plerng Naree
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I know this may not be directly related to Plerng Naree but it's Tik and Mai who have a commercial together for True digital TV and 4g internet and this thread related to them is the most active as of now so I hope you won't mind if I share the video here :D
Uploaded by navigatortiktun_ IG
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Credits to PPBT Magazine
Can't wait for Wednesday already! :D
Hopefully we'll see more magazine scans :D

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BTS and interview
Credits to Ch3 (SSBT/MMBT)

Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-02-05.png Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-02-21.png Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-02-24.png
Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-02-29.png Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-02-33.png Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-02-37.png Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-02-40.png Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-05-15.png Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-05-40.png

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I'm feeling the pre-nuptial vibes on the first four photos lol I'm hoping for a wedding scene and of course babysw LOOOOOOOL kidding I think it would be unlikely but who knows lol
Mai and Yoghurt could play as sisters in a lakorn!
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I'm liking Mai as Risa and she's gorgeous in here. My favorite part from Ep.1 is when she was smirking at Grace and telling her she bought a fake diamond. Mai's got that "ying" quality down.

I'm not feeling the chemistry between her and Tik yet.